Dreambaby Flat Screen TV Saver, Black

Dreambaby Flat Screen TV Saver, Black

Dreambaby flat screen TV saver will help prevent flat screen TV’s from dangerously tipping over. This helps protect your child from injury which includes screws, bolts, washers, wood screws, 2 flat screen TV saver straps, and 2 metal brackets.

Main features

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  • Nylon, Metal
  • Made in USA and Imported
  • Prevent potentially serious accidents by anchoring the television to the wall or furniture with adjustable heavy-duty straps.
  • Ensure TV Safety with this television saver as it helps prevent flat screen TVs from tipping over
  • Screws into holes already in back of TV set
  • Attach to wall or entertainment center
  • Easy installation

Verified reviews


Would have preferred better attachment options

Attaches to the versa mount openings in the back of the TV. Comes with 3 different sized screws, but it still wouldn’t attach to one of my mount openings.The wall attachment is by a metal plate, you screw it to the wall/furniture. If you screw it to the wall, you may need to use wall anchors if your TV’s versa mount doesn’t align with wall studs. My TV is in an entertainment cabinet, and I would prefer NOT to screw anything into the wood, but that is the only option with this set up.Once the straps are screwed to the TV and the wall/furniture, the only way to remove them is to unscrew them, which is a pain.I bought the Quakehold version for my larger TV and much prefer it to the Dreambaby one. It will attach anywhere on the back of the TV with velcro, plus it has buckles to unattach it if you need to move the TV for any reason, and it comes with strong putty so you can attach it anywhere on your funiture/wall w/o drilling.

Lelia Oto, IA

A must have!

Easy to install, does a great job holding the tv in place. A must have when childproofing your home!

Deana Skipwith, VA

Easy to install, works well

I feel that my 2-year-old son is much safer having these straps on the TV. He likes to hold on to the TV stand and jump up and down, an the straps keep the TV still and secure.

Harriet Vernon Center, MN

Easy to install

Our child has this need to touch the TV, so having these to help keep it secure and not fall on her is great. Our TV is pretty small by today’s standards, so I am not sure how this would work on a larger TV.

Elva Endicott, NE

Works Great!

I bought this to anchor my flat screen and that’s exactly what it does. It was easy to install, seems durable and keeps the tv from tipping onto my toddler.

Lenore Stonyford, CA

Easy to install

Easy to install and they do the job. I loved that they could be drilled into the wall or the TV stand. The idea of drilling into the wall bothers me, so I loved that I could attach it to the stand.

Lupe Port Matilda, PA

Great Peace of Mind

Once I got over my irrational fear of drills, I got to work installing these safety straps since my 10 month old is fascinated by walking over to the TV and touching it. It was an accident waiting to happen, and I feel so much better preventing it. It was crazy easy to install! I would do it for anyone in a heartbeat, because it really does make it safe for your little one to play around the television.

Patricia Angelica, NY

A must have item!

I bought these after my son yanked open a drawer on a 5 drawer dresser and it tipped and fell on him. I was standing right there and was able to catch it and break the fall. If it had fallen on him I doubt he could have survived. We strapped everything in the house to the walls and found these straps to be easy to use. Its an added peace of mind having these in case I am ever not there to catch a falling dresser or television set. Buy them, use them, prevent serious injury.

Imogene Patterson, LA

Easy to install

Only took me a couple of minutes to install. I installed it to the tv table and had no issues. Because it is so adjustable it can be used in a variety of ways to secure a tv or other large and heavy objects.

Lilian Groesbeck, TX

Product works

The flat screen TV saver is easy to install and holds our flat screen TV securely to the entertainment cabinet.

Yvonne Silver Plume, CO

Great Product!

Very easy to install and makes the TV very secure and stable and gives us great peace of mind that our grandson won’t be able to topple it over on himself and get hurt.

Helene Bittinger, MD

easy to install

easy to install & necessary if you have small children- great price! Our tv had 1 mount hole not 2 & it still works great

Juanita Sallis, MS

Peace of mind

This does the trick, works great, very sturdy. I feel like I can relax now with my 9 mo old baby playing around the TV area – she would tap on it and it would start to rock and looked so dangerous. Thanks!

Katharine Middlebury, CT

Great Product!

These are wonderful. Well made. You have to rethread them if you’re going to use them on the back of a tv stand/dresser/etc. rather than a wall, but it’s relatively easy (just time consuming). They work very well on all our tv’s, including our 40". I feel much more confident that the tv won’t crush my kid!

Helena Clifton, VA

Simple solution to securing a TV

We purchased these to make sure our "grabby" 1 year old doesn’t pull down the flat screen TVs in our house not mounted on a wall. The installation was fairly simple. It screws back into the back of the TV via the normal mounting holes and the other end screws into the wall.The strap is adjustable to allow you make it tighter and taunt.Does the job with a very simple solution.

Roslyn Harriman, NY

Easy to use and very sturdy

I use these to keep a heavy floor lamp from tipping over. They work great and are easy to install and adjust.

Jade Green Valley, IL