Dreambaby Flexi Loop Lock, White, 3 Pack

Dreambaby Flexi Loop Lock, White, 3 Pack

Dreambaby Flexi Loop Lock  – 3 Pack- White The flexible loop lock is an exterior lock that does not require screws or adhesive tape. The strong, secure and simple lock is challenging for children, and secure for your home. As the lock is easily adjustable, it can fit onto a wide variety of sizes of knobs and handles on cabinets, drawers and other furniture throughout the home. Comes with 3 Flexi Loop Locks. Product Dimensions: 15 x 4 x 0.2 inches

Main features

  • Use to protect those curious toddlers from getting into drawers and cabinets
  • Comes in a 3 pack
  • Easy to use and install

Verified reviews


Easy Solution

We’ve had these for a year and only 2 out of the 7 broke (only because of someone yanking them instead of removing them properly). Great affordable product that is reliable and infant- and toddler-proof.

Heidi Jacksonboro, SC


I bought this because my 10 months old are starting to open up cabinet doors and drawers. I tried using this to keep them closed but it has failed on me. I even tried putting them on differently thinking maybe I just did them wrong. But nope. Nothing worked. I got so frustrated that I wanted to just throw them away.First, it was very hard to get it to close tightly so the doors don’t open up. Even after I have almost broke my fingers off trying to close it to as tightly as possible. The doors would still open up. That was no good because my daughter can end up closing the doors on her fingers and hurt herself. Aside from that, it was VERY hard to open/close this. To pull it close was kind of easy but to open them back up was hard. There is a small button on the side to press and at the same time, you have to push the little button up in order to release and allow you to pull it open.I don’t have fat fingers. I actually have tiny hands and I found that to be very hard to do. It’s a positive thing because that means LO won’t be able to open up the lock herself. But, it was PAINFUL for me to open it. When I was trying to lock up the doors it was so hard for me.I tried any possible ways to do it so that it wouldn’t be hard and close the doors tightly. Nothing worked.I wouldn’t recommend these to anyone. I might give these a try in the future maybe…But for now they’re just stored away. Eventually it might even become garbage.

Diane Walnut Ridge, AR


These locks are pretty flimsy. Some of the locks couldn’t even make it through shipment. The ones that did are still pretty flimsy. The little push knob always gets stuck.

Ida Claremont, CA

Child Proofing Made Easy

I had gone to visit my brother and sister-in-law once, I spent over an hour attempting to open a cabinet. Determined not to suffer that same embarrassment in my own home, I sought out products that were easy for adults but impossible for children. This is a great product.

Charlene Camp Nelson, CA

Wonderful locks

I knoe my kids are safe with these locks on my cabinets and drawers. They can’t get into them, but I can.

Wilma Frontier, WY

great !!

i love these,i use them to lock my chairs to the table.. yaay no more climbing counters. if u have four not too thick legs on ur table and only 4 chairs, go ahead these work great.*update few weeks later one lock then another it became difficult to lock and open, i still use them here and ther but for my chairs i switched to otherlocks

Deanne Rincon, PR



Vicky Franconia, PA