Dreambaby Banister Gate Adaptors, Silver

Dreambaby Banister Gate Adaptors, Silver

Pack contains two metal, rubber lined gate adaptors to allow your compatible Dreambaby gate to be attached to railings and banisters. Compatible with Dreambaby Chelsea, Dawson, and Liberty Security Gates.

Main features

  • Allows you to safely attach gates to railings and balustrades
  • Easily fitted and requiring no tools for installation
  • Rubber lined, metal gate adaptors
  • 2 adaptors per pack
  • Compatible with Dreambaby Chelsea, Dawson, and Liberty Security Gates

Verified reviews


These Suck but because you need to buy them afterwards

These work very well so in function they are fine. In value they should be included with the gate. The dream baby gate is my #2 gate. The Summer gate is better for the money

Justine Clarkston, UT

These fit “Summer Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, Bronze”

We use these with our "Summer Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, Bronze" and they fit perfectly into the gate. Our banisters are black wrought iron (sp?) and we were happy with our Summer Infant gates so it was a great deal to find. Any gate installation at the bottom of stairs with attachments can be a little tricky but overall not too bad and so glad we have this as a bottom of the stairs solution.

Madeline Shaw, MS

Perfect fit for our gate

We purchased a baby gate for our house to keep our dogs from going upstairs. We struggled with our options because our stairway has two entry points and so we didn’t want to have to buy two baby gates for both sides. Where our stairs meet there is a wall and a railing so we felt limited with our options. These adaptors solved our problem. We were able to attach the baby gate one side onto the wall and the other side onto our wood railing without having to drill any holes!

Reyna Cedar, MN

Great fit with summer infant gate.

We ordered the extra tall decorative summer infant gate for our stairs and needed some adjusting to work with the balusters. These fit with our iron balusters perfectly and are heavy duty( cannot be bent). The padded grippers are great to prevent skidding or damage to balusters. I am very pleased with this purchase.

Terri Little Silver, NJ

A must have for your house with banisters

We use this on our stairs alongside our Dreambaby gate. Dreambaby gates are worth the extra money. They are great! Avoid needing to make your own wood pieces to secure your gates and buy this banister adaptor!

Dionne Parker, KS

Works great on wood and wrought iron stairway

We used these to block our stairway to keep the cats from roaming around on the top floor. I used it with the Dreambaby extra tall gate and it works like a dream (of course, one of the cats figured out how to squeeze in between the wrought iron railings of the stair itself, so I’ll have to figure out how to block that way!)Products works great and I recommend it.

Rita Junction, TX

Works Great

These work great. I was worried the metal would damage the wood on my railing but there is a rubber strip inside the ‘V’ to protect surfaces. If this is listed in the product description, I missed it. I used these with an Evenflo Simplestep gate. The bolt was a little wider than the original. It was snug getting it screwed in but it is holding securely against 3 kids from ages 9 to 1.

Alberta Pinckneyville, IL


for installing with gate that its not flat. its a soso product. because u cannot adjust the length. maybe i do it in wrong way.

Jana Glenelg, MD

Finally a Cheap Bannister Solution

I have been hunting for way to install a gate for my staircase, which has a double banister at the bottom. I was worried I would have to resort to purchasing an expensive kit for each side of the banister that also would create quite an eye sore. Just as my son figured out how to crawl up my stairs I stumbled upon these adapters. I used them with the Munchkin Easy Close Metal Gate. They worked perfectly and you can hardly tell that they weren’t an original part of the gate. The best part was how inexpensive they are and you don’t even have to purchase them separately (like that other overpriced kit). I am only deducting one star because it is not a super-tight fit (as to be expected with the way it is designed) and there is a tiny bit of movement if you yank on the gate. What a relief to have found these!!!!

Mabel Lake Arthur, LA

The only banister solution I could find

Love this product! Couldn’t find any other way to make our gates work for our stairway. I put a little cardboard under to protect the wood, just in case. It does have a little padding, but wanted to be sure.

Gussie Owensboro, KY

Does not fit all Dreambaby Gates???!!!

I ordered this to go with the extra tall Dreambaby Gate. There was nothing indicating that these would not fit it. Now I’m having to send both back as I have no need for an extra tall gate that can’t fit the way my stairs are arranged.

Emilia Jay, NY