Dreambaby Retractable Gate – L820 – White – 55″

Dreambaby Retractable Gate – L820 – White – 55″

Dreambaby Retractable Gate Dreambaby Retractable Gate can be used for doorways, hallways and stairs. The mesh doesn’t tear easily. The gate saves space, does not get in the way and is a good option to keep your baby protected. Features Can be used indoors as well as outdoors Tough and durable design Ideal for doorways, hallways and stairs Retractable when not in use Space conserving Includes: Fittings Mounting template Multilingual instructions Two sets of mounting brackets for easy relocation Product Dimensions: 35 x 3 x 4 inches Weight: 3.5 lbs

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Comes with two sets of hardware for mounting in two locations
  • Can be used indoor and outdoor
  • Fits openings up to 55″
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight

Verified reviews


Watch my baby crawl under it!

Trina Randlett, OK

PVC material – not good for baby

Don’t use for baby, made out of PVC (vinyl) – not good for baby (or you). I don’t know of any other retractable gate on the market that is vinyl free. We used summer infant metal and mesh gates for our living room and doors.

Erin Hinesville, GA

Good for tight spaces

This gate was easy to install. It is easy to operate. Our basement stairs are just off our kitchen right inside the back door and there is not a lot of space for a gate. This gate is wonderful for tight areas. I think if unattended for an extended period of time a baby/small child may be able to outsmart this gate more easily than some, but for our purposes it is doing well containing both the one year old and the dog. Our very clever 4 year old even seems to be having trouble figuring it out. I will admit it was a little tricky to operate at first, but after a few practice times it becomes very easy and can be done with one hand (unless you want it to not make noise when it is being retracted.) I would recommend this gate for small tight areas.

Sasha Union, NE

Fantastic product!

I have no complaints about this product. It’s perfect for areas where you don’t necessarily need protection all the time, but want the option to have it. We use metal gates for the stairs, and kitchen, but we use this for the bottom of the stairs because out daughter doesn’t usually have a chance to climb them without us knowing.It is a little more complicated to operate than a metal swinging gate, but perfect for areas where you don’t have to use it all th time.

Bonnie Loveland, OK

Expensive and requires you to order more hardware to adapt it to most households.

The gate is expensive and despite installing it according to instructions, still has a gap at the bottom that I am concerned my determined 1 year old daughter will likely wriggle under.I bought it for the bottom of my steps but have a baseboard, and without adapting (with pieces of additional wood) or purchasing the spacers for an additional expense (and having to wait more for them to be delivered) from Dreambaby, I couldn’t install it where I originally intended. Therefore, I installed it at the top of my stairs instead, and the gate still doesn’t seem to be tight enough, despite following the installation instructions.Still in trial phase.

Constance Oak Hill, OH

love it!

this gate is awesome! it can be a little tough to line up the gate with the hooks, but with a ruler or even a piece of card board, it works just fine. i have three of them and they are so helpful. they are strong enough to with stand a dog and twin boys are running around. the control to open and close can be a little tough and can be done with one hand, though a little tough. all in all, an excellent gate and well worth the cost.

Michele Oceanside, NY

Excellent alternative to cumbersome gates

While I was concerned with the safety of this gate on my stairs, after using a couple of these for a few months now with my 2 year old, I feel completely safe. It is all about the installation in my opinion. It took some adjusting, using a couple of 1×2 pieces of wood on a banister, but I love the fact that it retracts. We also now use them for my dog when we leave the house and she hasn’t tried to escape yet. My biggest complaint, which isn’t huge, just a learning curve thing, is in turning the knob to open them. My husband and I both are old pros, but babysitters and grandmas who don’t do it everyday, take a few tries and can be frustrating as the turning isn’t fluid (hence the 4 stars). Also, other reviewers said it is not one handed operation, but I don’t know how that is true. While holding my baby, I easily turn the knob then go to the other side and release the gate from the hooks all with one hand. We’ve even figured out how to silence the annoying clicking if our baby is sleeping. Just turn the knob, release from the hooks then, turn the knob again while retracting. This does take 2 hands. I have almost completely eliminated regular gates at my house and just use these now. Very unassuming and safe in my opinion.

