Dream On Me / Mia Moda Atmosferra Stroller, Nero

Dream On Me / Mia Moda Atmosferra Stroller, Nero

The Mia Moda Atmosferra full sized stroller is designed to be highly maneuverable over the most challenging terrain and gives parents a choice of having the seat face forward or backward. Your child will be riding in style with 3 position seat recline, adjustable calf support, and cup holder with removable child tray. The parent is not forgotten with this stroller either with a parent cup holder and extra large storage basket. With the Viva Supreme car seat this stroller becomes a travel system. The Atmosferra is a very practical, versatile, and fashionable for parents.

Main features

  • Easy fold system
  • Lockable front swivel wheels
  • 5 point harness
  • Adjustable telescopic handle
  • Full coverage sun canopy

Verified reviews


Hate this…wish I could return

This is the worst stroller ever. I watched the youtube videos, looked at the reviews (not many) and decided that it should work fine. Well it doesn’t.It is difficult to get in and out of the back of my car as it is somewhat heavy and definitely cumbersome. In order to not look like a struggling fool I have to put it in handlebar first and roll it up into the back while getting dirty from the tires. This is the least of my problems. Trying to get this thing to close is crazy. I even “practiced” as many suggested. I really don’t think, unless you’ve closed this thing 100 times it will not get easier. Opening it is not as difficult and I have that procedure down.Then I have to deal with getting the car seat into the stroller. As this is a removable parts type of stroller (you can switch out the car seat and put the bigger seat on) you have to make sure each side of the car seat is fitting just so into the spaces on each side of the stroller. So imagine hunkering over a stroller holding a not so heavy baby in a HEAVY car seat trying to make sure each side is in correctly which you can’t even see both sides at one time!! And if you don’t have the seat in correctly it will go forward as you are trying to lock it in. DANGEROUS! Thankfully my husband was helping me the first time we attempted this and we both caught the car seat (with our infant inside) before it flew forward!!!! So now it’s usually my husband and I, one on each side of the stroller, guiding the car seat into the locks, then we both press one lever on each side of the seat to lower the handle back to lock it in place. A pain in the rear. By myself it is horrible. I usually have a back ache the rest of the evening from trying to hold the car seat just so, so I can guide it in correctly. And now we’ve discovered the car seat only faces us as we are pushing it. For some reason I thought since the large seat goes both ways that the car seat would too??? Maybe we should try again, maybe it can…we did try for a few minutes and it didn’t seem to fit that way. I guess for most infants this doesn’t matter as they want to see mommy or daddy but my little one at 3.5 months likes to look out at the world. Also notice in order to lock the car seat in place in the stroller by lowering the handle behind the infants head your infant will not see all those cute toys you have hanging across the car seat handle…so no entertainment for them while in the stroller!!My next complaint is there is no tray for mommy or daddy’s things. We bought a bag type deal that straps onto the handle that can accommodate 2 water bottles and my phone and a few other things if needed. This stroller comes with one cup holder and after our first experience in putting a Styrofoam cup in it I can tell you now you need to take the circular top off of it or it WILL puncture your cup. Forget putting a cup of coffee in it unless you take that ring off. That is a simple fix so I can still put my coffee in there, but again there is only one cup holder that will work to do that so my husband has to hold his coffee :-)There is ample room, in my opinion, on the bottom for my diaper bag and a few other things if needed.The bassinet feature is nice, but really I’ve only used it once so far and don’t anticipate using it that much, as like I said, I have a baby who wants to see the world!The main reason I bought this is for the toddler seat facing me because my first child would freak out sometimes if she couldn’t see me and I hated that. You can find this feature in other less expensive strollers like the graco flip. And actually at this time there are probably even more available. Graco does have a stroller (signature series I think it’s called)that you can switch out the parts like this one. I almost got that one, but because Amazon did not offer the car seat I wanted that would match with the black stroller I decided to buy this one because with Amazon Mom’s Prime I really liked getting these things shipped to my house for free.I would definitely NOT recommend this stroller. It is too heavy, too cumbersome, too dangerous. If you can afford the more expensive ones (which I cannot) go for it. Or go with a graco or chicco!********Update: Now the rubber gripper on the bottom of the car seat is coming apart. Of course this is a different product than the one listed here, but I assume most people are going to buy the separate car seat for this stroller. The car seat has not clicked in all the way despite me making sure I pushed it in. I go to get the baby and car seat out of the car and it won’t budge…until I push down again and it engages. We don’t even use this thing more than a few times a week…I can’t imagine someone who has to use this everyday at least a couple of times. It would be in pieces by now. Someone send me $200 so I can throw this thing out!!!

