Dreambaby Super Toy Hammock and Toy Chain

Dreambaby Super Toy Hammock and Toy Chain

Dreambaby Super Toy Storage Hammocks are the ideal way of neatly and attractively storing toys and clothing accessories in bedrooms and playrooms. Children will love having a fabulous way of displaying their favorite things! They help prevent accidents that can happen when children’s toys are scattered all over the floor and are a great way of keeping your home safe, organised and tidy. The Hammock comes with a BONUS Toy Chain that is over 6 ft long to help keep toys off the floor and out of the way. It’s also ideal for hats!

Main features

  • Easy to install, wall attachments included and will fit in most corners
  • Safely holds up to 10lbs
  • Keep toys off the floor and out of the way
  • Bonus Toy Chain is over 6 ft long
  • Toy chain includes 20 movebale hooks

Verified reviews


Too Big

I suspected this would be too big for my needs and it was. However, if you’re looking for something really large to store a lot of toys, this would be great. I don’t think it would look very good, though, to have such a huge hammock hanging from the ceiling/wall.

Rebekah Plainfield, GA

Saves Space

My kids had a lot of stuffed animals floating all over. I used the chain to hang them next to their bunk bed. It definately keeps them contained and out of the way, however it seems the toys easily fall off and the hooks are kind of a pain (more of an annoyance) to have to keep hooking back on. But, I would buy it again.

Eula Willimantic, CT

Good product

I actually really like this product. I bought it for our little guy who should be arriving any day now to put all his stuffed animals in that we got at the baby shower. Our theme was animals and we got a ton of stuffed animals at the baby shower. We didn’t put it too high on the wall due to me being only 5’3" and unable to reach far to put stuff in it. I know a lot of other reviewers talked about the hooks and such this product comes with and making huge holes in their walls. My husband actually did it using his own tools and such and it looks great on the wall and we didn’t have to make big holes in the walls for it to stay up. (: Overall, very satisfied with this product.

Lesley Richeyville, PA

Net is great, the chain is not

Net is great, the chain is not. Chain is a very cheap plastic chain that will not hold much but the net is great for stuffed animals.

Tisha Sydney, FL

Great storage solution

My daughter has quite the stuffed animal collection and this hammock and chain was teh perfect solution. Instead of having to get rid of her pals we have them all put up out of the way, but we can still easily access them when she wants one to come down.

Melva San Rafael, CA

I like it!

Unfortunately I like in a cement high rise. I cant screw anything into the wall, but I use command hooks to keep the hammock up. But with the chain, it just wont stay up, this is not THIS products fault. So I still gave it 5 stars, I am sure if I could screw it into the wall it would work!

Penelope Comstock Park, MI

Holds more than it looked like it would

When I first put this up I didn’t expect it would hold a whole lot of stuffed animals, butit held all of the ones I wanted it to, with room for more. The wall anchors were a bit large, but I was able to use smaller ones and the hooks that came with it and it works fine. Haven’t tried the toy chain yet, since I’m worried about tube little “s” hooks with my 18mo

Lillian Bynum, NC

Bigger than expected.

This is actually bigger than I anticipated. It’s great, because it holds a lot of animals. But – I caution you to be sure you’re comfortable with the size before you order it. It takes up a LOT of room and it’s made my son’s room look crowded.

Betty New Brockton, AL

Exactly as described and works wonderfully

I love this item! It is exactly as it was described and works really well to hold toys off the floor. We got it because we ended up getting tons of stuffed animals and toys at a baby shower, and they needed a place to go. The hammock actually surprised me and was bigger than I expected it to be, but it fits nicely in a corner of the bedroom. The chain is plastic but there’s nothing wrong with that – it holds toys well and helps to keep the room more organized. Overall, I love this product – an excellent price for what’s included and works well.

Wanda Cypress, FL


I bought this to store my stuffed animals in. I didn’t like the mounting hardware and it was hard to put up so that critters wouldn’t fall out. I love the chain! I would probably buy this again.

