Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Wide Auto Close Security Gate in Black

Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Wide Auto Close Security Gate in Black

Fits opening from 38″ – 42.5″ without extensions. Great for hallways and large openings. Pressure mounted – Very easy to set up and take down. Gate can fit any opening up to 121″ with optional extensions (sold separately). The gap between the gates is by design and not defect. This is a pressure mounted gate and when pressure is applied, the gap will close.

Main features

  • Gate opens in both directions and swings closed automatically
  • Easy one-handed operation for adults
  • To work with stair railing customer should purchase separately a set of gate adaptors.
  • JPMA and ASTM Certified
  • The gate will fit an opening of 38-42.5″ as it states on the website.

Verified reviews


It opens, it closes, and then it trips your lazy wife

It’s got a damn footer on it which to me is a tripping hazard. I returned mine because My wife is too damn lazy to lift her feet when she walks. Other than that it is a gate and had been painted white in color.

Christi Manson, IA

Wish I’d had these 8 years ago!

I purchased theDreambaby Swing Close Gate Value Pack, Includes 2 Gates and 2 Extensionswhich contains 2 gates and 2 3.5″ extensions, plus an additional Dream Baby F171B 7.0″ Gate Extension in Black. I am totally in love with this gate. I’m the mother of three and have suffered through horrible gates, both pressure mounted and hard mounted. I installed the gates with a pair of scissors and a level. The cups that you attach to the wall with double sided tape (included) or screws (also included) keep the gate from shifting, and as long as the gate is square, it WILL actually close on its own!We previously used theSummer Infant Stylish n’ Secure Extra Tall Wood and Metal Walk Through Gate, which was impossible to get tight enough without making it so you couldn’t open it. It never closed by itself, and would often unexpectedly not open as you were opening it/walking through it, causing the gate to crash to the floor under your weight. It caused more damage to my walls than screws!We also have used theThe First Years Everywhere Gate. They are OK I suppose but they only open one direction, have to be hard mounted in order to swing open, and the rubbery/plastic ends get chewed up over time. My kids are constantly messing with the adjustments and it drives me crazy.I desperately want to buy more Dreambaby gates to replace all of our others, unfortunately they will not work where there is quarter round on either side. If the braces were a tiny bit higher it would work. I wish they sold an extender to stick in the bottom to raise it a tiny bit. I can’t be the only one who has crappy gate choices thanks to quarter round.You can use one extended on each side of the gate, making it work for openings up to 10 feet wide. I also find that the black gate really isn’t bothersome, and is less noticeable than the white plastic & clear of the first years gate.Unless you have quarter round, don’t hesitate to buy this gate.

James Markleville, IN

Almost Perfect!

This particular baby gate although a little pricey works pretty great for our house and blend well with our wrought iron and wood railing. The only down side- which could also be seen as a plus side for some is that it’s tricky to open. You have to pull the little button on the top back while also lifting the gate to open it. Which is a bit of a struggle for our older children. We were able to adjust the tension a bit which now all you have to do is kind of lift the gate a bit to open, which works for us. It was just a little frustrating the first couple of times.

Kendra Pisek, ND

Good product but..

This security gate does its job well, but sometimes no matter how tight you tighten it, i feel its very easy to open without having a true lock on the gate. My baby is pretty smart and observes everything we do, she also loves to mimic. One baby who watches you open and close this gate can easily understand that to open it, she can lift the gate up and BAM, door opens. So to me, even tho the gate feels sturdy when she leans on it, i always worry at the back of my mind she will lift that door up and fall right thru.I also want to mention as you tighten the rods against the walls, the cushion on those joints start to come out all warped. It doesnt seem like the best material if the cushion wall pads dont function well. Some people love this gate, and some people dont. Best thing to do is to try this for yourself to see if it fits your needs.

Elvira Loco Hills, NM

just what we were looking for, pleased with purchase!

I researched a lot of gates, and chose this one because of the swing function, and good reviews. The look of it was a bonus! I’m really happy with it. When my baby was crawling we wanted to keep him in the living room, but didn’t have a way to do that with a gate only based on configuration. So for about 6 months we had this gate up against a wall on one side and couch on the other. It worked great! was still sturdy, never came loose and never had a problem with the swing part. It is now in use in a hallway and is perfect there. We did have to get an extension and used some 3M removable putty when we moved it on the new walls so I didn’t have to buy replacement pads.

Georgette Muddy, IL


I have a large doorway between living and dining rooms in a home that is 104 years old – wasn’t crazy about putting holes in the plaster to secure. This has worked great for a month now, and if you go to the manufacturer’s website they can counsel you on what extensions to buy – it is very convoluted otherwise!

Marisa Millville, UT

Great gate and attractive

I’ve had this gate at least a year now and I love it. It’s attractive design and very functional. I had to buy the banister adapters (look like Y pieces to go on the spindles) and an extension piece to work for my stairs but it works well. This is a more expensive gate but it was the cheapest one I could find that would work for my space and had good reviews. It swings close and locks itself. I have a little problem with getting it to lock but that because it’s hard to tighten and get completely level when you use the adapters for the spindles on my railing. So I usually just have to push it down a hair and then it locks. Other than that, it was a great purchase and it holding up well.

Kimberley Indian Mound, TN

Quality is excellent!

