Dream On Me Liberty 5-in-1 Convertible Crib, Black

Dream On Me Liberty 5-in-1 Convertible Crib, Black

Dream On Me, Liberty, 5 in 1 Convertible Crib 618, is a lifetime crib that gracefully matures alongside of your child from infancy, through childhood to adulthood. As a crib, it features a stationary rail design which provides the utmost in product safety. For ease in reaching your baby, it sits low to the floor and features the convenience of a 4 position, adjustable mattress support system. Durable and sturdy, this lovely piece of nursery furniture grows with your child transitioning easily into a toddler bed, a daybed and full size bed (bed frame and full mattress not included). All tools for assembly included. Dream On Me, standard mattress and coordinating Liberty, 3 Drawer Changing Table sold separately. ASTM Certified

Main features

  • Converts to a toddler bed, a daybed and full size bed (bed frame/rails not included)
  • Adjustable 4 position mattress support system
  • Solid pine wood finish
  • All tools for assembly included
  • Meets CPSC and ASTM standards

Verified reviews


Baby leg stuck

We purchased this crib to replace one that had been recalled for a drop side fix. Although this crib is well made and extremely sturdy, after placing our daughter in the crib for only a short period of time, we heard her cry out on the monitor, only to find her leg stuck between the rails. She is 4 months old and was able to roll over and get her chubby little legs stuck in the rails. It took my husband and myself to get her out. We had to push the crib from against the wall to gently turn her leg. I really liked this crib, but hearing her cry like that with those big baby tears and seeing how extremely well she had got caught up in the rails frightened me, so we returned it. I am not completely naive as I know these things happen and don’t mean that the crib is dangerous; however, we never had any problems like this with our previous recalled crib and our toddler slept in that until she was 16 or 17 months old.For those who this doesn’t deter, we had the espresso finish and it was gorgeous. You should probably know that this crib isn’t one that you can slide much of anything under if you have your own storage.

Angie Reagan, TN

Simple and easy

I received this when I was promised and was very convenient. I love this crib and it looks great, we were able to put this together in about 30 mins and had no issues doing so. The only complaint that I have about this is it arrived with a very large scratch on the front that I can’t even cover and a few small ones which is very disappointing. It is very sturdy and extremely safe and so far can not see any faults in this crib, I am happy I chose the right one!

Kellie Belpre, KS

Arrived just fine but have not put it together

Will let you know more when we get it together,,,But arrived ok. Can not wait to get to it. It is for my oldest daughter first born child. I will write an update,

Carla Bethany Beach, DE

Its So wonderful!!

I love this crib! It was a great investment and I got it in black so that it won’t show if it gets dirty prints from LO!! I plan to make this last!! I’m 5’2 and can easily reach in and pick up LO so it isn’t too tall or to short! I ordered mines from walmart and I only paid $124.32 and that was with free shipping. I would say amazon’s price is a bit on the high end compared to that. Mines also came with the toddler rail thank goodness because a lot of convertible cribs i like were saying i would have to purchase separately. This was the total package and bought it at first sight lol!! It took me about an hour to put up and the only thing i was wishing they would have changed was the spacing at the bottom of crib. Its so close to floor you really can not store much under crib and if your skirt is too long it will drag the floor instead of flowing freely down. Overall this is a great quality crib and it looks so elegant for the price!

Latasha Marshallberg, NC

Two person job, but looks sleek

This definitely requires two people to assemble. The wood is very soft, so you don’t want to torque it during assembly or you risk splitting it. My boy twin has been chomping on the rail and is leaving a trail of teeth indentations. However, the assembly was relatively easy (although WHY are allen wrenches used for everything? I hate those things!) and the finished product looks very nice.

Claudine Edwards, CO

Crib for a great price

We needed to move our angel out of our bedroom, so we searched for a crib that wasn’t too expensive but would last us a long time. This crib was such a great deal (especially compared cribs in physical stores).It did take my wife and I over an hour to put this together. There are lot of screws you need to put in, and some of the angles are a little difficult. You definitely need at least two people to put this together (to hold the crib parts while you screw), so have someone else there to watch the baby for you if he or she is awake.One of the best things about the crib (so far) is the adjustable height for the mattress. When we first put her in the crib, we had it on the highest setting so that it wouldn’t hurt our backs to bend over to get her out. Now we’ve lowered it to the lowest setting so that she won’t climb or fall out, and that’s a big plus.If you’re looking for a good crib for a good price, this is it. It looks nice and feels very sturdy.

Kristen Jasper, NY

Beautiful and Sturdy!

We got this crib as a gift after we picked it out. The price is amazing, but I was worried that it wouldn’t be as quality as the more expensive crib sets. I was wrong! It is absolutely gorgeous and VERY sturdy. We got it in a couple days and put it together in about 45minutes. The directions were good, and all the parts were there. It arrived with no scratches or anything. It is so pretty, I love it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a crib!

Gayla Cokeburg, PA

great crib, great price

I love this crib! It’s sturdy and it wasn’t difficult to put together. why spend more money when you don’t have to?

Karin Smartt, TN

Beautiful. Sturdy. Sound Investment.

I bought this crib to replace a drop-side that had been donated to us. The cherry is a wonderfully rich hue and makes the ensemble appear more expensive than it is. Single mom here, so I assemble everything by myself. I only had issues with one hole being out of whack and after taking a deep breath and praying about it (seriously…and I’m not even a Christian!) the assembly process went smoothly. If you assemble enough items for kids, you will get used to them using minimal wording. My 11 month old son kicks his legs a lot and would often get them caught between the railings. A simple bumper put a stop to that!The size of the crib is also a plus. Big enough for my son to do his rolling, but small enough to fit in my room until he’s old enough to go it alone.Love this crib. It didn’t hurt that I also got it for far less than the current price!

Theresa Cumberland, RI