Dreambaby Nelson Dark Cherry Espresso Wooden Gro-Gate

Dreambaby Nelson Dark Cherry Espresso Wooden Gro-Gate

Each gate will fit any opening of 30″ 48″.

Main features

  • Wood
  • Two gates can be mounted together to fit an opening up to 86.5″
  • This new Dark Wooden gate conveniently swings and adjust for quick and easy pass through, has a simple one handed operation
  • It is installed with a 4 point hardware mounting system and is suitable for doorways, hallways and top and bottom of stairs
  • JPMA and ASTM Certified

Verified reviews


Awkward Sliding Mechanism

We needed a gate for the bottom of our stairs – the wall doesn’t come all the way down to the last step on one side but the other has newell posts that we had to put a piece of plywood in between to mount the hardware too. We have a very odd situation for putting a baby safety gate in, but nevertheless, this gate seemed like the right fit.However, the expandable sliding mechanism kept sticking and after a few weeks we just couldn’t take it anymore. We had to jiggle it back and forth to keep the sliding momentum going.In the end, we are returning it in lieu of getting something that slides to expand and contract a bit easier. Our friends have an evenflo that is similar so we are going to look into that.The wood color itself is nice, but with the non-working sliding part it kept getting nicked and worn so the wood got worn down – color wise.It is a beautiful gate if only the sliding hardware worked properly.

Alice Benedict, MN

Love this…

We got the first one about 6 months ago, just to see how it worked, then picked up a 2nd one to add to another staircase. It’s looks really nice in our house – the cherry colored wood is perfect.It’s a little difficult to install, especially since I had to fabricate blocks to bring the top hinge and latch out as far as my base molding.It tends to stick a little in high humidity or heat, as with anything.. When that’s the case it slides a little rougher than normal.. You have to get the ‘feeling’ down with this gate for sure!

Doreen Adamsville, TN

Not Bad Quality, But Not Suitable For All Areas…..

I purchased this for the top of my stairs, but had to return it. The description says that this is suitable for a lot of areas, but it does not mention that a wall stud would be needed. There was no available stud for me in the area and I know that it would not have held tight for long with the mount set-up. It was easier for me to send the gate back and purchase something else than try to rig something up. Definitely make sure you have a stud in the area and avoid repeating my mistake! I would have been happy with this product otherwise.

Elaine Moscow, VT

Not the right gate for me, but not entirely terrible…

Positive: nice color, solid when closed, easy to remove from hinges if you need to for any reason, good span, and pretty quick installation.Negatives: In our town home, our primary living spaces are on the second and third floors, so we placed this gate at the top of the stairs from the first to the second floor. No matter how we mounted it, the latch was right next to the banister (with about an inch to spare) making it very difficult to access the spring for opening and closing. To open the gate, you have to squeeze a spring and pull the latch out of a slot by sliding the gate in on itself. It doesn’t lock in position like most hardware mounted gates and the sides do not slide easily or smoothly. Also, in order to close the gate, you actually have to line it up with a slot and then pull on it, sliding it along loose brackets that catch unless you’re using both hands. I definitely think this is a much worse design than other expandable gates that lock in position and click in a slot when they close. Sliding the gate in and out of the slot is just completely untenable. The bottom bracket is a U shape, so when my 8-month old pulled on the bottom of the gate, it came away from the bracket by 1-2 inches. This wasn’t nearly enough to cause a fall hazard, but it was clearly a pinching hazard. I found I had to put EVERYTHING I was carrying down (on the stairs) in order to open or close the gate, which was very inconvenient when I was carrying a diaper bag, a baby in a car seat and a purse when arriving or leaving home.Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this gate for use on stairs and I’d be surprised if it was any easier to use between rooms, but I suppose it’s possible.

Luz Brookhaven, MS

Good solid baby gate

Love this gate. Not the most beautiful part of our home but not too ugly and is very secure/strong. Clicks into place well and keeps our baby safe as he tries to get to the stairs. If you are okay with a boring brown color this is a great gate!!!

Tiffany Clatonia, NE

not for quick access

I love the way this baby gate looks and I like how it folds in so that if I am not using it, it’s not sticking out into the hallway. Yes, some of the wood finish is scratching off, but it’s not a big deal to me.However, my one issue is that it sticks and is difficult to open and close. I will walk all the way around and use the other baby gate just so that I don’t have to open and close this one because it sticks.

Lynette Schodack Landing, NY

Looks nice

This gate looks nice but man was it a pain to install! The instructions are rather confusing as well making it that much harder. The gate works fine but I wish opening and closing it was a little smoother. You have to squeeze the handle and slide the gate and then swing open. Sometimes it sticks when sliding it making it frustrating especially when carrying a baby in one hand. Also, if it sticks and you use too much force to get it open, the side that attaches to the wall will slide out. Overall, I like this gate because I wanted something that looked nice but I don’t think it is the most practical option out there. I wish someone would make a gate that looked nice and was functional!

Jordan Charter Oak, IA