Dream On Me Full Size Play Yard, Red/Blue

Dream On Me Full Size Play Yard, Red/Blue

The Perfect play yard for traveling. The Dream on Me play yard can be set up in less than a minute. The mesh sided full size play yard, is a great value. We have included casters, with covers, to easily move the play yard from room to room. The play yard Folds easily for travel and storage. We have included a travel bag, with an easy tote handle.

Main features

  • Full size play yard with mesh sides
  • Sets up in less than a minute and Folds easily for travel and storage
  • Casters with covers are included for easy mobility from room to room
  • Travel Bag with an easy tote handle included
  • For babies up to 25 pounds

Verified reviews


nice product

I got this playpen in the multi, because at the time it was the cheapest, and I really didn’t care. Now, it is a little garish, but at the same time I actually really like it-it’s bright, sturdy, and is about 1 1/2 in. taller and 3 in. longer than my Graco pack and play. I like how the ends are solid, sometimes my 11 month old isn’t exactly crazy about being in the playpen, but if she sees me walk away, it gets worse. The solid ends allow me to sit in the same room, but out of sight, which lets my daughter play by herself longer. I gave it 5 stars, because I have yet to find any flaws with it. Granted, it isn’t as elegant? as my pack and play, but as already stated, that wasn’t important to me. So far, it is sturdy, sets up quickly and easily, and I like that it comes with a storage bag, which as yet I haven’t tried, but since that is what it came in, I know that it fits. The pocket on one end is a good place to store the bag. I have been very satisfied with this purchase, and I would buy it again. Oh, and the picture shows it having the ends taller and curved, but they aren’t, all 4 sides are the same height.Update:I have used the storage bag twice, and it is very easy to get in the bag, and the handles make it easy to carry-I’m liking it better than my Pack and Play!

Marquita Curryville, MO

Bigger than a standard play yard

This just arrived on my porch today and I was eagerly set it up. I already have a Graco pack n play with all the bells and whistles but opted to get a second one to keep in the car for travel. As a single foster parent, baby often needs to go where I go and be where I am. Obviously, I didn’t need the second one to be fancy. One thing I did want was something a little longer. It turns out that my current foster child is off-the-charts-tall: 32.5″ at only 12 months old. He also has some developmental delays and so will probably need the use of a play yard longer than the average child. Not to mention that fact that people keep wanting to plop their kid in with my kid. Anyway, I knew 3 inches wouldn’t be much but any little bit would help. Turns out, 3″ certainly doesn’t look like much but I’m glad to have it. When opened, the play yard does look a bit more spacious and when lined up to the Graco clearly is longer. Standard play yard sheets won’t fit BTW, but I can sew and plan to make my own. Not a problem. Doesn’t technically need a sheet but….eww.Construction quality and ease of setup is every bit as nice as the Graco and quite similar – maybe even nicer. The mat feels beefier. I like that the handle on the carry case is not integral with the mat like the Graco. Mine hasn’t yet broken but I’ve seen many others which have. Also no need to line up the handle with the hole in the case – you get used to it I know but it’s nicer this way. I also like the pocket on the end – will be a great place to stash the carry case and a few baby supplies/toys when we have to set up shop for a while. For some, the fact that the ends are not see-through may be a downside but I actually prefer it that way. It’s the reason I chose this over my other optionLA Baby Commercial Grade 30.5″ X 43.5″ Playard, Royal Blue. Didn’t really need the commercial construction and I often end up putting blankets over the side to block his view so he can’t see me and will sleep. Buy it, you’ll like it.BTW, the model that comes with the changing table (the Deluxe) is NOT longer than average.

Aurora Elmore, OH

difficult to operate

I’m not an idiot- but this product made me feel like one. I hadn’t used it a lot, but had trouble with tearing it down nearly every time I did. It’s bulky and heavy. It does the job, but there are products that can do it much better!After owning this for a few months, the one joint is locked and will NOT allow me to fold it. The thing is stuck open and not capable of being transported easily. I do not recommend it as your primary playard. We now use it in our church’s nursery.My husband and I have fallen in love with our Bjorn travel crib. It’s expensive, but really light weight and sooo easy to set up and take down. It was well worth the money.

