Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall Auto Close Security Gate in White with Extensions

Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall Auto Close Security Gate in White with Extensions

Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall Security Gates makes it so much easier to keep your children out of harm’s way. With auto close feature and its double locking system, this attractive pressure mounted gate is easy to install. Suitable for doorways, hallways and stairs (please use included hardware when mounting at top of stairs for added security). Versatile indeed, it will fit openings of 28″-32″ on its own or with the included extensions it can be increased to fit up to 42.5″, with an extra tall height of 39.4″. Additional extensions sold separately for wider spaces up to 188.” This Dreambaby pressure-mounted gate is easily installed and for most situations there is no need to screw holes into woodwork or walls unless used at the top of stairs where the mounting cups must be screwed in for added security. Great for pets too!

Main features

  • As packaged fits openings of 28″ – 42.5″
  • Closes automatically for hands-free convenience
  • Extra Tall 39.4 inch height
  • Steel construction provides durability
  • Pressure-mounted design requires no tools for installation

Verified reviews


Defective and measurements were off

If you’re looking to use this gate with the extensions, good luck! I have a 65″ opening that needs a gate and I went to the manufacturers website plus amazon to make sure I had the correct measurements and extensions I needed. When the gate arrived, it was way off….the gate without the extensions is much shorter than what I had expected it to be from measurements listed online.On top of that, the gate we received was defective. The gate metal was warped and the door would not latch at all, unless we had the hulk handy to completely bend the gate!We returned this gate and have since gotten the Summer Infant Sure and Secure extension gate. It involves hardware to install which is the only downside but the measurements were correct and the gate actually works!I will say, Amazon took the gate back with no issues and UPS picked the gate up from our house the day after we requested a return, so kudos to them for their customer service!

Barbra Montpelier Station, VA

DreamBaby Gate is a dream!

This gate is fantastic. I didn’t realize it had the capability to screw into the wall, as well as be a pressure gate. It’s perfect for keeping our little crawler confined to one area. The gate is easy to open one handed, and I love that it opens in either direction. The self-closing feature is also great. Our plus-sized friends can fit through the gate with no problem. I have only good things to say about this awesome gate!

Kaitlin Barnum, MN

closes automatically with no option to stay open

i bought this product expecting that it would have an option to keep the gate open when you go in and out of a room quickly, instead it swings shut immediately and you have to use both hands to open the gate again. for that reason i wouldn’t buy this product again.

Rosario Adamstown, MD

Operation of this gate is a dream

This extra tall baby security gate is ideal for many areas where one would want a safety gate. It’s quite strong as it’s shipping weight of 20 pounds would imply (that 5 pounds more than the shipping weight of the regular Dreambaby security gate). This is super-easy to install on “some” areas because it’s pressure mounting style is intuitive and doesn’t require many parts. I am currently using one and three of the regular Dreambaby gates (and two other different types as well).2 Words of Caution:1) This is probably not the best gate to install at top of stairs simply because you’d have to use screws and there aren’t enough screw holes (just one for top and one for bottom on each side, and you’d really need twice that).2) The pressure mount is not designed for most situations where there is molding. For example, if you’ve got molding along the wall such that the little round parts that touches the wall cannot be flush, or if you’ve got molding on your bannister such that the round parts that attach there cannot be flush. Whereas the instructions say you have to have this gate touching the floor, there are places where you can get away with having it slightly above the floor. But decorative molding may make this gate too difficult to install without getting creative with well-cut pieces of wood or some other creative method.The included extentions:Dreambaby sells this product on Amazon with the extensions included, one for each side (you’re not supposed to use two on one side although some people have done so with success). Whereas you’re paying for the extension (nothing is free), it is a convenience especially when you see what all the gate marketers charge for an extension separately. As I mentioned, I have 3 of these particular gates installed. I used one extension on two of them and two on one of them. I cannot imagine what a pain it would have been to order the extensions separately. Of course, that means I have two extra extensions that I don’t need.The operation of this gate:I love it. It’s better than my other gates. The door closes shut automatically when you open it even halfway and let go. Very convenient. After all, you have to go through the gate over and over again everyday, and you don’t want to make this event an ordeal.Top of stairs:Oh, how I hated installing a gate for top of stairs. This is the most sensitive place to install a gate. That’s because a baby can push on it and go down the stairs with it if it fails, God forbid. Here’s my recommendation for top of stairs:KidCo Safeway Gate – White. Just as I found the Dreambaby gate the simplest and best for most uses, I found this one simplest for top of stairs. But installing it was more difficult and time-consuming that it would be to install many pressure mounted gates. It has two screws for each of the 4 contact points. Guess what? – You really have to throw away those screws because they’re too short and insufficient. So you have to get your own appropriate screws. Moreover, this one doesn’t close and “lock” automatically like the Dreambaby gate. Please see my review on it for tips regarding installing it (or other reviews that have good tips).Conclusion:The pressure mounted Dreambaby gate is near perfect for non-top of stairs uses providing that there is not decorative molding to interfere with installation. Inclusion of the extensions was a good idea even if it drove up the cost a little. Operation of the gate is a dream.

