Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall and Wide Auto Close Security Gate in White with Extensions

Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall and Wide Auto Close Security Gate in White with Extensions

The extra tall 39.4″ Dreambaby hallway gate comes with one 3.5″ extension and one 7.0″ extension. It will fit an opening of 38″ 53″ using the included extensions. The larger extensions are available to purchase separately. Each gate will accept a maximum of two extensions. This gate is pressure mounts and very easy to install. The door opens in either direction and will close automatically. The gate does come with mounting cups for optional use. The available colors are white and black. Please note that pressure mounted gates may seem defective in first glance, but they will work fine if they are installed correctly as per the printed instructions.

Main features

  • * The Chelsea Tall Xtra Set comes with 1 GATE 2 EXTENSIONS; one tall (1M) gate, one 9 cm extension and one 18cm extension.
  • * These are perfect for doorways, hallways, stairways (top and bottom) and other openings throughout the home
  • * The gate swings closed automatically – the one handed operation for adults is super convenient!
  • * The Chelsea Tall Xtra gates are extra wide AND extra high.
  • * They fit openings from 97 – 108cm (38 – 42.5″), perfect for larger spaces around the home

Verified reviews


Very happy with this gate.

This is so much better than the first gate I bought from Target. (Avoid the Summer 07060C).Pros:- Sturdy- Well made- Super-tall- Two exensions in the box for multiple-wdiths.- It automatically closes.Cons:- Product price- Target’s shipping chargeBe sure to see the photos under customer images.

Noelle Gordon, KY

Beware of this gate

I purchased this gate because I did not want to have a gate that I had to screw into the walls. The gate does not work properly with the pressure mount. I purchased this gate to stop my toddler from going from the living room into the kitchen. I followed the installation instructions to install the gate without screwing it into my walls. When you attempt to move it back and forth it seems secure. However, today I went to open the gate, the bottom of it got caught, although the top was open. When I tried to pull the opening part of the gate up to open it the gate fell forward with the weight of it pulling me forward. I fell on top of it hurting myself. Thank goodness it was me and not my toddler.DO NOT BUY IF YOU PLAN ON USING AS A PRESSURE MOUNT.

Lora Audubon, PA

Large, sturdy gate!

We installed this gate in our wide hallway. We are using one of the extensions. I was extremely pleased with the ease of installation, though the instructions were not very thorough at times. no problem though because of the overall simplicity. We love that the gate will lock closed even if the door is not swung very far open, meaning that we don’t have to slam it shut to get it to lock. It clicks right into place on both top and bottom. It opens both directions, too. The only thing I wish it had was a feature to keep it in the "open" position. To keep it open after the baby goes to bed we lay a blanket over the top of it, and it stays just fine. Both of my kids have been pulling and/or pushing on it, and it hasn’t budged. I would buy this again in a heartbeat and recommend it to anyone with babies, kids (my five year old cant open it), and even large dogs. Also, it was shipped twice (the company I bought it from here didn’t have an APO option) first to my parents and then to me in South Korea, and it arrived with no damage or dents or anything, so I think it was packaged well.

Charmaine Swannanoa, NC

OK Gate…..

I purchased two of these to baby proof our home for our twin boys. At first I was really pleased. However, my boys started pulling on the gate and found out if they pulled hard enough it would open. This rendered the gate useless. I’ve returned both and am going to try a different brand altogether. Also I was really trying to avoid permanently installing a gate but I feel I have no option but to do so as the pressure mount would slip from time-to-time also causing the gate to be useless. The opening to walk through the gate is also quite narrow so it made it difficult when carrying laundry or really anything beyond yourself. Don’t understand the amazing reviews as this gate is just OK.

Carly Houston, PA


This gate has been fantastic. We have been using it for 3 years now, and it has been so easy to use. I admit the opening is too large, but safe enough for everyone to get through. It’s easy to modify to suit your needs. I recommend these types of gates, which swing open, as I tripped over a tension gate (freestanding style) and broke my leg. Be safe, not sorry. This gate is WONDERFUL.

Tamara Bradford, RI

Just what we were looking for

We have a new pup and needed something to separate her from our older dog, as well as confine her to an area, which helps with potty training. It was quick and easy to install, and as much as she jumps on it, it hasn’t budged. So, if you’re looking for a pet gate, I would definitely recommend this one!

Gloria Barrytown, NY

Very happy wth this gate!

It was very easy to install with the extentions to fit my 47 1/2 inch door way. Didn’t take long to get it up and instructions were very clear to understand. Opening the gate can be done with one hand and closes by itself after you let the gate go. It is a very tall gate and I like the good quality grip pads. It comes with adhesive pads or screws to install the mounting cups. I used the adhesive and works great. I got it online at sears for a good price with extentions included. Highly recommend this gate!

Hallie Catharine, KS

exactly what expected

we are using this outside so I hope that it holds up so far so good and it is a very nice gate

Greta Asher, OK

Wish We Had Found This Sooner

What a wonderful find!!! I was able to install this gate on my own at the top of our staircase within 30 minutes. It probably could have taken less time but I ALWAYS read the instructions from start to finish and probably spent too much time remeasuring things before installation. My 1 year old no longer has to remain in his room when upstairs. He is now free to run up and down the hall and explore the other rooms without us worrying about him taking a tumble down the stairs.I love that the gate swings both ways and was pleased to see that this gate came in the “extra tall” option. The two extensions that are included are a great perk even though at the present time we are not using them. However, we plan to continue to use this gate even after babyproofing the stairway is no longer necessary. As others have already mentioned, it can also be used to keep pets out of specific areas.My only recommendation would be for the company to use metal instead of plastic for the spring latch that locks the gate in place at the top. We haven’t had any problems thus far but it just seems as though plastic would break/snap more quickly over time.

Angel Deersville, OH

Totally works for a terrorist two year-old!

I know I know, we are supposed to move on to bribery and threats at two and not rely on a gate, but neither of those work for my stubborn, tall and very athletic 2.5 year old daughter. I broke my foot chasing her through a parking lot when she got away from me, so I am desperate for help containing her. Just traded up my five year-old broken-latched gate for this one, which is HUGE. I have five year-old twins who very nearly can’t open it either (which is also good), since the gate really has to be lifted up off the base to swing it open. Yay for me, I get to go potty without worrying she’ll climb into the washing machine, scald herself in the tub, or any of the other things I’ve caught her attempting in the last week. This gate works great – very smooth, swings in both directions and closes automatically no matter which way it’s swinging (I used a level to make sure the mounting cups were vertically level), SUPER tall (honestly seems taller than pictures show – I’m 5’2" and it comes up just under my chest), sturdy, and easy to mount (we used the adhesive pads to position, then the screws to make it hold tighter – I would probably get some longer screws and mount into a stud, though we did not have that option due to placement of electrical plates). We used this configuration (gate plus two extensions) for a 53" space. Only con, it makes our family area look a bit like jail since I got it in black. Will post a revision if it fails to hold up, but so far having just put it up, I’m very very pleased with this purchase.

Marietta Eastport, ME