Dreambaby Children at Play Sign, Orange

Dreambaby Children at Play Sign, Orange

This new Pop up sign is a must when children are outside playing. Great for use when children are playing basketball, baseball, or just riding their bikes. It gives oncoming cars a warning to watch out for children playing and reduce speed. Doubles as a storage facility with easy to use zipper on the bottom of the sign. Big enough to fit 3 basketballs.

Main features

  • Great for protecting your children while playing
  • Doubles as a storage unit for toys
  • Extra large for maximum storage
  • Folds up to the size for a frisbee for easy storage

Verified reviews


Serves its purpose

We live in a rural area, and share a lane with our neighbor who lives behind us. Our neighbor’s friends like to use the lane like a drag strip, and we have two young sons who love to play outside. Not a great combination. I bought this cone to alert visitors that my children are outside, and that they need to slow down to a reasonable speed and have their eyes open as they drive past. Its been wonderful. I’ve seen many a visitor slow down or even stop and look for kids before driving past! Serves its purpose well!My only complaint is that it is very lightweight, so you have to put a big rock or brick in it to keep it in place, or it will blow away on a windy day.

Gabrielle Descanso, CA

Fabulous–Bought Two for my Block

I went online looking for the Step 2 Safety Guys and saw these. At less than half the price and with such good reviews, I thought I’d give them a chance.They work wonderfully. I bought two brick pavers at Home Depot (one for each sign) for less than a dollar. I put one at each end of the area where my kids are playing in the middle of the street (so that drivers have to slow to go around it.)They work wonderfully. Highly recommended.

Elma Grass Range, MT


Durable, bright, and large. It makes me feel safer letting my toddler run around the front yard. I also love that it holds balls and toys.

Adele Cedar Grove, NC

Good sign. Not a good storage bin

We live in a cul de sac where cars cannot always see the kids playing. I love how this alerts them that they are outside. I took one star because it does not serve as a storage. It doesn’t stay up when you add stuff inside and you can’t really carry around withy stuff inside. It looks like it’s going to tear. But as an alert sign is great. On windy days I just add a rock to the inside and it stays in place.

Earlene Dubois, IN

Great warning sign

I purchased this to place at the end of our cul-de-sac for when the kids are out riding bikes. This sign actually exceeds my expectations after reading the reviews before purchasing myself. It is much sturdier material than I was expecting. I do not have to "add" anything to the bottom on non-windy days. It is super easy to fold/unfold and to add rocks or toys if I do every need to weigh it down. I have noticed that people do seem to see it well and slow down. No one has run over it yet, so I cannot comment as to how it holds up when that happens. I would definitely purchase this again or recommend to a friend. It was a pleasant surprise.

Alexandria Braintree, MA

Slows drivers down – Big, bright, reflective and also compact

This sign really does grab a drivers attention and has effectively slowed them down in our neighborhood. It’s light weight, easy to carry with you and compact to store when not in use. Has a zipper on the bottom for easily storing other items in it. Works great.Only a couple of drawbacks… it’s not so easy to twist back into the compact size it came as. Also beware when popping it open that it doesn’t hit you in the face. Good to weigh it down with something so it won’t blow over.

Raquel Longboat Key, FL

Great sign – hard to collapse – no weight in bottom

This is a good value and very bright. It is nice because it is a bit unexpected. It certainly gets noticed. It is VERY bright orange. No chance someone would not see it. It is four sided and collapses like the kids play tents – which is to say, you will never get it back to the small frisbee size it started as.My real complaint is that it doesn’t have any weight to it and it can easily blow away. I would have liked to see them put some type of weight in the bottom (maybe a small sandbag or something).

Velma Mershon, GA


I love that this is lightweight and the zipper storage (we store our outdoor rugs in it and it keeps it from blowing away) A car backed over it and it still works just the same! 🙂 Best part is that YOU CANT MISS IT! Very bright!

Cathy Lancaster, NH

Fantastic product! We put 3 water bottles in it

Fantastic product! We put 3 water bottles in it, and this ensures it doesn’t blow away from a very strong gust of wind. I put it right in the middle of the street, and cars immediately slow down (or stop, or just turn their car around) when they see it. A small price to pay for keeping our children safe! We hang it in our front hallway when not in use—our neighbors have one too, and they keep it in their garage. A must-buy for families whose children play outside !A+++

Miriam Moline, KS

Great little kid sign

Really handy little item – good price and visible. We like the elastic handle on the top and zipper on the base which is where we store play balls (it also weighs it down so that wind doesn’t effect it!)

Elena Stratford, CA