Zelma Ontario, CA

So worth the money!

We wanted a play pen to serve as a bed for my one-year-old grandson when he stays overnight. I looked at a used one from a neighbor that was quite questionable. For just $15 more, I found this amazing one that is even a big longer so that it will be more comfortable. So glad we got this! It’s easy to put up and take down! I like that the ends are NOT see-through because keeping light out is important for my little guy to sleep soundly. 🙂

Keisha De Valls Bluff, AR

Great Product! Very Sturdy!!

The colors may not be to everyone’s palate if you want a play pen that would match your home decor as it is garish; but if you don’t care about color schemes, I would definitely recommend this product. It is a great product, very sturdy, is light and folds easily. It’s worth every cent I paid for it. My six month old sons rolls around in it, and I feel very confident leaving him there to play while I attend to my daily chores.

Doretha Saint James City, FL

Baby’s Play Yard

Amazing product at unbeatable price got this as a 2nd play yard for babysitters home and honestly serves it purpose well very durable and light weight very spacious and convenient for travel

Christy Roxana, KY

hard bottom

My mother bought this for my 5 month old son in the green color. When I first set it up, it was pretty difficult, as other reviewers have mentioned, but not impossible. I followed the directions and within about 10 minutes, it was all set up, and seemed very sturdy. Granted, I have not had to collapse it and reset it again since then, which is good because i would probably need some help.I like that it has wheels and I can just lift and roll it whenever I want to move it around.One thing I would mention is that if you dont lift the one side very high before starting to roll, it makes a very loud screeching sound, that always scares my baby.Also, i had to put down about three thick quilts to make it soft enough for my son to be comfortable. there is a nylon covered mat that comes with it, but it still seems hard without adding more cushion.I have not used it much so far, yet plan to once my son begins to crawl and needs something to contain him while I am working or cooking, at which point, this will come in handy Im sure.

Ida Buffalo Creek, CO


My dad bought this and one other (Safety 1st Prelude Sport Playard, Citrusplayard for us before our twin girls arrived. I picked the Dream On Me because I wanted one that was bigger that both my girls would fit in for more than a year. This one is definitely bigger than a Graco! My girls are now 18 months old, 31in tall, and 22lbs each and still fit great. (I know the weight max is supposed to be 35lbs, but I see no drooping or wear with 44lbs in it) It IS a little difficult to set up and take down at first, but once you figure it out (and remember!) it is VERY EASY.TO SET UP:DO NOT PUT THE BOTTOM ALL THE WAY DOWN FIRST! The bottom must be pulled up in order to lock the bars! I always leave it just over halfway pulled up, then lock the longer bars first, then the shorter bars THEN PUT THE BOTTOM DOWN. The locking mechanism is double jointed so be sure you lock both joints in. If you do not leave the bottom up far enough it will allow you to lock all but one bar into place. That is why I say to leave it just over halfway up and you will not have problems.TO TAKE DOWN:FIRST PULL THE BOTTOM UP! Again, I go over halfway up with it. I then unlock the shorter bars, then the longer. Again make sure you unlock both of the joints, or it will not fold up properly. My only issue with this playard is that because it is larger, the pad is larger and it has to fold over on itself once when you wrap it around to fold it up. It can be a little difficult to do alone, but I usually just put it on the floor and squeeze it together.I read all the one star reviews on this wondering why on earth anyone would give it one star and almost all of them said they couldn’t get it set up. I didn’t mess with it for about 5 months (it stayed set up) and I did forget how to set it up/take it down and started to get really frustrated. Once I figured it out it was a cinch!My girls got sick and vomited in it and it was easy to clean. The pad was very easy to clean and it did not soak up one bit of the cleaning solution I used on it. We’ve been using it almost every day for a year and a half and it still looks like the day we bought it.If you’re looking for a larger than average, no frills playard at a great price, this is it!

Pansy Palo Alto, CA

OMG this sucker is cute, functional, larger than any brand, etc.

