Dreambaby Angle Locks – White – 4 ct

Dreambaby Angle Locks – White – 4 ct

Dreambaby Angle Locks Multi Pack Dreambaby Angle Lock Multi Pack keeps kids out of corner drawers and cabinets and protects them from getting hurt. It’s ideal for corner appliances like drawers, laundry cabinets, refrigerators, freezers, cupboards and cabinets. It’s very easy to install and can be removed later. It has an adhesive tape that helps it to attach on any surface quickly. Features Prevents children from opening drawers Ideal for corner appliances Locks automatically when drawer is closed Adhesive tape fixes it in on variety of surfaces Easy to install and remove Product Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 2 inches

Main features

  • Set of 4
  • Easily installable
  • Easy to remove
  • Warranty: One year
  • Made from plastic

Verified reviews


Great product

My daughter is almost 2 and she is ALWAYS getting into her dresser and pulling all her clothes out. It gets so frustrating, so I bought this product. This product works great even though the dresser I use it on doesn’t have a solid one piece side so the adhesive used with this product isn’t fully connected to the side of the dresser. It still works great though.

Fanny Carbondale, PA

Wonderful product only if……

Only if it would hold in place. Out of 4 I installed, 3 are constantly falling. I bought more resistant strips and whatnot, and put on top and under — the result is the same. They fall.So, almost a great product. It needs to be rethinked.

Evelyn Onekama, MI

Dont waste your money

Dont waste your money, Ikea makes straps that work much better that we have used for everythingthese come off to easy

Dorothy Stockbridge, GA

nice locks, bad adhesive

The locks are nice and easy to use, but the adhesive doesn’t hold well at all. I put the locks up about 3 weeks ago, and they have all come off already. Plus all of the adhesive actually stayed on the furniture, and it looks like it’ll be impossible to get it off without damage to my dressers. Very disappointed.

Noreen Kennedy, AL

Doesn’t stay on

The sticky pads that hold the base onto the side of my dresser didn’t stay sticky for long, and my son was able to pull them off.

Bernice Haigler, NE

Life saver!

I am SO happy that I purchased these, despite the reviews. My son has a five drawer dresser and loves playing with it. He has already slammed his little fingers once and I intervened before he did it again. I needed something that would prevent him from getting into the drawers, but was still convenient for me if I was in a rush. These have been the perfect answer! Installed in a few seconds, they close automatically when you shut the drawer (if installed properly, otherwise you have to just make sure it is aligned when you close the drawer). No matter how much he pulls, he can’t get it open and all I have to do is pull back the lever to open the drawer.

Billie Saint Paul, MN

didn’t stay on

I got these for the drawers in our home office and at first they were good, but then one day I noticed that they were separating from the drawers, without anyone pulling on them. A couple of days ago I found one on the floor, it had just slipped off on its own!

Ester West Point, TX

They work & they stay put

These are the only locks that work for my desk drawers. They keep the drawers locked and they stay on, so I’m satisfied. They require both hands to open them — one to pull on the lock while the other opens the drawer — but I guess if they were too easy to open my toddler could figure it out, too.

Fannie Grays River, WA


Very unhappy with the quality of this product. Within ONE WEEK the adhesive already starting stopped sticking. Now after 3 weeks, all four have come off completely. WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Casey Garrettsville, OH

Was great for a month.

I loved these locks, which we put on squared edged drawers. They look great (as opposed to a lot of other baby proofing equipment which just looks ugly in place). And they were easy to open and close (though not easy for our toddler). But after a month, the adhesive wore out and they fell off. We adhered them very carefully, cleaning the surface first with rubbing alcohol and letting it dry fully, and then after sticking the lock on, letting it cure for 24 hours before touching it. Despite these efforts, they fell off. Now we’re using uglier looking locks, but they have been much more durable.

Alicia Troy, PA

Not great

We ultimately used them but they don’t stay stuck and it’s only because my daughter doesn’t really care about these particular drawers that they haven’t already been ripped off.

Luella Butler, IL

Great safety product!

Make sure you check before ordering as some corner cabinets could not fit right. For ours it works great! We love this and it keeps our 1 year old out of the drawers!!

Adeline Temperanceville, VA

Perfect Locks

It works like a charm. So far, our boy spent all this time, and yet hasn’t figure them out. So he’s moved on to other locks to figure out and left these behind for now.

Deidre Bee, VA

Great idea, bad adhesive

I purchased these in August and by the end of October most of the parts came off the drawers. I still have one attached and in place. Fortunately, our daughter grew out of her “let’s-pick-thru-the-drawers” phase and so far I didn’t need to buy new locks.These locks are definitely for a short-term use.Either a kid grows up and learns how to unlock them or the adhesive stops working.

Gina Springwater, NY