Lucille Camden, ME

Expected better for the money

First, it rolls up crooked, gets jammed up, and takes a few tries to get in rolled up properly. Really? For this kind of money, you can’t get the mesh on the roll properly? Mom to mom, I would never use this is a stand alone baby gate. It is way too flimsy. It does’t lock taut. The pieces it attaches too stick out from the wall and look all crazy. Unfortunately for us, this is the only product that works to block baby from a weird overhang in our house. Buy a Regalo Top of Stair Gate, it is about half the cost, mounts easily, and is super sturdy. Wish we could send this junk back.

Pauline Medford, NJ

Opens your walkway

I originally bought a metal gate that swings open. The opening was small and I had to step over the bottom bar. This retractable gate only intrudes about 6 inches into the opening and is hardly noticeable when it is open. The metal gate was there even when the baby was not. I will only buy retractable gates from now on.

Carissa Hartsburg, MO

Perfect solution for bottom of stairs (Foyer – ON BANISTERS)

This gate is perfect for the bottom of our stairs in the foyer. We didn’t want something intrusive in the limited space, and this is perfect because it retracts and we can leave it open when our little one is asleep. We did NOT purchase the $30/side kits to mount to our banisters – my Dad and husband rigged it for a few bucks instead. They cut 2×4’s to fit the area from the floor to just above where the gate mounts would be, used felt and corner protectors (plastic) and heavy duty zip ties to secure the (painted) 2×4’s to the banisters. They do NOT move, we will be able to clip the zip ties when ready, with no damage to banisters, and they’re not cheap plastic, as reviews for the expensive kits said. PERFECT!The gate is a somewhat flexible material, so I would never feel safe with it at the top of the stairs, but we are just trying to keep our brave climber from climbing unattended, and at the bottom, it is mounted so it touches the floor, so there is a full-stair overlap – she could never squeeze through with her wriggly ways. You do generally need 2 hands to open/close, but it is worth it. We have used so many different gates over the years and this is the best for this situation. Worth the price!

Lilia Bickmore, WV

Meets Expectations

We have a very narrow staircase (22") so had to go with a retractable gate. This was a little harder to install than i’d hoped (came with many more pieces than required, which added confusion). We ended up using a piece of 2X4 tied to our banister to make it work. It’s not pretty, but it’s functional. We’re using it at the bottom of the stairs to prevent our 14 month old from climbing up. Takes some practice to open it one-handed.

Kristy Winn, ME

Great gate but difficult installation

I like this gate now that it’s installed. Installation was pretty difficult. We were eager to get the gate and install it right away but quickly decided it was a weekend project. Arguments ensued when my husband and I tried to install, followed by my father in law until finally we hired someone to do it. We bought two gates for our 17 month old triplet boys. Each gate comes with two mounting posts so we installed them at the top and bottom of the stairs and in two hallways. The hallway installations were easy. The stair installation was very difficult because we have a banister with posts on one side. (We also used a mounting kit on the post at the bottom of the stairs, adding to the difficulty.) Now that the gates are up, I can say I do really like them I like that it can stay open without an obstacle for adults and the dog when they’re not needed. I like that you can move them to the other location without installation. However, I thought we’d move them all the time to suit our needs and wherever we were playing (or not playing) but the gates are not super easy to move. There’s a cap on the gate that makes it a little harder but I’m considering not using the cap at all. The point of the cap is so the kids can’t unlock the gate but my kids aren’t at that point yet. The gate is strong and supported the weight (almost 30 pounds) of one of my boys at the top of the stairs. If installed properly, they shouldn’t be able to go under it. Mine are big enough now anyway that they wouldn’t fit under the gate.

Angelia Batchelor, LA

Awesome Gate

We have a split level house so we needed a gate that would cover all the time but wouldn’t be in the way when we came home with things like groceries. It is a little hard to get the gate to come out and to make it go back but I love this gate!

Cecelia Cobb, CA

great baby gate (and adult gate if they don’t know how to use it haha)

this gate is wonderful. the installation was a LITTLE bit tricky because i didn’t install it directly to my banister (i bought a gadget for that so that it wouldn’t leave huge permanent holes in the wood that would remain well after the need for a baby gate). it’s wonderful – keeps the kids safe and is easy to operate with one hand (since the other one is usually full balancing a baby on the hip 🙂 have considered buying one for the top of the stairs too but it’s a little bit pricey and we have a decent on there already. but it completely retracts out of the way for space purposes. definitely would buy again.

Hester Samuels, ID