Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall Auto Close Security Gate in Black

Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall Auto Close Security Gate in Black

DELIVERY ALERT: This item ships in its original packaging and may be visible upon delivery! Dreambaby Chelsea Tall Swing Closed Gate Dreambaby Extra-Tall Swing closed gate is extremely versatile and will help keep your child safer by preventing access to areas of potential danger. The Extra-tall height is especially good for use with stairs. Features Extra tell 39.4″ height Extremely easy to install One-handed operation for adults Stylishly designed Fits an opening of 28″ to 32″ without extensions Door opens in both directions 16 lbs

Main features

  • Gate opens in both directions and swings closed automatically^Easy one-handed operation for adults^Great for pets too^JPMA and ASTM Certified

Verified reviews


Beware 6 yr old Kids cannot open! But VERY Sturdy! Sending back.

We were thrilled with this tension mounted gate. It’s very sturdy. We ordered two and mounted one with a 7″ extension at the bottom of the stairs and for the door way at the top, we mounted the second one (no extension needed) at the top of the stairs. It fit perfectely inside the door trim area and created a barrier that ensured no one could push the gate down from the top of the stairs. It’s VERY sturdy and secure. We were thrilled….but only until our six year old daughter came up the stairs and no matter how she tried she could not open the gate!What I did not see listed ANYWHERE not even in all the reviews is that this gate is not really a one hand open gate. Not unless your my 200lb husband with extra strong hands! I have to use two hands to open the gate, rendering the gate completely useless for me. I can’t open it while holding my 9 mo old!This is the biggest CON ever! You have to slide the button WHILE lifting the gate! There is no way to open the gate without lifting it. We estimated you’re lifting at least 12-15lbs one handed. It’s tall enough and I’m short enough (5 2″) that there is no way I can do this one handed. If it was a shorter gate, or I was taller, I could technically lift it with one hand, and quite a strain on my shoulder. But as it stands now there is not possible way for me to open it one handed, and given that there is no way my 6 & 4 yr old daughter’s can open it, it has to go back.Other than the “little” problem of not being able to open it, it’s a great gate. lol We are dissapointed to have to send it back.In the future it would be helpful if more parents reviewed this item and LESS pet owners!

Carole Spring Hope, NC

Don’t waste your money! Stops locking in less than a week of use!

Waste of money. Bought 2 of them and after less than a week of using the gates BOTH top latches stopped locking. It’s only a measly little plastic piece not even the size of the tip of my pinky finger that is supposed to keep the top locked. Also, the top of the gate no longer aligns with the bottom of the gate. Perhaps if the top lock actually functioned it would hold the gate aligned top to bottom. My daughter loves to rattle the bottom gate so it’s only a matter of time before the gate just opens for her. Oh and it is a pain in the behind to lift the gate while simultaneously sliding the upper lock unlocked when the locks were still working. Maybe if the piece to slide was designed differently it would have been easier. It’s a smooth plastic piece with just a tiny bump, not much to ‘grip’ when sliding. Of course I don’t have to worry about that now that the top latches don’t lock!

Freda Stockwell, IN

Great for Babies, Dogs and Cats

I love this gate. It is tall enough to keep the dogs and cat out and the baby in. I like that it opens both ways but we are not using on stairs. Not sure if you can stop it from doing that if you were using on stairs. There is a little button on the latch that you need to push and then lift the gate to open. I found that button to be unnecessary. Even if you don’t push it it still opens when you lift and push the door. That being said I don’t think my kid will be able to open it for a long time. I also purchased a Summer Infant Extra Tall Decorative Walk-Thru Gate and like it too. The opening process is the same and the little button latch is not great on it either. It does however only open one way. I would buy either of them again.