Lynnette West Chester, PA

Superb Baby Gate

I purchased two of these gates. One for the entry way into the hallway and the other for the kitchen entry. Installation was very easy. I read the instructions and then watched the video as instructed. It does take a bit of adjusting to get it where the door closes automatically both ways as claimed. I found that actually measuring and ensuring both sides were equal distance helped the most. I find the dreambaby very practical and durable and hope it lasts. I am happy I choose to go with the extra tall opposed to the original size. The extra tall is the perfect height for my husband (6’3″) and I (5’9″). The only reason I gave it only 4 stars is that the true test is whether it will hold up over time. Otherwise, it is 5 star worthy.

Terry Absarokee, MT

Excellent gate

I love that it’s auto shut. Since there is no way to keep it open when necessary, my husband attached a hook on a door that’s nearby that we can hook behind one of the bars on the gate. Works well & very convenient! Also, the gate is very sturdy.

Thelma Texico, IL

Looks great, works great

This gate looks really nice compared to other baby gates I’ve used (I have the black one), was easy to install (we’re using it pressure-mounted) and is easy enough to open for an adult but hard for a small child. I love that it’s tall, as I don’t need to bend down uncomfortably when I’m holding my eight-month-old. I ended up buying a second gate for another spot in my house. Buy this — you won’t be disappointed.

Hazel Sand Creek, WI

Versatile gate for dog or baby

I’ve been renting for the past 6 years and we want to minimize the number of holes in our walls. This pressure tension gate is great – and I really like the extra height as my dog has mad hops. The gate is a bit slim to walk through with hands full – but the gate is secure, easy to open with one hand, and self-closes after you.

Chris Medicine Lake, MT

You get used to the lift

I like how easy this was to install, and how well it keeps the cat out of the kitchen, especially now that I will be preparing baby food on the counters. The only thing I didn’t like is that to open it, you have to lift the gate and push (or pull- which is convenient). It was annoying at first, but I got used to it. It serves my purposes well- it’s high enough and the cat hasn’t been able to get in. It’s nice to be able to leave a plate of food on the counter and not fear it will have a dander garnish!

Tara Delta, CO

Easy to install and works great

We bought this gate to keep our cats out of my husband’s study – keeping the door closed in the hot summer months makes the room quite hot (with all the computers, etc.)The gate works wonderfully – the cats have jumped the shorter version (one of them hurting their leg in the process.) The taller gate is just the ticket. I recommend it highly.I’ve just picked up my second one of these gates to block the stairway at my new house (my cats are old and I don’t want themwandering around the top floor.)With the addition of the recommended bannister kit, it took only about half an hour to set this up on the stairway. I don’t know if it is sturdy enough to keep children out, but it certainly works for my cats.

Kenya Zalma, MO

Great product!

Getting two of those in extra tall size was the best decision we made while shopping for our two boys. One of them is installed on the top of the stairs and our 3 year old has finally met his match! It is sturdy and while we had to screw it onto the wall to make sure it stays firmly attached, it is still bravely taking on any ‘attacks.’ Great product and I highly recommend buying it in the extra tall size.

Joan Geneva, AL

Keeps the cats out and very easy to install.

We put this in our newborn sons room doorway to keep our cats out… they would like to jump into his crib and sleep in it. As new parents we want the door open to our sons room so we can hear him and not worrying about our cats disturbing him. The gate is very tall and impossible for them to jump over. Plus the gate seems like it will be good to use once our son is able to walk we can use in other spots around the house so he doesn’t get into trouble.

Ernestine Minersville, PA

Works great!

We use this for our 3 year old to have a totally child proofed space for small amounts of time when we are tending to her baby sister. It really is very tall! I thought for sure that we would have to screw it into the door frame for it to be safe (our little girl is an avid climber), but it really is secure with the mounting mechanism. Would highly recommend.

Jesse Wickatunk, NJ

Finally, a gate our cat can’t jump!!

