Dreambaby Swivel Oven Lock with EZ-Check Indicator, White

Dreambaby Swivel Oven Lock with EZ-Check Indicator, White

Oven lock with EZ check indicator to tell whether or not the lock is secured properly. The indicator turns green when engaged correctly and red when disengaged.

Main features

  • Simple color indicator shows whether or not the lock has been activated
  • Features strong heat resistant adhesive
  • Green color denotes locked/safe and red denotes unlocked/dangerous
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Easy to install will work on most ovens

Verified reviews


Adhesive does not stick

The adhesive on the back would not stick to the oven. Also I don’t think that even if it did stick that when pulled strongly the thing wouldn’t come off by itself. Total waste of money for me.

Mabel Enville, TN

Worked better for my dishwasher than my oven

At first I was bummed about it not fitting my oven, but then I tried it for my dishwasher… it works GREAT!!

Lila Farmer City, IL

A little big for my oven, but it works

I ordered this last Christmas when I knew I would be cooking a Ham and in and out of the oven for a majority of the day. With a toddler, I was concerned she was going to open the door when I was busy doing something else. It sticks up above my oven door about half an inch, but what I did was just cut the sticky back and left on the backing on the portion that sticks up above the stove. A year later, and that lock is still on the oven door. I never leave my daughter unattended in the kitchen while its on anyways, but I love the piece of mind that I have a few seconds to get to her before she opens the oven door if she does try.

Shannon Pelahatchie, MS

Won’t work on every oven

This product looked good, but it wouldn’t work on my oven. Almost every part of the forward-facing surface on my oven is covered in buttons, knobs, or controls. It left no space to affix this oven lock to my oven, so this didn’t work for me.

Goldie Woodbury, PA

The worst and cheapest thing ever!!!

I ordered this product so that my son would stop openning and closing my mother in laws stove. It looked like it would work when we put it up but after one pull on the oven door from my son it came flying off. This is not a good product at all. When we tried to put it back up it wouldnt stick anymore.

Erin Marvell, AR