Dreambaby 3 Pack Secure A – Lock, White

Dreambaby 3 Pack Secure A – Lock, White

The Dream Baby Cabinet Secure A Lock will prevent toddlers from opening cabinet doors. Fits mushroom shaped knobs or D shaped handles. Comes with 3 Secure – A – Locks.

Main features

  • Prevents toddlers from getting into cabinets and drawers
  • Great for any age of child
  • Comes in a 3 pack
  • Easy to use and install

Verified reviews


Okay for some cabinets, but not mine

The dreambaby secure A – Lock 3 pack is a cheap and easy way to child-proof your cabinets…if they have handles instead of knobs. Unfortunately, these plastic locks are too bulky to fit some handles and the hooks spread so widely, I imagine they wouldn’t work on most knobs. With the knobs on my kitchen cabinets (or any in my house), the widest part of the knob (~1.25″) is only marginally bigger than the space inside the plastic hook. This means, you can easily remove the secure A- lock while it is locked. It really does nothing at all. Still, I’m giving the product 3 stars because the plastic seems strong enough to take some abuse (at least the abuse a young child could dish out) and they are extremely quick and easy for an adult to lock and unlock.

Angelia Whitefish, MT

Okay for what it is, but too big for my knobs

Seems okay for what it is, but I bought these and then it turned out my cabinet knobs were too small and too close together. I just figured my cabinet knobs were fairly "normal" sized and this was a generic lock… But even on its smallest setting, this lock can just be pulled off my cabinet. Do some measuring before you buy!

Lucinda Corydon, IN

Worked great for us/

We have mushroom shaped knobs and these work great for us. My 13mn old is deterred and doesn’t even bother to try opening the cabinets anymore.

Rosalinda Bethlehem, GA

safety locks

I bought it because it was cheaper than others and looked like they would work. They however did not work at my house on my 2 knob cupboard doors. I will have to recycle them to someone else.

Harriet Pendleton, OR


They are great! Cheap too! My boy hasn’t figured it out how to open them yet. Love it! Love it!

Nadine Libuse, LA

Keeping the baby out of the cabinets

These devices work well and the baby has not been able to open up the cabinets. That being said it would have been nice to have a little more flexibility it the size. As it stands these are almost too big with full retraction.

Roberta Fall River, MA

What does it fit??

I wanted to like this product because the quality of the plastic seems durable, however, it doesn’t fit any of my furniture. Too much trouble to return.

Lottie Windyville, MO

Super product

Pros: easy to hook up on doors, easy to open (well, I use both hands), chic, the kids cannot open it. Relatively good price.Cons: Not an universal match. Have to measure your cabinets’ handles before you purchase this.All in all, a great product!!

Aurora Stanley, WI

Not good for knob-style cabinet pulls.

These plastic locks are acceptable, quality-wise, but they’re very easy to defeat if you have knob-style cabinet pulls. They don’t need to be opened, as they just slip over the knobs (obviously, depending on how big your knobs are–but the standard “builder grade” knobs I’m talking about). They’re only good for the very youngest toddlers, and don’t let them see you opening them, especially if you’re lazy and just slip them off.We only have one of these on the tall pantry cabinet now. Since our toddler can’t reach the lock, he can’t take it off. We’ve replaced the rest of the cabinet locks withKidCo spring-action cabinet locks. The Kidco locks need to be screwed into the frame and the door/drawer, but they’re much more secure.Bottom line: Don’t bother with these. Even if they work for a while, you’ll be replacing them soon.

Anastasia Carey, OH

Didn’t work

Too small, didn’t work on any of our cabinets. I returned them and replaced with better universal locks from Buy Buy Baby.

Georgina Valley Center, CA

Okay product

The product serves its purpose but is not as inconspicuous as expected. We found better looking ones for less money at Target.

Lourdes Haydenville, MA

Too Short

These locks will not even extend far enough to connect our cabinet pulls, which are not extraordinarily far apart. Measure before you order — we were highly disappointed.

Winifred Muskego, WI

These get the job done

These are made of fairly cheap plastic and one of the 3 wouldn’t open, but we only needed two. Overall, they get the job done. No problem fitting them on our cabinets.

