Dreambaby Blind Cord Wraps, Clear

Dreambaby Blind Cord Wraps, Clear

Helps prevent strangulation from window blind and curtain cords. Blind Cord Wraps also help to prevent falling blinds from children pulling on the cords. Comes with easy installation instructions and tips, mounting screws included. Transparent color goes well with any blinds. 4 pieces per pack.

Main features

  • Comes with easy installation instructions and tips, mounting screws included
  • Transparent color goes well with any blinds
  • 4 pieces per pack

Verified reviews


good quality

These cord wraps are very thick plastic and not cheap like other ones. They are plenty big for long cords.

Sasha Sand Creek, WI

Good buy

These worked out great for us we have owned them for a year and so far have had no issues at all with them & we use them daily.

Tamera North Charleston, SC

Easy to install, not a total eyesore

I was nervous that these things would look bulky on the wall, but they’re not. If you hide them behind your curtains you can’t even see them. Plus they were a cinch to install. Just screw into drywall. I didn’t use a drill.

Katina Sundown, NY

As advertised.

I installed this for our vertical blinds that lead from our kitchen to our patio so we could wrap the cord up high so as not to be a choking hazard for our 2 year old (and 5 year old). I had a choice of installing anchors for the wallboard or using longer screws because my stud finder indicated wood, likely associated with the door frame, just outside the molding. That worked so I did not use the screws provided (I started with them but they were not long enough to reach the wood through the wall board so I would have had to use anchors for them). I only needed and used one but absolutely no complaints. We end up just looping our cord over these rather than wrapping it tight but it serves its purpose well.

Hope Hampton, CT

A bit pricy…

A bit pricy for what they are but they wont rust, a big plus for me near the sea. No other complaints… Works as advertised.

Tamara Ledbetter, KY

Great product

These are really essy to install and work great.

Pat Longdale, OK

I need more.

I’m always thinking of ways to prevent potential damage. Getting our cords up and out of reach of the infant makes me rest a lot easier.

Pamela Huntsburg, OH

love em

Had a couple circular cord winders that went on the cord. They were difficult to use and would get wrapped up wrong or get pulled apart when used. I have these set up with 3m strips next to almost all of my windows and use them daily. They keep the cords up without causing new problems.

Carly Tylersburg, PA

Designed to be invisible

The clear design to these cord wraps makes them nearly invisible if you install them on the inner edge of your window sill. I attach mine to the upper corner of the window that the blind cord comes down and they hide perfectly.

Martha Racine, WI

as promised

works as promised. Maybe a little cheap to last in the long term, but does the job for the price.

Josie Dublin, OH

Out of sight but perfectly fucntional

Can’t even tell they are on the window trim until the cord is wrapped around em and away from my curious toddler.

Germaine Golden Meadow, LA