Dreambaby Cable Lock

Dreambaby Cable Lock

Suitable for use with mushroom shaped knobs and D-shaped handles. Adjustable cable, expands upto 15.5 in.. Warranty: One year. No assembly required. 5 in. L x 3 in. W x 1 in. H (0.05 lbs.). Will help your curious toddlers from opening cabinets with its clever combination locking system. Great for older children who have figured out all non-locking child safety latches and catches.

Main features

  • Lock will prevent children from opening cabinets with its clever combination locking system
  • No tools or hardware required for installation
  • Adjustable length up to 15.75″

Verified reviews


Best baby lock!

I love this lock! We have a small cupboard where we store my daughters diapers, wipes, hair stuff, cold weather stuff etc. I looked at just about every single lock for “D” shaped handles and finally settled on this one. My 16 month old’s will NOT be able to open this. The combo is only 3 numbers, so it’s easy to remember. It extends enough for very wide set handles, or like mine that are very close, it also tightens. Best baby lock out there hands down. I would definitely recommend to everyone.

Justina La Ward, TX

Stops late night snackers

Believe it or not we bought this to keep our teenagers out of the fridge. It works like a charm!I wish it had more than 3 numbers though, if they ever felt motivated enough I’m sure they could figure out the combo. We always set it to all zeros when we lock it so we know if they’ve been messing with it; they never think to cover their tracks and set it back to zeros. 😛

Tonia Orrs Island, ME

FINALLY a lock that can’t be defeated (without scissors)

I’ve been through every single cabinet lock you can think of. Either my kids can defeat them, they break after a few uses, or they are so difficult to use even an adult can’t open them. There is only one other child lock, the KISCORDS, that my kids cannot defeat that I love. The only issue with that lock is that is isn’t made for handles (as opposed to knobs). The dreambaby cable lock is prefect for stringing through cabinet handles and keeping them locked. We’ve been using it for several months now and there have been no marshmallow burglaries since its installation.

Gena Tennga, GA

Pretty nice. Works just fine. Could use 2 improvements.

At first glance, this lock appears a little cheap. However, it does function nicely. We have had no problems with it whatsoever. However, there are 2 improvements that I think could be built into the lock. First, like a tape measure, the cable retracts into the lock when it is not being used. While clever and handy, this feature is also not very well engineered. The retracting mechanism seems clanky to me, and I won’t be surprised when it one day will not retract any longer. Second, the cable release button should lock when the cable is locked, and it does not. In other words, if you want to use this lock with less than all of the cable pulled out, you cannot do it. Since the cable release button works when the combination is scrambled, you can simply push the button and pull out the rest of the cable. It would be nice if they had designed this button to lock when the combination is scrambled. Then, you could use any length of cable you wish.

Danielle Gibson, LA

Does the job.

It’s an adequate cable lock. It’s easy to set, but it’s not overly rugged if your use is likely to take a lot of abuse. The issue that bothered me is it’s not ideal for wide-set handles, since the cable both goes in and comes out directly vertically. It works more or less for wider handles, but would work better if the cable came out the left side and locked into the right side (or had at least one on a side and the other on top). As it is made, it’s pulling out on both sides when adequately tightened on wide set cabinet handles.

Alissa Granger, WA

Very very handy

We own two of these and they are very effective. You need to be precise with the length of silver cord that you allow so there is no slack in the cord before you lock it up. With a little practice, they work great. Ours are installed on some cabinet handles that are U-shaped and these keep them held together tightly. One is on the pancake griddle and mixer cabinet, which we use every Saturday, so it gets a lot of use and is holding up like new. They would get 5 stars if the price was a bit cheaper.

Hillary Joelton, TN

Better than most, but not great

I bought three of these – one works perfectly and engages well, locks easily and the length can be adjusted until you move the combo lock so that it is locked in place after you set it. The other two do not let you adjust the length once the bit goes inside the lock. One of the locks requires you to push the bit against the cabinet to get it to click into place. I also don’t understand why these companies who make child safety locks, can’t do so with basic Ikea kitchen specs in mind. 15″ is not long enough for our cabinets, so we need more of them to do a semi-safe job. The cabinets still open a little because of the engagement feature not being designed well. All of this said, these are still the best and longest locks we could find. Oh well.

Dessie Walton, IN

Great for smart babies and wide cabinet handles

We have cabinet door handles that are farther apart than standard locks will allow (wider than 7.5 inches). These work great for the wide distance and my smart toddler hasn’t figured out how to open the cabinets yet. The price is higher than cheap plastic slide locks, so we don’t have them on all the cabinets, just the ones we don’t want the toddler to get into. Highly recommend.

Dominique Rumely, MI

Tough to handle

The main problem I have with this lock is that the cable doesn’t retract once the lock is engaged. That means that you have to measure it precisely and then carefully insert the cable to lock it–and if you’ve gotten a tight fit (which is what I want on my good cabinets) it’s very hard to get your fingers in there and close it. It also didn’t fit a cabinet with mushroom-styles handles in my kitchen–it just didn’t retract small enough. It’s a great idea but it’s just really hard to close if you want a tight fit.

Shawna Pierz, MN

Spend the extra money!

These are worth the extra money. I bought the cheaper, plastic, slide style locks and my baby was able to remove them at around 14 months. This lock is sturdier, the cable retracts like a tape measure so you can adjust it to fit the handles tightly, and you can program a code when the baby is smart enought to push the release button and open the lock.

Florence Denver, CO