I bought this for my toy breed dogs. I use playpens instead of wire dog kennels because they are more comfortable for them, and I have 2 mama dogs that have litters once every other year and this is perfect for them and their pups. I bought this one solely for one reason- it looked completely different from anything I’ve ever bought. I loved the vibrant colors, the dimension size, the fact that only the front and back panels were mesh (other brands usually have 4 sides with mesh) and thought this would be better for my dogs who sometimes get their little nails caught in the sides when I’m leaning in to change a potty pad or water or food bowl. The wheels on this are great! They move much more smoothly than other brands I’ve tried. The entire playpen is just BIGGER than those I’ve purchased in the past. It’s taller, longer, and wider. It’s a great choice for anyone that has a small dog, a mama dog with a litter of puppies, and of course for babies as well. I would imagine mother’s with infants/toddlers would appreciate the added length and width as it allows a child to more freely play. Other brands on the market serve their purpose but don’t offer much play space like this one does. I love the fabric. It reminds me of a parachute type material and is super easy to wipe down with a sanitary wipe. The higher sides might hold back some more adventurous toddlers from climbing out of it as mine did w/their playpens at around 12months +. It folds down and packs away just as easy and other models slightly smaller in size and doesn’t take up much more room than they do either. I’m thinking about buying another one to have on hand for the future. Considering that I breed dogs, I’m always looking for backups for my puppy supplies and this is a much have item for me and I’ve never been so satisfied with a playpen of any kind before like this one. It’s just perfect for dogs or babies!

Sonia Kirkville, IA

Excellent travel bed for the growing toddler

This bed has served as my son’s regular sleep space away from home for months now (from 20-30mos so far). It’s much more roomy than most travel cribs. The down side to that is it’s tricky finding proper sheets. We simply went with regular crib sheets.I used a crib-sized mattress pad to add a little extra cushion and support, but I didn’t go out of my way to find an extra travel mattress that would fit. I hadn’t seen any good recs for one anyway.Overall, this is great value for the money and will likely provide a regularly sleeping space for my son until he’s 3 or so.

Bobby Marlboro, NY


I have 2 toddlers. I was using the regular Graco pack n plays at my parent’s house. They were getting too small for them. My sons are 2 1/2 and 3 1/2. They have special needs and aren’t ready for a cot/bed yet. I bought this Dream on Me Full Size Play Yard and LOVEEEEE it!! It’s bigger, easy to use (exact same set up and take down as the Graco), and comfortable. I wish I would’ve known about these when I had my two boys. I would’ve ditched the Graco ones. I am so glad I have these! The only reason I didn’t give it a perfect score, is because there is no sheet that will go on this correctly. There is a little padding on the bottom. I am using a nice, comfortable crib sheet. It works fine and stays on when tucked around the mat. I am very happy with this purchase!!

Pearl Bowden, WV

Just Perfect for Us

This is a great little playpen, easy to open, very very easy to store–it comes folded and contained in it’s storage form. It was such a great surprise to get something “whole” and ready to use.I will be baby sitting my new granddaughter and needed a bed-like place for her to be safe and comfortable. This was a great choice and a good buy.

Carly Birmingham, NJ

Overall Excellent Value

This play yard is really better than I expected for the price. Only problem we had with it was closing it back up after opening it. There is a hidden hinge that we could not find to get it to fold flat. After some careful examination my husband was able to close it back down to fit into the case. Otherwise we are extremely pleased and it will be perfect for our grandson.

Gladys Wrightwood, CA

Roomy and functional, but slow to set up and break down

I like that this is roomier than other standard play yards, and the green/plaid, while not terribly stylish, is neutral enough for boy or girl. But it’s pretty cumbersome to set up and break down–more so than a Pack-n’-Play–so this is not the best grab-and-go highly portable solution for busy parents who often tote baby and gear all over town for child care or family visits.

Jill Rogersville, MO

Worst pack and play ever!!

Mom’s and Dad’s do not buy this pack and play. I opened the package excited to set this up and right away I noticed how cheap it was. Then the worst part the middle brack was longer than the ones on either side of it… so the pack and play was not level and rocked. Sooooo unsafe. I called the company and they told me to call Amazon and return it. I’m so mad about this. The worst part was trying to put it back in the box. DO NOT BUY THIS!

Cora Bradshaw, NE