Dreambaby 4 Pack Stove Knob Covers

Dreambaby 4 Pack Stove Knob Covers

Dreambaby Stove Knob Covers – 4 Pack The Dreambaby Stove & Oven Knob Covers help prevent and discourage children from turning stove and oven knobs. Product Dimensions: 1.8 x 6.5 x 8.7 inches

Main features

  • Help prevent and discourage children from turning stove and oven knobs
  • Four covers included
  • Clear in color

Verified reviews


not big enough for my stove knobs

i have a jenn air gas range. the knobs, although advertised as fitting most ranges (which could very well be true) do not fit my oven knobs. instead of hassling with returning, i will pass along to a friend.

Florence Oakland, RI

Works Great

These units easily fit on the stove knobs and keep little hands from doing damage. Of course these are a little difficult to open but that’s part of the protection.

Shelley Dover, FL

Effective and durable

I was so impressed with it that i ordered another set. Its easy to install and it does what it is supposed to.

Mari Ephrata, WA

it works very well so far

it works very well so far.it was hard to open at first but once I knew how to do it, it was easy.

Sophia Deckerville, MI

Gets the job done with a flaw or two.

These do the trick. I really like the low profile look of these knob covers. You can hardly tell they’re even there. Each knob cover can detach from itself into two individual pieces, which has been wonderful. I often forget to click them closed and our son yanks on them, so it’s nice to know even if he pops it off, it’s not broken.Given 3 stars instead of 5 because they are a tight fit on our standard sized knobs – so if they are not at the right angle they can be tricky to open. The other flaw due to the tight fit is that if your stove is on and the cover is turned or spun, it can easily change the heat output on your stove.These knob covers seem very durable, and I love the detach feature – so to me the good definitely outweighs the bad. We would definitely purchase these again, over other models I’ve used in the past – both for price and the low profile look.

Madeline Township Of Washington, NJ

They start out bad and it gets worse

These were really difficult to use at the onset. They go on easily but then when you tried to open them, it’s really tough. Then, the hinges seemed really tight as well. Next, it’s broken. Then another breaks. Then we are left with two and with two broken ones, now do we replace the two? Not with this product.I really do not recommend this product if you expect it to last longer than…3 months?

Cornelia Petrolia, PA