Dribbleons Baby Boys’ Bib

Dribbleons Baby Boys’ Bib


Main features

  • Front: 100% cotton.
  • Dribble On Designer Bib
  • Front 100% Cotton
  • Backing 75% Cotton 25% Polyester
  • Size 21cm
  • Colour white

Verified reviews


Cute, but not waterproof.

When I learned that these Dribble-On bibs were made by the same company that makes Sock-Ons (those ingenious little ankle-stirrups that ACTUALLY keep baby socks ON!!), I ordered a couple, figuring that they’d perform just as well. Alas, that was not the case. Granted, Dribble-Ons are very cute: They resemble the neck-bandanas that cowboys would wear in the old Western movies, and they come in a variety of attractive colors (which also match the colors of the Sock-Ons). But that’s about all they have going for them. As their name suggests, the main purpose of these bibs is to keep drool off baby’s neck and chest, but they fail to do so, largely because they’re simply not waterproof. The bibs are made of a towel-like material, and don’t seem to have a waterproof layer of polyester, nylon, etc., to keep moisture from seeping through. As a result, my baby’s chest was wet and cold within an hour of wearing one of the Dribble-Ons. If your baby spits-up or drools only occasionally or in very small amounts, then these bibs might work for you. But otherwise, you might want to look elsewhere. I highly recommend the Silly Billyz biblets,Neutral Newborn Bibs 3 Pack in Pale Blue / White / Butter.

Bertie Milesburg, PA


I have a four month old who drools all of the time since she is getting ready to start teething in the next few months. This is perfect to let her wear all day long.

Jacqueline Reydell, AR

Great Drool Bib

Cute and fashionable, you’d never know it’s functional. It’s soft and fits well. It doesn’t bother my 4.5 month old to have it on either.

Regina Bonnots Mill, MO

My LO never leaves home without one

These are a stylish baby /toddler MUST HAVE. I have been using these since month 3 when my lo was going everywhere, no more ugly bib that does not go with the cute outfit that he had on. No more shirt changed because of the drool. As a toddler he just looks too cool in his dribble ons and those toddler teeth can keep right on coming and the drool is going to be sopped up by his dribble one. Great product for a NY mom like me who’s toddler is out and about DAILY

Helen Rodney, IA

Perfect for our drooling baby!

We got these for our baby, who has, at 7 months, finally stopped spitting up half of her milk after each meal. She is still drooling a lot, however, and her clothes would often be wet around her neck and on her chest. So we looked for something that would keep her skin dry and protect her from getting rashes without looking completely ridiculous. We just did not want to dress her in those huge white bibs we use for her meals for the whole day.These fit the bill perfectly. They are really cute and come in all kinds of adorable colors, which makes them easy to combine with all our daughter’s clothes. They look like cute little cotton scarves on one side, with very brilliant colors, and they have a layer of really soft white terry cloth underneath that is very absorbent and really keeps the skin dry. The button at the back is easy to close because it is relatively big (much nicer than those flimsy buttons on the Eden and Anais bibs) and it stays closed, too. There are actually two buttons so the size is a little bit adjustable, which is a nice feature, too.We have washed these bibs several times without problem, they have kept their shape and color.All in all, I am very happy with these. I would not, however, recommend them for a baby that really spits up great amounts. These bibs are neither big enough nor absorbent enough for large quantities of liquid.

Natalia Syracuse, IN