Dreambaby Safety Harness & Reins – Rainbow 18+ months

Dreambaby Safety Harness & Reins – Rainbow 18+ months

Dream Baby Safety Harness will help keep toddlers secure.

Main features

  • Rayon
  • Imported
  • Keeping toddlers from climbing out of high chairs, strollers or sliding around seats can be very difficult
  • Adjustable for easy fit
  • Great for walking in crowded areas

Verified reviews


Read carefully

My biggest disappointment is that the one we got was not actually rainbow-colored, just navy. 🙂 Even the packaging we got shows pictures of rainbows, but the straps are actually navy.I was expecting an actual leash like a lot of others, but like the other review says, it’s more like a handle. I plan to use the clips designed to secure it to strollers/chairs and attach a leash. :)We chose this one over a myriad of other options because the harness fabric looked softer than plastic and because it buckled together in the back, so that the kids can’t undo it. Our son is small for his age (16 mos) but he has plenty of growing room, and it’s easy to put on and buckle. It also doesn’t seem inclined to rub against his neck, which is nice.

Kari Greybull, WY

Toddler Harness

There are many things to like about this product, including the fact that the velcro is wide enough and strong enough that a toddler cannot just instantly free themselves from the safety it provides. However, it is not as easy to put on an active toddler when it must go over the head. The ones that go through the arms and then encircle the child are much easier to put on. Still, for safety and durability, I have no complaints.

Roseann Bardstown, KY

Great for very active babies/toddlers

I was putting off changing from an infant carrier to a convertible carseat because my baby is so active and the carseat held her in safely while running errands. This harness is a life saver! My baby is now in a more comfortable carseat and I don’t have to lug her around in the carrier. Without the harness she can wiggle out of a grocery cart seatbelt in seconds but the harness keeps her safe and secure (the grocery cart seatbelts are not safe in my opinion.) It is also great for restaurant highchairs (she can also wiggle out of the seatbelt), we used to do the upside down highchair with the carseat resting in the legs. If the harness is put on correctly and the anchors are used it is a much safer option than a lap belt. It only takes half a minute to get her in it and it secured down and comes off just as quick if not quicker. I would have given it five stars but my buckle got stuck in the shut position after only 2 uses and I can not get it open. I think it was just a weird flaw, they look like very standard buckles that you see on lots of products. I can still used it easily with it stuck shut. As far as size, my 16 month old is only 18.5 lbs and it fits great, I have it tightened up pretty small because she is so petite. I can not speak for the "leash" part because I have not used it, I bought this for grocery carts and restaurant high chairs.

Vonda Dexter, KY

Good safety harness at a great price

My friend gave me her daughter’s old high chair, so old that the manufacturer no longer makes replacement parts for it and it was missing the safety straps. I had a feeling my baby would definitely be needing some type of safety harness, a feeling which has now been proven as a definite fact. I caught him trying to stand up in the chair! So I went to Amazon and found these nifty Mork suspenders safety harness. When baby tried to stand up in the chair again he was stopped by this harness, although I had to shorten the straps which attach it to the chair. This harness is fully adjustable on all points, and in addition to being a high chair strap it can also be used as a harness to "walk" your baby with, which we haven’t tried yet. This thing works great as a high chair strap though, and for the price that alone it is well worth the purchase. Also, I used clothes pins to attach it to the chair back.

Donna Quemado, TX

Safer for highchairs than waist straps

I bought this to use as a high chair harness. Or little Houdini quickly figured out how to wiggle out of his normal straps. This harness works perfectly. It’s comfortable, but keeps him sitting safely during meals.

Enid Mc Connellsburg, PA

Life saver!

My little active 12 month old started climbing out of high chairs at restaurants, making going out to eat really difficult (and imagine the look of my childless friends who naively kept inviting us out to brunch…). I was about to decide not to go out anymore until she was older, but thankfully a friend recommended this harness – what a life saver! I keep it in my diaper bag and use it all the time. Super easy to install, small and sturdy. Baby is now happy sitting on any high chair 🙂

Sheena Brian Head, UT

Ordered black, came in rainbow

This was shown in black and came in rainbow. Disappointing, for sure. I suppose next time I should read the fine print.

Britney Morrison, IA