Dreambaby Pressure Mount Hallway Gate with Extensions, Black

Dreambaby Pressure Mount Hallway Gate with Extensions, Black

DELIVERY ALERT: This item ships in its original packaging and may be visible upon delivery! Dreambaby Chelsea Xtra Hallway Swing Close Gate Combo Pack Dreambaby Chelsea Xtra Wide Swing Close Gate Combo Pack will help you keep your baby in a restricted area that you know is safe. This security gate is wide and can be used for openings that extend from 38 to 53 inches with the help of extensions. Ideal for hallways and large openings, it’s easy to install and use this security gate that opens in both directions. Features Gate and two extensions Fits openings from 38 to 53 inches with the extensions Easy to set up and take down Opens in both directions and automatically swings closed Easy one-handed operation for parents Great for hallways and large openings

Main features

  • Fit an opening of 38″-53″ using the included extensions^Larger extensions are available^Each gate will accept a maximum of two extensions^Easy to install^One 3.5″ extension and one 7.0″ extension

Verified reviews


horrible gate

We couldn’t even install this gate, because it arrived warped – the door of the gate would not close, because it was not level with the lock. Does this company ever check the quality of their products? For the price they are asking for it, there should be a much, much better quality control. I am extremely disappointed with this gate. Obviously, it is going back ASAP!!!!!

Matilda Marysville, WA

Weld broke after 4 months of use

The weld on this gate broke after 4 months of use! I was surprised based on what this gate costs. I won’t be getting this gate again!

Kenya Pavo, GA

Not very childproof

I run a small home child care, and every child who is able to stand is also able to open this gate. The gate can become a hazard if it is unlatched by a child and then leaned upon by another, causing the child to fall.I climb over it most of the time!

Beulah Latham, KS

the Cadillac of baby gates

We have been using these gates for 18 months in 2 different houses and have been EXTREMELY happy with them. They open easily in either direction and swing securely shut. They look nice and they are very sturdy. These gates are not meant to come up and go down a lot — installing is a little tedious because you have to adjust everything to be just so. This gate is worth the time though!

Mara Lemasters, PA

So far, so good!

We just got this today so I can’t comment on how it holds up over time, but I will say that it was a breeze to install. I was a bit worried about the pressure mount because it was going to be between a wall and a bookshelf, but it’s working out perfectly! With the bigger extension, it fits like a glove and seems really sturdy. I foresee much tripping over the lower bar in the future but that’s the price I pay for wanting a swing-open gate.EDIT: It’s been nearly six months and even after being opened dozens of times each day and having a toddler hanging all over it from time to time it’s holding up really well. But do regularly check that it’s installed tight enough, we usually adjust it every few weeks or so because it loosens slightly with use.

Alyssa Vienna, MD


Easy to install, I use it just as pressure and no hardware mounted to the wall but it’s still sturdy and works well. Just lift and it’ll close itself.

Alexandria Towanda, KS

Nice gate but some improvements could be made

This is one of a few gates I currently have at my house. I had a couple of Munchkin (The Auto Close) which are great but would require multiple extensions to fit this one doorway so I looked for another product and visually they are pretty close. Installation is also very similar, the part that differs is that the Munchkin gates come with a wrench and that makes it A LOT easier to install. And the bars on the Munchkin are also straight and not curved on the side like this Dreambaby gate. That makes a huge difference as on this one you have to hand tight it and with a bar that curves towards your hands, it gets very tricky, especially at the bottom ones. Once installed it works well. Maybe if I ever get one more I’ll use a rubber wrench to install it, I got mad at how my hand hurt after I installed this Dreambaby gate.

Cherie Laurel, FL

Super high quality!

There are a lot of baby things I’m happy to pay dirt cheap Walmart prices for, but there are some where I’m willing to pay more for higher quality. This would be one of those things. The metal is extremely sturdy but smooth and safe for little fingers. Also, the design of the gate ensures that you have to tighten the tension nuts super, super tight in order for the swinging door to function. I actually had to use a wrench to tighten it all the way, but once it’s that tight against your walls, it’s not going anywhere. I didn’t have to use the included extensions for my space, but they are easy to attach and would cover a pretty large distance if I needed them.It’s a tension-mounted gate, which is nice for those of us with historical houses that don’t want to screw things into pretty, 100-year-old moldings, but it does come with wall-mountable cups to further secure it to the wall if you want. Another nice feature is that the gate door really does swing closed and lock after you walk through.A good splurge at regular price, and totally worth it on sale.

