Dreambaby Extra Wide Car Window Shade, Black, 2 Pack

Dreambaby Extra Wide Car Window Shade, Black, 2 Pack

The Car Shade protects children from the Sun’s damaging harmful rays and annoying glare all year round. These Dreambaby extra-wide adjustable car shades are 19.5” wide. They are suitable for larger vehicles, SUV’s and trucks. Should wipe the surface of the window and the suction cup with damp cloth prior to mounting

Main features

  • Extra Large size for larger windows
  • Strong suction cups sticks to windows
  • UV protected
  • Unisex
  • Extra Wide Width for larger cars, trucks, and SUV’s. They unroll to 19.5 inches and are 21 inches wide
  • Instructions to note: Measure your window before purchasing window shades; Please wipe the surface of the window and the suction cup with damp cloth prior to mounting.

Verified reviews


Size is great – suction, not so much…

I love that these more fully cover the windows in the back seat of my SUV, but the suction cups aren’t very strong. They fall off of the windows regularly and are a little difficult to re-attach. For the price, I’d still buy them again, though.

Brittney Leivasy, WV

great product

we got this for our ’06 subaru outback. it doesn’t fit right side up but works fine if i turn it upside down. otherwise it’s too wide for the upper part of the window. i don’t really care that their logo is upside . keeps the sun out but i can still see out the window. i think it’s a great price for this product. seems like a solid design and construction that should last me years.

Jeri Martin, GA


It’s ok.I wanted it wide so it would go on my A4. I had measured, the width was ok. Yet I didn’t think about the angle that the window has ( goes downward to accommodate the shape of the car). That meant that although I could put it on, I couldn’t close the window properly. And I don’t like to use the suction cups.I ended up putting these on my VW Golf, still not using the cups.I still need to use the bottom suction cup so that it stays on the window, but it keeps coming off. That’s why I hate suction cups.The dreambaby line is annoying, but I don’t mind it so much.

Cara Jamestown, OH


Nice and wide. However, the clips to fit over the window do not work. The suction cups work well, but sometime do fall off. The bottom suction cup comes loose often, so my baby is able to grab it and play with the screen. The sticky tape provided instead of the bottom suction cup doesn’t work in our cars.

Lourdes Rugby, TN

it’s okay, better than most shades.

these fits our SUV windows, wish they are wider to cover the side windows too. They are well made, took two stars out for the suction. We clean the windows and the suction part with alcohol wipe before sticker, they still don’t stick too well. I’m just scare it will fall on baby’s head.

Randi Sioux Falls, SD

Perfect fit and function!

These work great in our 2008 Tahoe back seat windows. They block the light for baby but still allow me to see for safe driving. Our windows are tinted, so the “Dream Baby” logo doesn’t stand out, but they are outward facing white and have the logo (if you care); inward facing black. Also, as long as you clean your windows and the suction cups, I have found no problems with getting them to stick and stay put on the windows. I like how they have a release button to bring them to the rolled up position.

Marjorie Inlet, NY

Great product!

It takes a little effort to get the suction cups to attach to the window. I cleaned the windows really good then put moisture on the suction cups. After that it seems to work really well on blocking the sun out.

Elva Millville, PA

Regretting this purchase

I bought these shades because they are wider than any other I’ve found in stores, but that’s pretty much all it has going for it.Pros:1) Wider than the ones I’ve been able to find in stores.Cons:1) The suction cups are useless. They always seem to fall off either when I close the door or just randomly as I am driving. I cannot even get the bottom suction cup to stick so the shade is left to dangle– which could be a contributing factor to why it keeps falling off. I had to use the top suction cups for a Brica sun shade and left it dangling and I never had an issue with it falling off.2) Cheaply made. Thin and flimsy. The Brica one I had previous to this was much sturdier, but I had returned that one because it wasn’t wide enough.Update: However, the plus side to it being cheaply made is that the “hooks” are so thin that it bypasses by window’s safety feature of automatically rolling back down when it detects something in the way. I had originally avoided trying the “hooks” because with the Brica sun shade, the windows automatically rolled down when I tried to use its hooks. But out of frustration of the shades falling down, I gave it a shot and my windows closed.3) The side that faces outside to everyone else is white so it makes the logo stand out. It’s not even a good looking logo either. Fortunately the logo is near the bottom so I just pull the shade down pass the window so it doesn’t show.

Lauri Menominee, MI

Works fine

I bought these extra wide shades for my 2014 VW JettaWagon and they fit beautifully! (they do not fit over the little triangle part of the window!) The only issue I had was to get them to initially stick- I bought them in the winter when the temps where in the teens and the suction cups just wouldn’t stick. Fortunately, once the temps warmed up to around 35-40 the shades stuck fine. I’ve had them up for about 5 months now and they haven’t fallen down once. However, I am afraid that if I take them down on my own then I might not get them to stick again just based on all the reviews. The bottom suction cup does occasionally pop off but it is not that big of a problem for me. My daughter will play with the shade when this happens but the shade still stays on the window- I guess my 2 year old isn’t strong enough to pull it off yet.

Megan Howes Cave, NY

I like them

I am satisfied but not ecstatic. It is wider than most but still not as wide as I thought it would be.

Ada Queens Village, NY

Better Than Expected!

Contrary to other reviews, we did not have any issues with these applying or staying to our car windows. They work as promised, but I do wish they were a bit darker than another set that we have.

Monica Ionia, IA

Too wide

You need a BIG window for these. I thought I had big windows, but I didn’t take into account the angles at the top/side. These wouldn’t fit. Measure accurately!Otherwise, these would be great.

Florence Albany, IN


they already broken because i pull a little to hard on it …. they doesn’t stay either please don’t buy it you will be very mad like me !

Lynn Moncks Corner, SC

Did not stick to the window

These shades were horrible. The suction cups didn’t work and they didn’t really block out the sun. I ended up buying Eddie Bauer sun shades – they are a peel on/peel off style that allows you to roll down the window and they work much better and were much cheaper! Plus there is nothing that could become a projectile in the event of a car accident.

Lea Bremen, KS

Too wide for my car

I should have measured first, that part is my fault. I have a 2009 jeep liberty, and the normal sized window shades seemed too small, so I figured these would fit perfectly. That’s why I didn’t measure before ordering. Also, if they did fit, I wish the part of the shade that faces the outside of the car was black, not white.

Sally Rushville, NE