This gate is extremely easy to install using the pressure-mounted method, opens easily, and latches firmly when the gate swings closed. Most importantly, our cat can’t jump over it!!!!!!!!! Hooray! My only issue with it is that it doesn’t have a “stay open” feature (that we can tell). This is a pain for us because we really only want it closed at certain times of the day and the rest of the time we would prefer it to stay open. We have employed chains, ribbons, sticks, etc to keep it open.

Sara Rentz, GA

Great so far!

This product seems excellent so far; we have only had them for about a month, now.We decided to get the extra tall based on user reviews of the regular height that said the children began to climb the gates as they got older. We have these blocking our stairs so our 15 month old daughter can’t fall down them.She has figured out that the latch needs to slide in order to open the gate, but can’t open it due to the safety feature of having to lift the gate slightly to open it. Make sure you position it correctly or the swing closed feature will not work properly, but when you have it correctly aligned and tightened this is a great feature for the gate and has been really helpful!We got this set with the extensions because the width of our stairwell measures 35.5″ so we thought the gate with the 3.5″ extension would be a perfect fit. However, when we received the gate and set it up as such it seemed less sturdy than we had hoped because the buffer pads we extended near their full length. So we switched to the 7″ extensions which was a closer fit to the opening but make for a much tighter/safer fit all around!

Anna Willoughby, OH

Love this Gate

I purchased this gate because I needed a tall gate and the price seemed good compared to others. When My husband and I became foster parents we wanted to keep the dogs out of the kids room so we bought this gate. We have large dogs, thus the tall one. It was easy to put up, I think my husband did it in 10 minutes. We put it up with the sticky tape but decided to skip the screws and it has not been knocked down once, by dogs or children. I’ve had this gate for 8 months and the locking mechanism is still going strong. 2 months ago we received three children and they go in and out of the room 1,000 times a day. We love this gate so much we bought a second one when we got the three because we needed two bedrooms, instead of one.We have lots of people come in and out of our home to check on the children and their progress and one of the first things everyone says when they go into their rooms is how nice that gate is.(We have taught the older children to leave it slightly open so it does not lock just because I love this gate and want it to last forever.) One of our gates is black and the other is white and they both look great although I’m partial to the black one.

Dawn Dadeville, AL

Just right

We use this on the bottom of our back stairs. The height is perfect so when an adult walks down they don’t feel like they would flip over it. Easy to open and love that auto close!! Great quality and sturdy too. My little guy has tugged and pulled on it and it has not moved! Love it!

Dawn Le Grand, IA

I LOVE this gate!

I bought this gate because my toddler is an escape artist. It’s extra tall, and he can’t climb over it. He also can’t get a good foothold on the slats, which is great. It’ was really easy to set up, we didn’t have to use the screws/cups to mount the gate, so there was no need to put holes in the door frame. My son rams into this gate with his pedal cars and ride on toys, and the gate has yet to move. It’s easy to get open, even with your arms full. I LOVE the fact that it automatically swings closed behind me. I will be purchasing a few more of these for around the house.

Janette Eight Mile, AL

Manual is Misleading but Product is Great

I ordered this gate to fit a 42″ doorway and the product description states that it will fit a 42.5″ doorway. When I received that gate in the mail and took out the instruction manual, it provided diagrams detailing how to use extensions to make the gate 39″ and how to make the gate 49″ (with extensions that are larger and not provided). I was ready to return the product but decided to take it out of the box and measure it and found that it actually does extend to 42.5″ but that the manual just doesn’t show this configuration of extensions. We have had to return several baby gates because they wouldn’t work with our baseboards, but this worked like a charm. It’s nice that you can either screw these into the wall or use the sticky tabs provided- I chose to use screws and the gate doesn’t budge. It feels very strong and secure- not cheap at all. I’m happy with the purchase so far- will update it if we have any issues!

Leticia Stone Mountain, GA

Does the job & pretty too!

We bought two of these to close off the children’s play room from the rest of the house (keep their toys from cluttering the rest of the house too). It was easy to install and it’s nice and high. I’m 5’7″ and this thing came up to my mid-ribcage area. There is no way the kids are getting through there! Also, we didn’t know how to work the gate and thought something was wrong but here’s a tip: once installed, to open the gate you have to pull back the switch on top and “lift” up as you open it. I didn’t like this feature before but now I think it makes the gate more secure and that works for me.

Candace La Luz, NM

Great tall gate especially if you have a climber

Very solid well made gate. Doesn’t have a foot opening option but that hasn’t been an issue, opens easily enough even if your hands are full, but the little one cannot open it. Mounts easily (definitely want to screw the mounting pads into the wall though if a permanent placement, friction based installation will not stand up to little one yanking on it). Gate closes automatically behind you… if we want to prop open we just set a chair next to it to prop.