Avis Hope, AK

Perfect latches for our needs!

I’m an in-home childcare provider and a mom who takes great care to ensure our home is kid-friendly and kid-safe. We have the hidden latches for the cupboards in the rest of our house as they don’t have handles, but we added cabinets to our laundry room and needed locks for our battery and lightbulb cabinets. I honestly researched for 45 minutes before buying these. There were negative reviews for all of the 5 I considered, mostly because they were flimsy or didn’t fit the space between handles. These are INCREDIBLY sturdy, not flexible except that the width can adjust. It’s tough for kids to adjust (although our 5-year old did it for test purposes, but he knows he can’t get into that stuff), but easy to adjust for adults using 1 hand to push the button and another to pull it apart; it is feasible with 1 hand, though it only takes 1 second to do. either way.The space between our 2 mushroom handles is exactly 1.5,” 2″ from center to center (our handles are .5″ in diameter); I have these on the tightet setting, so this is the smallest measurement with which they’ll work. Also our knobs are flatter and don’t have a big space between the back of the handle and the front/round part of the knob, yet these locks still work. If you have rounder knobs or the normal spacing from cabinet to knob, they would be even more secure.I hope this anyone in a quandary over safety locks.

Rosa Gordon, TX

Measure first!

These locks are exactly what I was looking for. In order to ensure a good fit, measure your cabinet knobs before purchasing.

Lisa Lincoln, AR

Concept is good

I didn’t do a good enough job in researching my own cabinet handles before I ordered these, so I found out that they were the wrong size for my application. Oops. So, while we don’t use them in our kitchen, I did find that they were super for keeping my twin boys from letting the puppy out of his kennel without permission. lol The concept is just fine, and they are a lot sturdier than the locks that we are using at the moment. I just wished that they would have worked better with our specific cabinet handles/ lengths. Again, not a fault of the product. It was all user error when ordering. 🙂

Inez Midland, OR

What I expected, but prefer others

I was intrigued by these for the reviews and how simple they looked to use. This is all true, but they’re more annoying to get on and off than the other door locks we’ve seen and tried (we ended up using Safety 1st and Dreambaby cabinet locks – they look like this “Dreambaby Sliding Locks”). The brand didn’t matter much, it was just so much simpler to get them on and off, and you don’t have to hold in a button with one hand and move the lock with the other. The sliding locks can be used one-handed, and for any depth knob (the other issue we noticed, but expected, with these locks).

Michelle Gagetown, MI

Great product!

These are just perfect for my side-by-side bottom kitchen cabinets for when my grandson comes over. Very easy for me to snap on and remove, but he can’t

Susie Republic, KS

cabinet door locks

My son figured out how to get these off the cabinets and he is only 10 months old. I would suggest measuring the distance of the knobs before purchasing these otherwise they can be easily knocked off.

Julianne Neville, OH

Easy and Effective

I’ve had these locks on my bathroom vanities for several days, and they keep my preschooler and toddler out, but are easy for me to quickly open. They’re much easier to use than other sliding cabinet locks I’d used in the past. Would definitely recommend!

Esther Easton, CT

Not sure what exactly it is made to fit!

Did not work on any cabinets in my house and we have a range of length between knobs and pulls. I feel like I should have saved my money and used rubber bands or string to tie them closed it would have worked better. I used the 1st adjustable multi-purpose strap pack for the cabinets with cleaning supplies in it. The other cabinets he just plays in while I clean in the kitchen, or cook dinner.

Ingrid East Taunton, MA

Wish they worked.

I like these. They seem like they would work well, but I mismeasured the distance between my door handles and these are too large. Wish they worked because I like the design. Make sure you measure!

Jacquelyn Chatsworth, CA

Great product

I love these things. I bought them to keep my son out of my cabinets and they work like a charm. His little fingers can’t open them and he can’t figure them out. That makes one less thing to stress about.

Neva Lopeno, TX

Too Large – Measure First!

We got these in today and sadly they only work on one cabinet because the others have handles that are too close together. Not really the fault of the product but rather the main Amazon description which does not state a size anywhere! Should have read other reviews more closely!!

Joyce Ansted, WV