Dreambaby Clip On Sun Shade with UV Indicator

Dreambaby Clip On Sun Shade with UV Indicator

New clip on sun shade with UV indicator. East to use. Portable. Great for cars and strollers.

Main features

  • UV Indicator
  • Clip on
  • Easy to use
  • For use in cars and strollers
  • Absorbs 99% of UV radiation

Verified reviews


Love it!

Kept thinking there has to be some sort of product out there to keep sun off my daughter in her car seat. Well, here it is! It’s not huge, but it works perfectly. We’re often headed out for errands as the morning sun is beaming in the window right in her face. She likes hats and sunglasses but often pulls them off goofing around. Voila! This clips pretty much anywhere on her carseat to keep the sun out of her eyes. Super solution! It moves easily out of your way to load/unload your child and she doesn’t seem to mind it blocking her side view a bit. Think I’ll buy a few more for gifts! I wish I’d had this all along…

Nikki Elberfeld, IN

clip on sun shade

I like it because is light weight is portable you can adjusted easily, but could be dangerous if you clip it and falls of and hits baby’s face

Delia Manistique, MI

Too flimsy

I saw this on zulily, thought it was cool so ordered it here without really reading the reviews. I wanted something like this for the stroller when we are out and about. We have a chicco key fit 30 and key fit caddy and anyone with one of those knows how inadequate the visor is. This clip on sun shade is a good idea but too bendy and flexible to stay in place. The lightest breeze makes it wobble like a sheet of paper. The only place it would be helpful is perhaps stationary outside on a very calm day or in the car.

Jeanie Drytown, CA

Works well on any stroller

We bought this as an addition to our stroller, since there are few stroller shades that will block ALL the sun from my daughter’s pale skin. It clips on easily and bends to block sunlight from any direction. Unfortunately, it often blocks her view or is in her reach, so she just yanks it down. A good buy for kids too young to grab or old enough to value the shade!

Brigitte Plano, IL

Not very big & not very easy to clip on

The product is good. It can be turn to different direction while being clipped to the car handle (like in photo). But the shade is small so I tried to clip 2 of them together: one on the other… The clip is big so you can’t easily clip it to the car handle (Sorry I don’t know how to call the bar on the car where you clip this on – like in the photo of the product). The thing I like the most is it doesn’t fall down like other shade that you stick on the windows of the car.

Mae Manson, WA


Great. Tried those suction cups shades in past, but they fall. This is great and can be transferred to stroller. Folds for easy storage.

Silvia Ickesburg, PA

blocks the sun if you can get it to stay

I like the shade and the fact that it fold up easily. The only thing I don’t like is the bendy arm clip. It just doesn’t stay in position. This product would be much better if the bendy arm would click in place or stay where you set it. It just moves too easily

Clarissa Sheridan, OR

Great Baby Sunshade for your Vehicle!

PROS – We are impressed with this clip-on sunshade! It is bendable to block sun virtually wherever you need it in your vehicle. You do have to have front seat headrest bars, back seat roof handles, etc. to clip this onto in your vehicle though. We use it to block the sun that shines through the windshield directly onto my 1 year old son in the back seat at certain times of day. Nice fold-up design also…CONS – I think that the “bendy arm” could be more rigid so that it holds better where you put it, but overall it serves its purpose. Actually, I would like two more of them for the back windows of my four door car so that I would have coverage when we turn into the sun while driving, etc. Great product though… would highly recommend!

Doretha Fithian, IL

Not good for strollers

Nice quality, but useless on a stroller. This just blew right into my baby’s face. I used a large binder clip to secure it as a temporary fix, but ultimately just purchased a ray shade that works much better for my purposes.

Nina Fairfax, SD

Does it’s job buuuuut only if there’s no breeze

Saw a friend with one of these and ordered it for our infant daughter. It worked fine IF the wind wasn’t blowing. We live near the coast where it tends to be breeze so either this was blowing up/to the side or completely off. Good idea but it just didn’t work for us.

Jennie Custer City, PA

Interesting Little Gadget

I like it. The UV indicator works. It clips to different places on the stroller, but heads up people, it is lightweight so be sure you keep your eye on it so it doesn’t blow away.

Shannon Lincoln, NE

Lightweighted and practical

I bought it because we didn’t want to cover the whole car window with those plastic shades. One of the best products I’ve bought. It provides enough shade and can be easily folded for storage. I also use it for my daughter’s stroller because the canopy doesn’t bring shade to the entire body.

Susanne Sun Valley, ID

Shade a little

This is great on a stroller if there is no wind…otherwise it blows around and sun gets in my daughters eyes.

Nan Dos Palos, CA

Good for stroller, less useful in car

This shade is nice for walks with the stroller when baby is awake and we want to be able to see him (when he’s sleeping a blanket thrown over the top is a lot easier). It is trickier than I thought to get it at the right angle to block the sun, though, and of course almost every time the stroller changes directions the shade needs to be moved. This makes it inconvenient for the car, unless someone is in the back seat and ready to move the shade when we turn corners! It seems well built, and folds up compactly so that it fits in the diaper bag, a plus.

Lidia Branch, AR

love it

i already put it on the stroller it’s a uppa baby vista it’s look so cute too it help from the sun .

Dionne Irwinville, GA