Carole Ong, NE

Affordable rear-facing stroller with a few quirks

I recently bought this to replace a Chicco Cortina which I’d never really liked but was decent and capable so I felt stuck with it. But I’d grown increasingly hung up lately on the notion of a rear-facing stroller. Most people seem to think of it as a feature for smaller babies, but I really wanted it for my 2.25 year old who is talking a ton these days. When we go out with the stroller she is chattering and singing and asking me questions nonstop in her sweet little voice and I couldn’t hear a word she said when she was facing away from me. I’d seen rear facing strollers around town and assumed they were all crazy expensive but was pleased to find that there were a few mid-priced options available, and finally settled on the Atmosferra.So far, I am very pleased. The steering is much smoother and easier than with the Cortina. One-handed steering is really important to me, as I sometimes have to take the dog and stroller out at the same time. I’ve never pushed a $1,000+ stroller and probably never will, so I although I wonder if those strollers feel $800+ better to push than this one, I’m satisfied.Love the easily adjustible handle. Unfortunately, it does rattle a bit as one walks. Don’t like that, as it gives what seems an otherwise sturdy stroller a rickety feel, but perhaps that is common to all telescoping-type handles? This is the only one I’ve ever tried.My daughter seems to like the seat and the deep canopy (hates sun in her eyes and this one really blocks sun well). She also LOVES her snack tray and the cupholder, which keeps her sippy cup firmly in place. At about 36″ her head is at the top of the seat frame but that doesn’t seem to bother her at all because she’s always leaning a bit forward to look around, rather than resting her head on it. I’m sure I could rig up some extra padding if it becomes a problem. Not a deal breaker for me. The canopy arches higher than the top of the seat frame, so it clears her head with room to spare.When folded, the stroller is VERY bulky and the huge rear wheels jut out, but from our research we knew to expect that. We plan to use this one only for walks around our city neighborhood, and keep an umbrella-type stroller for the rare occasions we want to take a stroller in the car. The reason for 4 stars rather than 5 is the trickiness of the fold. I had to watch the babygizmo video review several times to figure it out and even though I now understand how to do it, it is pretty finicky and definitely is a two-handed fold. My husband is afraid to even try because he’s watched me struggling with it. The seat also must be facing forward to fold the stroller. Turning it around before folding is a mildly irritating extra step, but I think that may be a common issue with rear-facing strollers.We are hoping to have a baby #2 at some point and I am really excited to try out the basinette feature. I spent a while going back and forth between this and the Contours Options 3-Wheeler because the Countours is compatible with our Chicco infant carseat but the Atmosferra only accepts Mia Moda’s carseat. The Mia Moda won out in the end because I like that you can make a snug flat basinette out of it, whereas the Countours seat does not go flat. I think between the basinette and our trusty Ergo carrier and Sleepy Wrap, our hoped-for second baby will make out just fine. ONE NOTE ABOUT THE BASINETTE: we got Nero which must be an older color becuase it is cheaper. The babygizmo video shows a ventilation panel when the seat is fully reclined but our stroller DOES NOT have the ventilation panel. Not sure whether that feature was just on certain model years. Wanted to point that out for anyone for whom it might be important.Overall, this is a stylish-looking, versatile stroller and I think it’s a pretty good bargain for the price. If your lifestyle is such that you are constantly in and out of a car, this may not be the best choice, because it’s heavy and bulky and has limited travel system compatibility. I’d recommend it for city dwellers who tend to get around a lot on foot.***Update June 2012****So, we’ve had this stroller for a year, had our second child, and have put the stroller through its paces. It has held up well. It steers really easily, even if heavily loaded with a 3 year old and a basket full of groceries–I can push the baby in it one-handed while holding my older daughter’s hand with the other. Daughter is still comfortable in the seat, at age 3 1/2 is pretty much maxing it out height-wise, but doesn’t complain.Regarding the bassinette feature–I really like it better than the Chicco travel system which I used when my daughter was a baby. It seems much cooler for baby during these hot summer months than being strapped into a carseat, and he can nap flat on his back or sit semi-reclined and watch the world go or look at me as we stroll. The sunshade is awesome. Switching the seat from bassinet to regular configuration is a bit of a pain, though. The snaps involved are very stiff and hard to reach, and I do struggle with them, which can be frustrating when I’m in a hurry to get somewhere. So keep that in mind if you anticipate having to switch it back and forth frequently.Overall, still satisfied with the purchase!

