Dream On Me Shuffle Musical Walker, Red

Dream On Me Shuffle Musical Walker, Red

Learning to walk is an exciting time in your baby’s life and the Dream On Me Shuffle Musical Walker entertains 412, your tot while he learns to stand and take those first steps. Featuring a child’s tray, 3 position height adjustment, removable, washable pad the Shuffle folds in a snap for easy storage and/or travel. Baby must be able to sit unassisted in an upright position. Accommodates toddlers up to 30 lbs but not to exceed 32” in height. CPSC Certified .

Main features

  • Accommodates baby up to 30 pounds
  • 3 position height adjustment
  • CPSC certified
  • Features a child’s tray, and removable, washable pad
  • Folds in a snap for easy storage and/or travel

Verified reviews


Pretty good walker

I originally purchased a piece of garbage so this was our second try. MUCH BETTER- My 5 month old daughter’s feet meet the floor on the lowest setting and she loves being in it. The seat is relatively well cushioned and the toys are fun for her. My one complaint is the seat still seems too big but still not too bad.

Sherrie Chico, TX

Good walker

This was a pain to put together. I think the pieces probably weren’t cut quite correctly. If the pieces were cut a little better on the one we received the assembly would have been amazingly simple.I like that this product doesn’t collapse (because that seems safer to me), has a wide bumper, and that the seat seems to be cut more ergonomically than other walkers. The seat back is well padded. Toys are simple but keep our baby’s attention. The duck sounds on the toy are horrible, however you can always choose not to put the batteries in, Our daughter is not yet strong enough to move this while on carpet.Would definitely buy again.

Sally Columbia, AL

It works

I ordered this because I have a heavier and taller baby than most, and this is one of the few walkers with a max weight of 30 lbs, giving my son a little time to grow. It’s cute, light, and easy to assemble, but it is a little on the short side. My son is about 28 inches tall and I already have the walker on the highest setting. My other issue is only a minor one, but the noise it makes are really loud and annoying. For now, I’m glad that LO hasn’t figured out which button makes the noise.

Doris East Amherst, NY


Give me much more time to do other things and my daughter likes it because she feels she can go anywhere she wants to go.

Trudy Liberty, ME

cute little walker

It’s a cute walker and I understand that now adays we have to have these big heavy walkers for safety. But I sure do miss the cute little round walkers from when my children were learning to walk. This is fairly large, so if you don’t have a big space for the child, you will be disappointed.

Loretta Riva, MD

Great Walker

My daughter loved it. She is running through the house! I love the color and how it was very easy to put together!

Nina Herreid, SD

Great Walker!

This is a great walker and I purchased it for my seven month old. It’s adjustable so you can raise or lower it depending on height. There are plenty of things to play with that make noise, but there isn’t any music. The lack of music is why it only got 4 stars instead of 5.

Tessa Randolph, WI


This product is wonderful for the baby – keeps them busy, happy and occupied!! Very easy to put together and take apart.

Elena Walworth, WI