Roberta Vinita, OK

Very Helpful

This was very helpful in getting my child’s toys off the floor. Much better than shoving things under the bed. Makes clean up easier. I didn’t use the hooks that came with it—- I just used 3 command hooks and it works great!

Fannie Alton, AL

Great stuffed animal storage solution

I do not own a drill. This made installation difficult, as you had to insert anchors in the wall for the hooks to grab. And these are, as other reviewers mentioned, fairly large holes. Mine could only be positioned in a corner, would have been nice if the directions had some guidance about how to set that up best. So yeah, ours is a little lopsided – but it holds a TON of stuffies and looks good.I liked the chain that came with it and it was a selling point for me, but when it arrived, it seems flimsy and cheap looking – I ended up leaving it in the box.

Jennie East Liverpool, OH

Helps with the toy storage ALOT

We have one of these in both kids rooms and they work very well. We bought the first one somewhere else and paid more but this one works just as well.

Natasha Taylorville, IL

Hammock is great for stuffed animals

We have a lot of stuffed animals and this hammock is a great way to keep them somewhat organized and off the floor in the kid’s room. It is also a good storage solution if you have a dog that likes to take things that are left on the floor. We hung the hammock in the corner above a chair, which otherwise would have been wasted space. The toys look cute and the room is less cluttered. it is very sturdy. I think we are pretty close to the weight limit and it doesn’t budge.We also used the toy chain it comes with for teethers and other small toys. It isn’t something I would buy separately, but at least we use it. The chain is just cheap plastic and you hook the clips on wherever you want. The hooks fall off easily if you don’t have a toy weighing them down.

Alba Earlsboro, OK


I bought this Dream Baby toy hammock for my daughter’s stuffed animal collection, which was taking over her room. It comes with the net, plastic chain, hooks, plastic clips and wall anchors.I screwed the hooks straight into the drywall. I could have used the anchors, but that would entail a much bigger hole; and I couldn’t remove it without creating an even bigger hole. I figured, they’re stuffed animals. They can’t really do much damage if they fall. If the hooks fall out, I’ll consider using the anchors. So far, the net is filled to the brim with stuffed animals. I don’t think I could pile it much higher. The hooks are still in the wall.The plastic chain comes with a whole bunch of plastic clips, which could be used to hold smaller stuffed animals, hats, etc. We are using it to hold my daughter’s ribbons.My daughter is very happy to have the floor of her room back, and my son is asking for his own stuffed animal net. I’m happy enough with this purchase that I’m going back to buy more._____________UPDATE 2/22/13: My children have their stuffed animal hammocks. Both have been stuffed to the max and are still going strong.

Tricia Mapleton, OR

nice set

nice set, I love the toy chain. THought it seemed pretty cheap and would break any minute but it has held to tug after tug and some bigger toys and it is hanging in there (pun intended). nice addition to play room to keep the stuffed animals off the floor.

Ann Mount Vernon, NY

Big time space saver

Between my old stuffed animals and my daughter’s we had a huge pile of them on the floor in her room. This toy hammock was the answer to our problem and it was a great way to get some of them off the floor and out of the way.

Rhonda Sugar Grove, OH

We love this

I love this! I had one when I was little and now my daughter has a lot of stuffed animals. I went in search of one and found this. I have had it for about 6 months and it is still holding up perfectly. The chain is hanging one her door as a swag with her crib shoes on it. I wasn’t specifically looking for it, so it was just an added bonus. It does work pretty well for it’s current purpose. All in all very happy with my purchase.

Mary Kerr, OH


Very big hammock that can hold several medium sized stuffed animals. I don’t think I would put large ones on this. I also love the toy chain which has several clamps for more bears.

Ebony Elgin, TN


The net is larger than others I’ve seen. It’s heavy duty and has held up to months of being packed full of heavy stuffed animals. It was easy to install. I love the chain, we use them to hang winter hats and gloves for our large family too.

Judi Chokoloskee, FL

reminds me of my childhood

i had one of these hanging in my bedroom as a child & i thought it would be a great idea to pass that along to my kids. it adds life to any room & it serves a space saving purpose. love both of these products!

Brandy Oak City, UT