Dreambaby Pullover Bibs, 4-Count

Dreambaby Pullover Bibs, 4-Count

Dreambaby terry cloth pull over bibs will let your toddlers enjoy food and discover learning how to eat it without you worrying about the mess.

Main features

  • Dreambaby terry cloth pull over bibs will let your toddlers enjoy food and discover learning how to eat it without you worrying about the mess
  • One size fits most
  • Comes in a pack of 4
  • Featuring two different designs: Whales and owls

Verified reviews


Cute bibs

This pack of four bibs has two designs (one whales, one owls) and two colors of edging (one red, one purple). They are large enough to do the job, and a good price. We left a couple at grandma’s house.

Cathy Herald, IL

Look no further!

You cannot go wrong with these bibs! We purchased these bibs for our 13 month old daughter. The bib is generous in size preventing food all over her clothing. The neck is appropriately sized and does not loose it’s shape. We have found other bibs are either small in size or the necks are huge. The Dreambaby bibs are perfect. I will definitely be ordering more!

Cortney Tuckerman, AR

Great bibs

Not having to do snaps or velcro is great! These bibs are large and soft. My son doesn’t mind wearing them (for drool and practice… haven’t yet had food on them).

Mary Cranesville, PA

they do the job for a great price

Excellent fit on my 10-mo-old. When she started taking off her velcro bibs, this was the obvious solution. No staining yet, and we have used them several times with berries, tomato sauce, etc. I love them and they are a great price.

Karen Leander, TX

Very nice perfect!!!

After looking for pullover bibs in stores and only, I finally found these. When they arrived they seemed very big, but they cover the front of my 1 year old boys and are long enough to protect a portion of their pants as well. My boys kept taking the other bibs off with velcro and buttons, and velcro in general kept getting curved in the washer-dryer and just was not long lasting. So I am very very happy with these bibs. The neck portion is not too tight or loose, just perfect. I bought 8 of them and am sure they will last a long time. They are easy to wash too. Now my boys are used to not being able to remove the bibs, so when I don’t have any since they are all in the wash, I put on button ones and they don’t realize it so don’t pull off anymore. I highly recommend these for kids who pull off their bibs. They are very long so not that good for outside use (in the library, keeping on all the time for drooling, etc.), but perfect for meals.

Helena West Islip, NY

These are just AMAZING!

I am really happy with these. I bought them for my niece that is now 6 months old because well lets face it, KIDS ARE MESSY! I have a 3 year old so I already know how epic of a mess kids can make. I am really happy with these, they’re a great size, cover the WHOLE are and don’t move around easily. Great if you want them to wear something cut but not get ruined by spit up, food or milk! Very reasonably priced. The only thing that does worry me is that they’re all white backgrounds so there may me a lot of Spray N’ Washing going in 😉 I highly recommend these because it does go around the whole neck and prevents cloths being ruined and they’re easy to use.

Lucia Sykesville, MD

Good, but wish it wasn’t so loose in the opening

The opening lid a little big and so it’s very easy for my daughter to pull off herself (mid meal) and food will still get the top of her shirt.

Winnie Crowder, MS

Great for containing messes

These bibs are huge and that’s why I love them! They cover all the way down to my seven month old’s waist and they also cover his shoulders and upper back. I’ve used regular bibs but have been left unsatisfied because my babies always seem to get food where the bib ends at the top. With the pullover bib there’s a much lower chance of that happening. Less clothing changes and less laundry for mom!

Lila Mabel, MN

Wash well and great coverage

For a foodie baby, these bibs were amazing. Laundered well, great coverage and comfy. It was also impossible to rip off so after using it for a few times, she just gave up!

Lorrie Tooele, UT

Easy to wash.

Easy to clean and put on. Logo’s are cute. Not idea for small babies eating more liquid food. pack of 4 works nicely.

Marci Henrietta, MO

Large and Thick

These are great pull over bibs! The neck hole is soft and flexible. The bibs are large and made with thick terrycloth. The designs are cute. Great feeder bibs! Will purchase again, if needed. I think these will last a long time.

Madeline Memphis, MI

Good quality

The bibs are fairly large and have the pull over style neck line. They washed well and do not stick to other items in the laundry because there is no velcro. We have not used them yet, but I know this will be a go-to item once our baby arrives in a few weeks.

Kathie Blacksburg, SC

Great fit for kiddos

I originally bought this for my 7 month old, but my 26 month old loves to wear them as well – fits both perfectly. Very soft. I’d suggest to wash after each use on delicate to keep it clean. Cute design.

Violet Brighton, IA

Great for toddlers!

These bibs are exactly what I was looking for. Our son just turned one year old, and the smaller snap or velcro bibs have been inadequate for a while. These are large enough to cover his long torso, and neck hole is also small enough that he hasn’t yet managed to pull it off. The soft terrycloth acts like a great big wearable napkin, which is exactly what I wanted. It can be used to wipe his hands and face when he gets a little too excited about his meal.Note that these are not waterproof, but all the waterproof bibs we’ve tried just let everything slide right into my son’s lap, where this will catch the mess. If you find that your little one needs that added protection, this is easily lightweight enough to be used over the top of a waterproof bib.

Erika Naples, NC


easy to clean, easy to put on. big enough to cover shirt. super cute.i would recommend, I love them.

Aurora Hallettsville, TX

Great pull-over bibs

I’m a big fan of pull-over style bibs. These bibs are a soft terry cloth – like a soft dish towel. They are big enough to cover my 17lb 9month old and contain most of the mess. I like that the head hole is stretchy enough to fit over her head but still tight enough to keep food from sneaking into the neck hole onto her clean clothes. These are easy to clean and get stains out of. Nice gender-neutral colors… red and periwinkle trim. I would buy another set if I needed more

Jasmine Pleasantville, TN

Nice coverage. Baby can’t take it out.

My baby like to pull the bibs from his neck. This one has good coverage and babies can’t take it out on their own. I use this one when I feed solids.

Flora Middlefield, MA