I bought this gate because I needed something to separate my dog from a crawling 6 month old and it is perfect! The quality is excellent and the style fits in with any decor. It is easy to assemble but you must make sure that you have the correct extensions to fit properly as it does not expand. It only expands as far as the springs which isn’t very much. I had to re-order another extension to fit the area I needed for the gate. Once I had that in place, it has been perfect. I use the gate when the baby is on the floor and remove it when it is not needed. It is light weight but sturdy and stores easily. I looked at so many other gates and barriers and finally chose this one and I couldn’t be happier with it!

Stacey Marlette, MI

Suggest going to Dreambaby Website for Extension Calculator

I have a very wide hallway (64") – this seems to be the only pressure mounted gate that would fit that large of a space. With 2 – 10.5" extensions this gate works well. I went to the Dreambaby website and used the "extension calculator" – which informed to on which extensions would work best.EASE OF SET UP:- The gate came with a DVD for instructions and a paper manual. I used the manual (much quicker). Everything was self-explanatory.- Basically pop extensions into the sides and turn the pressure mounts until the gate is tightened enough. This created almost blisters on the palms of my hands – suggest using gloves?EASE OF USE:- This gate is so easy to use. Just pull button, lift door and walk through.- I like that you can open the gate either way.- This is currently only being used to deter our large dogs from going into various parts of our home – so we don’t ever "lock" the gate and keep it so we just push the gate door. However, if you let the door swing back on its own it will lock back into place – great safety feature.SLIGHT CON:- Although this gate does fit into my wide hallway without me having to drill holes in the walls I wish I would have only have gotten different extensions (which would put the gate door very off center) I think I could get a better fit with a variation of extensions.- We have this gate located above wood floors. I actually put a carpet under the gate because I could absolutely see this making marks/scratches. (Again, this is only to deter dogs, not currently being used to detain child so I’m not worried about child safety here – where a carpet may be a hazard).OVERALL:- Great gate.- I can walk over the gate (I am 5’4") easily- Fits large area and extensions will allow for use in other areas- Doesn’t look tacky like many child-safety gates- I also like that this (and any other pressure mounted gate) takes into account the baseboards and you don’t have to put the gate up – you can (and must) have it flush with the floor.

Ann Hastings On Hudson, NY


While we don’t have any other baby gate to compare to….we have bought two of these. One for the top of the stairs and one for the bottom. We like that it is extremely sturdy and somewhat difficult to open, even for adults! Our son is 1 years old and he hasn’t figured it out yet!

Corrine Sunbright, TN

Self closing gate that doesn’t require drilling.

We’ve only had this gate up for a couple of days due to some snafus with the extensions. It’s all together and I am mostly pleased. It does have a self closing feature but it requires a good amount of swing to close. I am always waiting to hear the click. The build quality and finish seems good. Much better than our previous short term solution of cheap wooden gates that needed to be undone, moved and replaced each time we went up the stairs. We have a three story 100+ year old home so we are desperately trying not to drill into our woodwork and finding our house difficult to baby proof due to non standard size openings etc. This gate was to block the stairs leading up from the play room,and seems to do the job nicely, even in an extra wide doorway.

Inez Potsdam, OH

Awesome gate

I bought one of these a several weeks ago based on all the great reviews. I have since purchased three more for my home, because they are so great. Pretty easy to install, really secure, and about as attractive as you can get for a baby gate. Bought this from Plum Products and while there seemed to be some issue communicating to Amazon that the gate had been shipped/delivered, it actually came really quickly.

Allie Midway, FL


This is our second dreambaby gate. Our first, we have had for 3 years, and it still works perfect. It is wonderful. It keeps our dogs and kids from stairs. I purchased a second for our pantry. We used to have an expandable, tension gate in our pantry, which I stupidly stepped over, got my foot caught, fell, and broke my leg!!! So now, we have the much safer for the clumsy, dreambaby gate in our pantry. One safety item to mention (if you’re clumsy): the bottom support bar is stationary, and about 1" high, so yes, you do have to step over that. Advise guests and such, and remind yourself occasionally too. 🙂 Oh, and it’s super strong, takes seconds to install from the box and can be adapted to fit odd areas with some creative home depot-ing.

Florine Beaverton, MI

It’s just a good product!

I really like this gate. It’s too much for the baby to figure out, but just right for any adult or older child to operate. The best features are that the gate swings both ways and it closes on its own. It makes it easy to operate with one hand. I ordered another one already.

Diann Hamletsburg, IL


Used the makers website to figure out how many inserts we would need for our 71 inch opening and works great!

Carmela Round Lake, NY

Took two of us an hour to set this up with extensions

I bought this gate to set up outside my son’s nursery as there is a long flight of stairs leading from the corridor outside his room to the floor below. The gate is not that easy to set up and I would definitely recommend that you read the instructions and get at least one other person to help you – it took my husband and I over an hour to set it up (together with two 21 inch extensions). That said, it seems to work very well now that it is in place. It is very easy for an adult to lock and unlock (my brother has another brand of safety gates for his kids and I find them a real pain to open because they require you to simultaneously press downwards on the safety button and lift the gate up). My 4 year old niece has also figured out how to lock and unlock this gate on her own, but since I want the gate to keep my much younger baby away from the stairs, I’m not unduly worried about that. Would buy it again.

Isabelle Spring Run, PA