Janet Fontana, CA

good gate, but sizing wasn’t correct

the website said it went through 42 but the way the extensions work, it goes to 39 and then jumps to like 47 – we had a 41 inch opening so it didn’t work for us and we had to return it.

Marianne Venturia, ND

Relentless toddler proof!

I have a very tricky 18month old who likes to stack things outside gates to make an escape – this gate has thwarted his attempts! It’s a GREAT height where he can’t try to open it. Total peace of mind! Really solid construction and super easy to install (although I didn’t use the wall discs – those are a pain). Highly recommend!!

Estella Saxis, VA

great but dont expect to use the screw in’s in length is 27-27.75 inches

This product is great BUT I was expecting to be able to use the screw in mounts and not have to use the adhesive ones.You CAN NOT use the screw in mounts if your opening is between 27-27.75 inches (you can if its larger) But it seems to be doing the job.I have a 20 month old 3foot 4 inch son (daddys a monster 🙂 ) and hes very strong he can’t push it off even without using the screw ins.

Amelia Revillo, SD

Exceptional Gate for Kids and Dogs

This is one of the best investments that we have made! We have two that keep half the house “off limits.” It’s aesthetically pleasing, durable, reliable and easy to operate. It’s also tall enough to discourage our two golden retrievers from jumping up on it or trying to get through. My husband and I are fairly tall and it’s nice not having to bend down at all to open them. Our son (now 16 months) hangs onto them and shakes them with all his body, like a prisoner trying to escape and it’s hopeless- he will not get through no matter how much he may try.The only reason to not give this gate 5 stars is that the installation process, however easy it may be, is very sensitive. You have to make sure that the bottom of the gate is exactly level, otherwise the swing-closed mechanism may not work smoothly. We had to re-install one cup that holds the pressure mount in order for the gate to swing closed on its own like it’s designed. Also- the installation requires you to drill screws into the door frame (or wall or wherever you install it) and this will leave holes once we eventually take the gates out. We don’t mind because we know they’ll be there for at least a few years until we’re done having children.

Yvette Parkton, MD

Tall enough to keep that cat out

We actually purchased this before the baby arrived to keep our cats out of our bedroom. We wanted a gate that would be tall enough that they could not jump over it, but also didn’t look terrible in hallway. This gate met both of those requirements. Installation was easy enough and it is functional. I like the look of the gate much better than some others and I like that the operation is easy and one handed. I don’t like how load the gate is when it closes, especially now that our baby is here. The sound can wake her up if we are not careful to close it by hand rather than letting it swing closed. But, all in all, I am happy with the gate. We now have another when to keep cats out of the nursery.

Denice Fishtail, MT

Excellent Baby Gate

This is everything it is stated to be. It is tall but comes in handy as the children grow up and are able to reach higher. The biggest plus is the metal construction. Have accidentally run into these baby gates in the middle of the night and the all metal construction has saved it more than once. The wood frame style if torqued will split and break at the bottom. This is a stylish gate and the few plastic parts blend in well. Easily fits in our 36" door opening with an extension to spare. The screw out door anchors have rubber style pads that prevent slipping and damage to the door frame (even if it is knocked down). Easy to setup and sets firmly in place. Only a "mindless" adult will be able to knock it over.

Angelica East Killingly, CT

“I don’t know how they can improve it” – Dream Baby Gate

My DH and I very much like this baby gate. We have two other gates by summer infant that work decently but make noise over time and don’t close as well as time goes on. The Dreambaby Extra Tall Swing Close Gate with Extensions is the gate I wish we purchased from the start. It is solid, doesn’t make noise, swings both ways, doesn’t slam, easy to open, sturdy and seems to have better construction than our other gates. Highly recommended.

Judi North River, NY

Now THIS is a baby gate!

I ordered one of these gates for the bottom of my stairway hall. It is a seriously sturdy gate – and when they say extra-tall… it is REALLY tall. Taller than I thought. I immediately ordered another gate. Pretty easy to install – you do need strong hands. It would be nice if they gave you drywall screws since the cups you’re supposed to mount to the wall easily move if you don’t use a drywall screw. However, the gate is absolutely fabulous. I couldn’t be happier with the quality and price.

Malinda New Suffolk, NY

We have 2

We have two of these gates. Adults do t have a problem opening them, but the kids can’t do it since its so tall and you have to pull up. One thing that would be better is if you could leave it open. We end up using a budgie to hold it open sometimes

Lorene Glenham, NY