Dreambaby Toy Chain

Dreambaby Toy Chain

This multi colored Dreambaby toy chain is a great addition to any child’s bedroom. It can be an addition to the Dreambaby toy hammock or can be used by itself. It is over 6′ long and can hold up to 40 toys.

Main features

  • Multi colored Dreambaby toy chain is a great addition to any child’s bedroom
  • Can be an addition to the Dreambaby toy hammock or can be used by itself
  • It is over 6′ long and can hold up to 40 toys

Verified reviews



my girls have some ty collections and this is perfect for them without haveing them stuffed in a bag or something. Just hung in the corner of room and filled up. looks really good.

Janna Arnett, WV

Extremely Useful

If you are like me, everyone give your stuffed animals for your kids. I had so many of them laying around so I decided to give this chain a try. It holds so many more animals than I originally thought it would. It’s pretty easy to install also. Certainly worth trying out.

Helena Mannsville, NY

Great solution to clean up stuffed animals

My daughter is just about to turn one year old, and she has already received more stuffed animals than we know what to do with! They were already covering the rocking chair in her room and rendering it useless, but we also know that she will probably receive several more at her first birthday party. This chain was the perfect solution. It came with the hardware to secure it to the ceiling, and got most of her collection out of the way. Now we just pull down the one that she is currently playing with and the rest of them are conveniently stored. I have no complaint, five stars!

Sabrina Ilwaco, WA

Cheaply made

The chain is weak and cheap and so are the clips. I wouldn’t recommend this brand, personally. Just feels cheap.

Ilene Gibson, TN

Works well for the purpose….

This item looks cheap and plastic (it is) close up, but it looks fine once the toys are on it and it seems to be pretty durable. My husband and I had our doubts when we first got it and opened it, but liked it once it was up. I think it’s a great item at a great price, for its purposes. There is a weight limit on it, however, so there is a limit on how many stuffed toys that you want to hang from it- to be honest, you’ll probably want to restrict how many toys you put on it anyways because it wouldn’t look as nice if it was ‘overstuffed.’

Susana Byron, GA

Space Saver

I love these. Bought 2! I hang them on the wall and again on the ceiling and then back on the other wall. Great decorative way to show off stuffed animals!

Rosanna Laurel, MT

This is a space saver

We have a small house with a toddler so I was looking for things to save us space and get toys up off the floor… we ordered this with a couple of the hammocks for the stuffed animals and boy, this has made a huge difference in her bedroom. I am so happy I got them, I am pondering ordering a few more.

Meagan Saint Bernice, IN

Does what it says

This product is exactly as described. It holds toys well. I am amazed at the strength of the clips that come with it. It was easy to install and does a great job of storing stuffed animals without taking up much space.

Terri Middlebrook, VA

Works great

I needed something to help get my daughters’s stuffed animals organized. It was easy to install using a hook and the stuffed animals have stayed on with no issues. It looks cute too.

Amparo Pfeifer, KS


I bought this for my daughter;s room to hold all her little stuffed animals and this little chain keeps them all off the floor and neat in a little are. Buy this chain – it’s worth every penny!

Winnie Oxford, FL

Holds a lot of stuffed animals

I was concerned initially about whether or not it would be able to hold the weight of my daughters stuffed animals but it is doing great. The clips do a good job up holding them on as well, but are easy enough for her to unclip the animals if she wants them down. I can’t speak to the real long term stability of it, but so far it has been exactly what I was hoping for.

Monica Lone Wolf, OK

I love these!

I’ve bought 3 of these now to hang our winter hats/gloves and stuffed animals/small toys from. They hold a ton of weight and the clips hold tight.

Pansy Perry, FL