Dreambaby Soft Cushion Potty Seat, White

Dreambaby Soft Cushion Potty Seat, White

Dream Baby Soft Cushion Potty SeatThe light, transportable Dream Baby Soft Cushion Potty Seat is the perfect way to potty train your baby. The comfortable padded seat is just the right size!

Main features

  • Great for toddlers learning how to potty train
  • Will fit any standard toilet
  • Portable and easy to clean

Verified reviews


Does the job for a good price

I bought this seat because it did not have the same number of negative reviews as other seats. Most of the similar seats with cartoon characters etc. are made of a different, almost fabric like, material and seem to absorb scents. Absorbing odors just seemed like something that shouldn’t happen for this type of product. Now that I’ve got it I’m happy with it, especially for less than ten bucks. It’s actually made out of the same vinyl padding you’d see on your grandmother’s old soft full size toilet seats. It fit’s pretty well on both my round and oblong shaped toilets. Most importantly it doesn’t hurt my daughter if she has to sit for more than a few minutes. Overall it’s a good seat. I’m sure I could get something a bit better for more money, but how much should you really have to spend on something designed for this purpose…

Beverley Juda, WI


Came in package with a tear at the seam. I kept it anyway. Its white but also stickers in package left mark on top. I think I will just get one with pattern next time.

Cheryl Straughn, IN

Does the job, but cheaply made

The padding started to get permanent dints (butt dints) after only a few uses – and my baby is not at all heavy! It’s OK. He seems to like it, and it fits well on our standard toilet seat (few gaps, but most of them will have that).

Viola Dagmar, MT

Great potty seat!

Purchased two of these, one for each bathroom (upstairs and downstairs) when my son potty trained. I like it because it doesn’t have any annoying handles, peepee guards or designs-just plain and simple. This seat fits any toilet that we’ve used, its easy to take along on travels and is no-fuss!! It does the job well!

Leah Avilla, IN

Best seat out there

I have purchased three of these seats, two for our house and one for at grandma’s. I had a hard seat that came with the small potty that I had been using (Fisher Price Cheer for me Potty), but my son didn’t like it, and it was difficult to put on, and take off. My son refused to use the “big potty”. I saw the reviews for this one, and ordered one. From the first time I put it on, my son has not gone back to his “little potty”. He sometimes will sit on it longer than necessary, it’s very soft. It is super easy to put on and take off as there is no snapping into place. It simply sets on the seat and then you lift it off when done. We have two different types of toilets, and it does tend to move around a little on the elongated toilet, but it still very secure. It’s also easy to clean! I had seen suggestions about putting fun stickers on it, but I never needed to as my son uses it anyway.

Christine Milesville, SD

Works fine for the price

Wanted a second potty chair for our cabin and this fits the bill. It sometimes gets wet on the underside so I have to wipe it every time it is used, but it does the job it is intended for and only cost a few dollars.

Luann Island Park, NY

Works great

We are still in the process of P.T, but I really like this seat, it is soft and easy to put on and take off the toilet seat.Simple and does the job correctly!

Jacqueline Maxbass, ND

Sturdy enough and fits all toilets I have tried

We have been to Target and several other typical retail stores and the seat always fits. Sometimes I wonder if her little weight is going to break it (24lbs), but it could be just the way the cushion squishes in. She is under 2 years and has used it several times to go potty when out and about. The smaller size is nice and fits it typical reusable shopping bags nicely. We also have the seat/leg protector sheets, and wipes in the bag too. It is small enough that it does not cover the whole seat and she was using the part of the toilet bowl that it didn’t cover as a foot rest, so we bought the seat protectors. Also bought them because she holds on to the toilet seat since this doesn’t have handles. I wanted the small one, so I can’t be upset about that and the seat protectors mostly get the job done.

Janell Malvern, AL