Dreambaby Chelsea Auto Close Security Gate in White

Dreambaby Chelsea Auto Close Security Gate in White

Dreambaby Auto Close Gate makes it so much easier to keep your children out of harm’s way. With auto close feature and its double locking system, this attractive pressure mounted gate is easy to install. Suitable for stairs also, you can feel peace of mind knowing your child is safer. Versatile indeed, it will fit openings of 28”-32.” Additional extensions sold separately for wider spaces up to 111.” This Dreambaby pressure-mounted gate is easily installed and for most situations there is no need to screw holes into woodwork or walls unless used at the top of stairs where the mounting cups must be screwed in for added security. Great for pets too!

Main features

  • Gate Door Opens in Both Directions and Swings Closed Automatically
  • Double Locking System
  • Easy One Handed Operation
  • Can be Pressure Mounted or Hardware Mounted and Fit’s Openings 28-32″ but can fit up to 111″ using extensions sold seperately
  • Fit’s Openings 28-32″ but can fit up to 111″ which extensions sold seperately

Verified reviews


Would of been 5 stars,but it is unsafe, so automatically 1 star review. Read the entire review thoroughly before buying Please!

Delivered On: Friday, April 26, 2013.Keep this date in mind when reading this review.After buying this product I would of gave it 5 stars, but I like to use things for a little while before I give it a full review.The 1 star rating is not because I hate the product, because it is great when it was fully functional. I rated this with 1 star is because it is unsafe. This gate was closing and locking by itself up until a couple days ago I noticed it would not lock in place after walking through it. I checked everything out and could not figure out why it would not close all the way and lock in place. I have the gate located on top of the stairs. Today one of my kids went downstairs and did not check to make sure the gate was fully closed and locked after going through it. My 7 month old baby was crawling behind him and pushed through the gate and almost fell down the stairs. Luckily my wife saw this as it was happening and ran as fast as she could and grabbed him. After that I took a closer look at the gate and saw at the bottom there is a plastic piece that allows the metal locking pin hit it and the pin slides up and then down into a hole and locks the gate into place. Where the pin hits the plastic it was getting wore down and prevented it from doing its job. I tested this theory by putting a little cooking oil on the plastic and opened the gate and now it shuts and locks automatically. One side of the plastic is cracked and the other side looks fine but, wore down. I would say this would be grounds for a recall. If my baby would of fell down the steps. Dreambaby would be getting more than just an earful of complaints from me. The reason we bought the gate was because it automatically closed. We did not want any other kind of gate because they leave room for error. Now either Dreambaby will have to either send us a new gate or by me a bulk supply of cooking oil so I can keep lubing my gate up. I would not buy this gate until this issue is resolved.

Darcy Bacova, VA

MAXIMUM SECURITY; keeps nonsense out of your life

Are you ever at a party, and wish that you could see adults fumble with a baby gate and look foolish? Its always hilarious! Then buy this right now, dont even think about it. Don’t go look in your bank account to see if you have the correct funds, just stack it on top of your growing credit card bill and GET THIS GATE; I cant recommend it enough. Seriously it keeps nonsense OUT: place all unwanted things in your life on one side, you get on the other. Oooohhhmmmmmm (yoga bear) life is good. put out the incense! thats so 90s

Marjorie Eastlake, MI

Great gate!

Works great to keep the dogs out of the baby’s room, and as a safety gate for the baby. Fairly easy to install, I like that you can get some good solid pressure using the pressure mount, so it feels very sturdy. I wish it were quieter when it auto-closes, and that there was a catch to keep it open, if desired. But overall, works great, and has been a great addition to our family.

Ila Senath, MO

Good product

Great product but very narrow so you have to be careful where to place it. It is for a doorway and not a hallway. Metal is good and the color white looks great matching out walls.

Brooke Danville, OH

Good quality gate

Great gate! We bought three gates in all, and this was one of the easiest to install. You don’t have to screw it into the wall if you don’t want. It’s just by tension. It’s been up for about two months, and it’s held up great.

Liza Lost City, WV

Definetely a strong, easy install gate.

I bought this for my 16 month old baby. They are very easy to mount,nice auto close, Well built. Pretty strong. Buy it. My baby is strong enough and she hangs on to it, kicks it but no use, She could never open. For now, i like it. My stairways are 43″ and i could not find a perfect suitable gate. This one matched my criteria. Perfectly fitted.

Olga Lewistown, OH

NO matter how I install it the self close mechanism is finicky.

Maybe it’s that I live in earthquake country and my house is in no way level in any direction but I can get this adjusted so the sel close mech works and five minutes later it is back to being a non self close gate. Other than that, it’s a decent baby gate but I imagine if you are buying this it’s for the self closing…

Beverly Alva, FL

Great purchase!

We got this gate for the bottom of our stairs and it is perfect! It is sturdy and was easy to install. We also got the Y-shaped gate adaptors because we have a banister on one side with small spindles. We have a 43 1/2″ opening so I bought the gate and two 7″ extensions and it fits perfectly!Over a year later, this gate is still working great to keep my toddler off the stairs.

Dorothea Espanola, NM

We have 3 of them

This baby/pet gate is easy to use and attractive. We have 3 – 2 to keep dogs out of rooms where we have cat boxes and one for the nursery. We love them.

Margaret Wells Bridge, NY

Can be operated single handedly

I have regalo gate and this gate at home. Regalo needs two hands most of the time. This gate is truly single handed. Swings both ways. The opening is bigger than Regalo. Off the two gates I have, I love dreambaby.

Amparo Byron, NY

Super strong

It keeps my 9 month old from crawling out of the room and my 5 year old learned how to open close with no problem. And he often likes to hang and swing on it and it hasn’t come off yet which is a good sign of how sturdy it is. The installation was pretty easy too.

Louise Hurley, NY

sturdy and generally good quality

I like the dreambaby gate. it is sturdy and the bars are too small for my (not so slim) cat to fit through. It is also thin enough so that she cant jump onto of the gate to get into the baby room.unfortunately, the main gate does not come with a gate hook to leave the gate open when needed. Also, the gate and extensions were a bit difficult to fit together as one of the gates was not properly quality checked and the screw holes were too small and the wrong height. We had a lot of difficulty trying to force the gate to fit together. But once the gate was set up, its good.

Sheri Freeport, OH


We have 4 of these–2 have extra extensions that we purchased. They look great and hold up to the constant use.They are pretty easy to assemble.They open both ways so it’s really convenient.

Adriana Culver, IN

Good compared to some but not the best

I purchased 4 gates (3 brands) and this gate was #2 of the three. More or less right in the middle for me. I think it’s good value if you don’t need to buy other parts to install it. Unfortunately I needed 2 extensions to install these so the value in my mind was low. I purchased the Summer Extra Tall and it is way better in every category. The Summer is more expensive, but is the only gate that is still in perfect working order out of 4 gates I purchased. I recommend this for price and small kids, Toddlers will destroy this pretty quick. The good news is my 3 year old has just learned how to open it so at least it does it’s job well.I like the gate but it’s not the best one I purchasedProsEasy to installHolds up reasonably well (if I didn’t have the Summer brand gate this one would be 4-5 stars)Has a great price pointConsThe top C-Clip breaks easilyThe spring auto close breaksNeeds extra parts to install for almost every modern Midwest home (ya know the wide doors and tall ceilings type of home built after 1990)Cheap to buy but not to install after the extra partsFor me this isn’t a bad gate, it’s lasted (mostly 1 of the two is broken but still in use), but the summer beats it hands down. this gate is cheaper than the Summer brand and I know why

Bessie Astoria, SD