Dreambaby Sliding Door and Window Locks

Dreambaby Sliding Door and Window Locks

Dreambaby sliding door and window locks (2 pack ) help you keep curious children safe around glass sliding doors and windows whether your little one is a climber, a crawler, an acrobat or a jumper.

Main features

  • Limits the width of the gap a sliding door or window can open so that a child cant slip out unnoticed
  • Transparent and applied with super strong adhesive
  • Suitable for glass and most other surfaces
  • To open, simply release the pin and open door or window as normal
  • Extra peace of mind for when you cant be everywhere at once

Verified reviews


Use with doggy-door insert for sliding glass doors

We have a removable doggy-door insert on our patio sliding doors and found this product is perfect for keeping the door "locked" in place and prevents our small children from opening the sliding door. I placed the locks at the very top and bottom of the door, when it was all the way in the closed position and you barely notice they are there, which is much nicer than some other security devices or leaving a wooden rod in the track.

Gwendolyn Princeton, KS

eh, kind of works

We bought these to keep my daughter, 3 years old, from opening up the ground level windows without us around. Pretty much all it did was pop off when she whipped the window open and it became a nearly invisible bunch of broken plastic to search for before my 1 year old son got to it. I’ll not recommend to others.

Georgette Delta, CO

Don’t Trust Adhesive for Safety

These are just o.k. The adhesive is unreliable, it "melted" in the sun and fell off the window in our kids room. My husband also knocked one clear off when he was just opening a sliding glass door. Don’t bother.

Kari Walloon Lake, MI


So far they are holding up well. The design is clever and they look okay on the windows. I don’t know exactly how tough they are but they are a decent deterrent and haven’t fallen off unlike some safety products.

Luann Hillisburg, IN

crap – needs improvement

you must adhere these to the glass for a full 48 hrs before you use them. we did that. followed the instructions precisely. and then what happened as soon as we tried to use them? they popped off the glass! they need a better adhesive to actually work.

Florence Parker, ID