Mae Mount Airy, NC

Great for 6 months and UNDER!

I loved this stroller, got it from a relative. Handles great, nice tires, reversible seat, my daughter fell asleep in it real fast. BUT the seatback is only 16″ so if your baby is even average, they will grow out of it fast, and you will need to buy another stroller. I DIDNT READ THE OTHER REVIEWS WHICH STATED THE SAME THING! Would be a perfect stroller if it was bigger. My daughter Zoey is on the tall side, but not THAT tall! Other than that, its nice.

Winifred Tamworth, NH

Great but bulky

I have been using this stroller for about a month now. We love the look of it, and overall it works great for us.Pros:- Easily holds the Mia Moda Certo car seat. I love that I can use just the metal frame and not damage the stroller seat when using the car seat.- Great huge basket that can be accessed from front or back, even when seat is reclined.- Extendable handle for mommy and daddy.- Huge extendable sunshade- Seat converts to bassinet-style without extra pieces to store.- Forward and rear facing seat that easily attaches/detaches.- Features and looks like the pricier strollers for much less!Cons:- Bulky – we can fit nothing else in our Civic trunk.- Tires don’t seem to be holding up as well as I might like (but time will tell).- Would like a simpler fold, but it isn’t too bad.

Anita Lenore, ID

Great Product!!

I’ve had this stroller for 2 1/2 years and I would definitely recommend it! It is well made, sleek looking, and handles really well. Love the extra features like the peek in window on the top, the expandable canopy/bassinet and the extra large storage underneath. 4 stars because I am with a lot of other reviewers… Just wish the seat was larger– My kid is pretty tall and at this point his feet hang over the edge and it’s definitely time for a new one (he turns 3 in 4 months). Love this stroller! I’m sad to have to move on!

Toni Mead, OK

Great 2nd hand buy

THIS Stroller is upscale at a loos price. drives better than a bugaboo. Goes down stairs well using back tires[…]

Joy Arnaudville, LA

love this

Came fast, sturdy, very light, my daughter is 31 pounds and its great, I use this to take walks mostly but in love how it has so many features and the details on the design is great. Looks wayyyy prettier in person.

Cristina Bolckow, MO

Best stroller out there

I can’t say enough about this stroller! I have been researching strollers for months now, and I’m so happy with this one. It gives so many of the great features of the really expensive strollers such as a small frame and a seat that becomes a bassinet (a must for us! Who wants to purchase and store a separate bassinet piece?!) It’s a super great price for what you get, and looks really similar to the Quinny or UPPA baby. We are concerned with the seeming short seat as our son gets older (we hear that it may not last him very long), but we decided that it was such a great buy that we didn’t mind purchasing another umbrella-type stroller in addition as he gets taller if need be.

Alba Ranburne, AL