Dream On Me / Mia Moda Playgio Play Yard, Red

Dream On Me / Mia Moda Playgio Play Yard, Red

The Mia Moda Playgio 497, is a play yard that children will love. The bright colors fit into any home decor, while the 16 lb steel frame makes this lightweight play yard easy to move from room to room or for travel. Opening and folding is a breeze with easy snap sides. The pad included makes a soft place for your child to play and a carry bag is included for easy movement. Actual product size 44″ x 31″ x 29″.  CPSC Certified.

Main features

  • Lightweight steel frame
  • Pad included
  • Carry bag included

Verified reviews


not sturdy…mattress not a snug fit

tipped over far too easily if sides are pulled onmattress not a snug fit and is therefore a suffocation riskswiftly returned with no problems thanks to Amazon’s great returns

Vonda Northfield, MA

Nice lil bed

I purchased it strictly for camping for our 18m old. We borrowed a nice Chicco playyard from a friend for one of the trips, and I was afraid my boys would mess up the thing, so I did a little research on Amazon and found this one. It folds and pops up in seconds, unlike the Graco models I tinkered with in the past. I got it on sale, too, which made this an awesome choice for a year of use I am planning on getting from it. When we camp it doubles as a bedding catch-all during a day, and works ok for stuffing a toddler, or two, in, when you need to cook and don’t want to chase your kids around the whole campground.It’s very compact, the black we have looks true, the mattress pad seems nice and thick, tho I do put a blanket on it.

Candy Caulfield, MO

Good compromise of size and functionality

We have been using this pack and play for 6 months so far.Pros:Largest one on the marketFits our almost 3-year-old daughter who hasn’t graduated to a regular bed yetComfortableColor hides dirtStill compact enough to travel easily withCons:The opening and closing mechanism isn’t as smooth as on other brands – the side rails easily get stuck in the open position or are hard to lock open in the first place. Also the center-bottom release mechanism easily gets stuck in the closed position.

Tiffany Lorman, MS


I tore open the box, unzipped the bag, paused for a moment and figured I should read the directions, and this beautiful play yard was set up in our living room fewer than three minutes later. Easy as pie. We love the look and cannot believe how easy it is to set up and take down. The only trick with taking it down is to make sure that you twist the lever thing completely so that all of the bars come unlatched. I highly recommend this play yard!!

Shelia Stratham, NH

Broken after 4 uses

This product broke after only 4 uses. The pins that hold the legs on unattached and it was impossible to fix. On the 4th use due to the broken nature we couldn’t collapse the item to easily fit in the got this as a gift before our and were unable to return it within the given time, we haven’t heard back from.the company. Not recommended at all, get a brand that is well known for this product like Graco.

Lidia Sandusky, NY

Blue color is totally different than what’s pictured. *update*

UPDATE: I have added this update to explain that now Amazon has changed their picture on the website of the dark blue play yard to the correct aqua blue colored one that they are sending out.Original review:I want to start by explaining to anyone looking at purchasing the blue playard, that the blue color that Amazon shipped out is totally different than what is currently pictured.Pictured on the products page was a deep, dark blue color playard. After I placed my order, the small preview picture on my Amazon Orders page showed an aqua blue color playard. I thought this may have just been a web site image issue. But a few days later when I received the playard, it was indeed the aqua blue color.I actually like the aqua blue color MUCH better than the dark blue, but feel the need to let anyone else considering purchasing the blue playard that you too may receive an aqua colored one, instead of a deep navy one. I have added an image of the aqua blue playard that was sent to me to the Amazon images on this page.As for the playard itself:It sets up easily and feels nice and sturdy. The mat on the bottom feels a little off though. It seems a tad too small and slides around the bottom more than other playards I have used (have had 3 others). It’s not weighted down as much as others. But other than that, I really like it. It’s well padded and is a nice full size.

Tameka Stetsonville, WI

Easy to use and huge!

This thing is huge and I love it! I wanted something that my son wouldn’t outgrow in a blink of an eye and this is definitely it. Very easy to use – simply push out the four corners and press down the center, then pull up each side until you hear it click and place the padding in the center – all done! To take down you just remove the pad, pull up and twist the center lock and then find the clasp on each hand (which is indicated by a white arrow) and release each one – push it back together and use the pad to wrap it. It comes with its own carry case. We travel a lot so I love that I can get this up very quickly and take it down in a heart beat. Not sure why others are having such a problem – especially those who complain that it took an obnoxious amount of time – the directions are on the back of the pad if the manual was lost. Seriously…this thing is super easy to use!

Faith Chaffee, MO

Muscles required

Really wanted to love this portacot as there doesn’t seem to be many playpens without all the other mumbo-jumbo or with slightly more room than the claustrophobic big brands. Our 20mth son loved it as son as we set it up & wanted to sleep in it immediately… But the set up required hubby to really exercise his muscles… We’ve assembled a fair few playpens, but this one was extremely rigid and the rails stiff to lock/unlock. So stiff that the base mechanism to release snapped, leaving us with a half-assembled unit that we had to unscrew just to pack away for returning. The unit is very solid when assembled and a great size. Mattress is comfy like most playpens and the mesh netting allows for plenty of ventilation. Pretty sad it was so impractical to assemble & disassemble. Amazon was great with the returns process and maybe it worked out for the best as we now have a ‘Fizzy Baby’ brand of portacot, which assembled the way playpens should – without the need for brute strength. And comes with wheels!

Marisol University, MS


I’ve had an Eddie Bauer pack n’ play for years with my first and it is HEAVY and now stays at the grandparents. With our second child we decided we didn’t need anything with bells and whistles since we easily lose all those attachments and the bassinet only worked with them for like the first 2 months (hefty babies!) This one is very light, easy to fold, and set up or put away quickly (I can easily do it under 1 minute). I suppose the only downside is I have trouble finding sheets that are big enough for it. Now that my youngest is an older, I just use a crib sheet, although I would not recommend this for babies for obvious reasons. Overall, it’s simple, light yet sturdy and even holds up to my 3 year old climbing into it and it doesn’t budge or flip! Whew!

Lauren Troxelville, PA

Nice Pack n Play

We have had this pack n play for a number of years. It has held up very well and still looks as good as new. This pack n play is much larger than other pack n plays.

Gracie Amherst, NH