Evangeline Macedon, NY

Perfect gate for standard bedroom doorway

This is a perfect gate for your standard bedroom doorway (which typically is about 30″ across).We got one when our daughter started climbing out of her crib and we converted her to a toddler bed.Some things that might be of interest to you:- the door swings both ways- there is always a bottom piece (even when the door is open) so children should be careful when stepping through not to trip- mounting is very sturdy, we have not needed to use the optional drill-in mounting cups yet- closing the gate makes an audible “click” noise. Loud when you let the gate close by itself; not too loud when you gently close it- easy to install, takes minutes

Luz Powell, MO

tough to get used to at first, but definitely baby proof.

fist baby gate i have found that is tall enough and "tricky" enough for my very tall 13 month old, who has figured out 2 other gates already.As a side note, you WILL need the extension. It does not fit in standard doorways without it, by like 1/2 and inch.

Lorene Rosendale, MO

Easy to install

This was easy to install and does what we bought it for– it keeps my dogs separate from the baby’s room. We have another one to install to keep baby from venturing down the stairs, once he’s mobile. It’s easy to open, locks securely, and looks nice to boot.

Lindsey Hardinsburg, KY

5 years old and still amazing!

I bought this gate for my now 5 year old and two German Shepard’s that like to go where they aren’t supposed to. It still works fantastic, it’s been moved so many times. My now 5 year old opens it with ease when I don’t clip the top lock so he essentially grabs a pole and pulls upwards and pulls it towards him. Same with one of the dogs, if you don’t click it shiut he stands on his back legs and pulls it open and runs through it like hahahaha jokes on you! I highly recommend this gate, my now 7 month old is starting to crawl, and we’ve moved to a house with stairs so I’ll be purchasing two more! Get it! You won’t be sorry!

Trisha Mc Connelsville, OH

Recommend this product

This works perfect! Very sturdy… great quality. Great to keep animals out of particular rooms. I would recommend this product.

Mayra Kellyton, AL

Great safety gate

We got this because we needed a taller gate to keep our cats out of the nursery so they wouldn’t get into all of the baby stuff. For the most part, it is wonderful! I love how tall it is, and it opens both ways, which is really nice. It was very easy for us to install in the door frame, and it remains really sturdy (we didn’t even screw it into the door frame, just used the basic installation). We’re very happy with it. The only problem we ran into was if we closed the door, the height of the gate makes it difficult to turn a round door handle and reopen the door, but that is to be expected with a taller safety gate like this.We bought this gate several months ago, and it still works really well – it latches beautifully and I love how it closes behind me. One of the cats, unfortunately, finally learned how to jump over it, but he doesn’t do that very often and it still works well for the purposes. I would definitely recommend this baby gate for anyone who wants a taller gate – it’s a great deal!

Beulah Reddell, LA

Keeps Kitty Out (For the Most Part)

We purchased this to keep our cat away from the baby room. This is the exact same product as the Bindaboo gate, and was cheaper at the time of purchase.Well, our cat did manage to jump over this gate. It was one of the tallest gates we could find with narrow enough spacing between bars, but our cat is pretty athletic and determined. Our previous gate, the Regalo, had a space between the bars that was just wide enough for our 13 lb cat to squeeze through. With this gate, she couldn’t squeeze through the bars but she did jump over (barely). We tossed her right back over the gate, and after a few times of these incidences, she stopped jumping. It takes her a few tries to make it over, so it’s probably more work than it’s worth for our cat. So far, it’s become a good barrier for her to enter the baby room.We also like how this gate swings both ways and closes on its own. It can be kind of loud when it slams shut, so we just make sure to not let it swing shut when we need to be quiet.

Melissa South Lebanon, OH


I absolutely love this gate. My husband is tall so this was a must. I am 5’6” and this is perfectly at waist height, I don’t have to bend while holding my baby and easy to operate.

Cecelia Pelkie, MI

Great Baby Gate

This thing is awesome – it keeps my 2 yo daughter safely in her room when she plays and I have to step out. I like that it can open either way. And the latch, so far, is not one she can maneuver!

Patrice Gill, CO

Great cat/baby gate

We purchased two of these before the birth of our first child to start keeping our cats out of our bedrooms. They’ve been great for that purpose, and several friends with toddlers have mentioned this is their favorite brand of gate. They just wish they’d gotten the tall version for their children. These fit our doors without an extension the gate is just wide enough to get a wide laundry basket through. The fact that it swings both directions is also great. It did take a little work to get them lined up when installing.

Sondra East Ryegate, VT