Jannie Pembroke, VA

Works great

Love this gate. It installed relatively easily. I did not screw it into the wall, just used the adhesive cups. So far it has withstood my twins climbing on it and trying to open the gate latch without success! I had a 53" opening and it fit perfectly.

Cindy Crescent, OR

Good for twins but . . .

We have twins and bought this gate because we didn’t want to screw another gate into our wall. Fat chance! All the pressure mounted gates we found including this one also require you to screw mountings into the wall. We tried the gate without these for a couple months but with two toddlers pulling on it, we ended up having to straighten it about once a week. We finally broke down and screwed the mounting cups into the wall and now it’s more secure. Not a bad gate overall. The mechanism for opening it seems really easy so I’m wondering how long it’s going to take the kids to figure it out, but we’ve had it for over 3 months now and it’s been fine. And I’d prefer if you were able to lock it in the open position, but overall I’m happy with this gate.

Tabitha Aurora, WV

Nice looking & Easy

This gate was placed at the bottom of stairs. we did not want to drill the banister and wanted to match the color of the stair balusters. ideal was powder black but we couldnt find it. plus it was hard to find a wide one. Installation was easy and it looked nice. However, the latch doent click properly. i could not get the two parts click precisely. Not a big deal you just push it to close it. Another drawback i see is the compatibility with the banister kit. The banister kit slips on the banister because our banister is round and thinner on top. Is this gate perfect? No. But, considering all the different specifications of doorways and stairs of homes, probably this is the best we could get from the consumer product market.

Megan Clear Lake, SD

Worked great at first

We absolutely loved this gate at first. It really latched well and was easy for us to open and close. We’ve had it for about 3 years but now we need to replace it. It has completely lost it’s grip. It no longer stays put. It slides off of the wall. Also it does not latch anymore. My 17 month old is able to open the gate by shaking it. She shakes it and the door pops right open. For the price you pay for this gate, I would’ve expected it to last a little longer.

Johanna Monument, OR

Worth the installation frustration

This is an attractive, sturdy gate to use in a wide hallway. I’m sure this is probably obvious to most people, but if the tension knobs are stuck to the pads that make contact with the wall, turning the tension knobs doesn’t do anything and the gate won’t level properly. Before you slide the gate into place, adjust the tension knobs so there is at least a 1/4 inch of screw between them and the contact pads, that will alleviate any of the installation troubles that other reviewers complained of. I would definitely recommend this to a friend, but would suggest a more thorough instruction book be included

Clarissa Temple, ME

Exactly what we needed

We love this gate and have been using it for nearly 2 years now. Exactly what we were looking for and blends in with our decor perfectly.

Vera Williamson, GA


The gate works as described. I prefer the Safety First Hands Free gate that I have in another area of the house, but it isn’t long enough for the space we bought this gate for. Guests can never figure out how to open it (the lifting part isn’t intuitive). I don’t like that it automatically closes. Some people probably like that in a baby gate, but I like being able to leave it open when the baby isn’t around.On the positive side, the gate is very secure and attractive.

Lily Logan, NM

Great gate

We use this gate to keep my son enclosed in the living room. It was easy to install and works really well. It is rather sturdy (my son likes to rattle the gate sometimes). My only advice is that the gate is more suitable for walls that do not have a molding on the bottom.

Marjorie Andover, OH

exactly what we needed

Our family room is a converted garage with french doors, so the doorway is 4 ft wide and I needed something sturdy that would still allow the doors to close if needed. This is perfect. I applied a lot of pressure on it, and it didn’t budge. The door is easy to open for an adult, but not for a child since you have to lift and open at the same time. I like that it closes and latches on its own too.The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because we used the larger extension and the holes for the connecting piece on the bottom weren’t perfectly lined up, so there’s a small gap between the bottom of the extender piece and the floor. It’s very small, maybe about a cm, but still a slight annoyance. Otherwise it was fairly simple to put together and install.

Pamela Fort Apache, AZ

Very nice gate – decorative and adaptable

We now own 3 of these gates. I like the look of them and they are easy to use. The different size extension pieces allow them to work in various size openings. I also like that they swing shut automatically. I didn’t give it 5 stars since they come loose a lot and require constant adjustment for a secure latch. I am sure this is common with most swinging gates and for the amount we use them.

Francisca Bohannon, VA

Ok gate!

Ok gate, my son figure it out how to open it at 18 mo old, so went to plan B and did tie a scarf on the lower part of the door to keep it shut! Overall sturdy but you can find better considering Customer Service does not exist in USA, Canada only without toll free number, not good!!!!

Angel Baxter, TN