Dreambaby Chelsea Auto Close Security Gate in Black Value Pack

Dreambaby Chelsea Auto Close Security Gate in Black Value Pack

This Dreambaby Value pack comes with two swing close Dreambaby gates and two 3.5″ extensions. The gates will fit an opening of 28″ 32″ without extensions. Additional extensions are available to purchase separately. Each gate is pressure mounted, but comes with mounting cups for optional use. The door opens in both directions and closes automatically. The available colors are white and black.

Main features

  • Fits an opening of 28″ 32″ without extensions
  • Two swing close Dreambaby gates and two 3.5″
  • Mounting cups for optional use
  • The door opens in both directions
  • The available colors are white and black

Verified reviews


Second Gate of this type used. Relatively Pleased.

The gate requires a level to install because if it is off in any direction it will pop off and it does so with a good amount of stored energy. This is due to the top bar being bent out slightly to give it a super snug fit when installed.The first time the gate popped out of place was when our Newfie, who is not accustomed to hardwoods, slid head first into it after attempting to get to some guests at the front door. He is 160lbs so I’m sure even a screwed in gate would have come off. I reinstalled using a 5ft level and checked to make sure it was perfectly installed – again. The second time it came off happened when our cat (all 9lbs of his scrawny self) jumped off from the top of it. The gate flew out about 4 feet, the tension screws another 4 feet.After that I immediately measured and re-setup the gate using the screw-in holders. Hopefully this will alleviate any future problems. I would recommend that everyone use these little pieces due to the amount of tension placed on the gate.Regarding installation: It would be nice if the extension pieces could snap in or screw in in some way. While trying to measure/screw the tension bolts into place it can be a little unwieldy to line everything up.The gate looks very nice, seems to be made well, and the closing/opening mechanism is smooth.

Marilyn Fort George G Meade, MD

excellent product, easy to use, nice looking too!

I have a horrible metal banister and nothing would fit! I actually still need to make a change to one banister by using a piece of wood, but I haven’t yet. I use one at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom. Anyway, this two-pack was a great price and I did need the extensions, so that made it really useful. I bought another gate and it did not come close to fitting and that is how I ended up finding this set and I’m glad I did. The other instructions were confusing and this was so incredibly easy. It fits really well and is easy to adjust. The mechanism to open the door works really well and I love how the door closes shut on it’s own and is not too loud. It makes a click and if I’m trying to be quiet, I can close the door quietly. But even if the door closes shut on it’s own it isn’t startling. I would highly recommend this gate. Hopefully other parents don’t have quite as annoying a banister as mine, but it works.

Mellisa Anthony, KS


Overall, these are the best swing-close gates you can find. I love them we use at the top and bottom of the stairs. But, after measuring I had to use BOTH gate extensions on one gate, meaning I had to buy an additional one for downstairs. The print on measurements is misleading. You will most likely need more extensions if you are using in any hallway! Worth it though, swings closed and you can hear it latch.

Tania Walsenburg, CO

Great gates

These are great gates. They’re a little pricey, but I guess you get what you pay for. They close behind you so you can carry things around without having to close them by hand. A strong toddler can bend them out of alignment a bit, but you can fix that.

Jessie Knightdale, NC

Great fit

1st recommendation is to go to the dreambaby website and put in your specifications so that you know what sizes you will need. This is a great two pack and came with everything that we needed for our stairs. You can choose to drill into the wall or banister or you can use their adhesive tabs. I also purchased the gate adapters so that it wouldn’t damage our rail. This is a great gate, swings both ways, large enough opening and self closes. I can’t recommend it enough.

Lilly North Plains, OR

height is tricky (in a good way for me)

These gates are working well so far. I wanted to mention that they say the height is 29", but that is in the CENTER of the gate (it curves up in the middle as you can see)- the height at the ends where it hits the wall is closer to 27.5 or so- I needed something to fit under the railing, and I only had 28" of clearance to work with, and these work (thank goodness).

Juliette San Rafael, NM

Easy to Install – get the banister braces and some WD40!

After looking at several auto close gates this is definitely a good gate for the money. The value pack is a pretty good deal. This was easy to install at the top and bottom of the stairs. I highly recommend purchasing the Dreambaby banister adapters to ensure a snug fit. These work great on wood or metal banisters. Otherwise the round tension mounts tend to slip against the banister edges. The gates come with these little adhesives disks that you can glue onto the wall but I found I really didn’t need them as the mounting hardware had enough grip with the rubberized surfaces.After a couple of months, the bottom of the gate wouldn’t catch anymore so the gate wouldn’t automatically close which was frustrating since that’s why I bought the gate. I FINALLY figured out that you need to spray a couple of squirts of WD40 grease on the metal peg and the catch for the peg (on the bottom part of the gate) and make sure that the lines on the handle are lined up. It’s hard to see the little lines as they are kind of etched into the handle. Like I said The WD40 really helps a lot!!!

Lou Broadwater, NE

Does the job well!

This is a really good deal. I really liked that the gates come with extensions. I’m glad I opted for the swing gate since climbing over them several times a day isn’t really an option. We spend most of our time on the second floor of a 3 story townhouse, so we are continuously going through these gates. They work well, and close automatically which is nice. They also swing in and out, so they are easy to use regardless of which way you approach them. I would recommend this set of gates to others.

Ingrid Ecorse, MI

Sweet Baby Gate

This was super easy to install and works great.I was a little concerned because I live in an old place with narrow doorways (28″) but with a little work, it went in just fine. They’re really easy to use and appear to be very durable. I like the metal construction.The opening is wide, so passing through while carrying the baby or any number of large, baby-related items is no problem.Highly recommend.

Abbie Campbell Hill, IL

expensive but work very well

expensive but work very well for my stair in home and patio. i have a 18 months boy and a 5 years old girl. my girl can open the gate herself. and the gate work very well to protect my boy. but really expensive and u must buy extension to fit your stairway. its not wide enough.

Katelyn Colgate, WI

Awesome gates

We recently had a baby and our dog trainer advised getting gates so we could keep the dog away from baby if need be. My husband installed these in both doorways within 30 minutes and they are great! They are easy for me to open with arthritic hands, but not so easy that when baby is older enough she’ll be able to open them.

Erma Amboy, IN

Great value, works & looks great

I like these gates better than any others I’ve seen. They look clean & sleek, they were easy to install, and I love that they close automatically and can open in both directions. Also, they don’t have any parts that can pinch or hurt my toddler, and there’s no way she can climb them – though she tries. The bannister adaptor made these even better, and the value pack was great to take care of our entire stairway top & bottom. Our stair spindles are white, so these just look like a continuation of them.

Corrine Mount Sterling, WI