Dual Cup Holder Saddlebag, the Pescara

Dual Cup Holder Saddlebag, the Pescara

Our Pescara Dual Cup Holder is the ultimate solution for strollers needing cup holders and storage. You’ll never thirst again with our organizer. So go ahead and load this bag up to the brim! It also features tapered side dimensions with a wider bottom and a thinner top to keep articles safely tucked inside. A must have for every umbrella stroller and any stroller that could use more storage and cup holders! Need twice the storage, get two! So versitle, there are mulitple options for mounting: Use on the handlebars of the stroller, the back of the stroller, the side of the stroller, or on the back of a seat in the car!

Main features

  • 2 large cup holders
  • Outer flexible mesh pocket for quick storage
  • Handle for carrying the organizer
  • 2 quick velcro attachments
  • Made with water-resistant nylon

Verified reviews


The best stroller organizer

I own Pescara Dual Cup Holder and I really love this bag. It is really roomy ans has two cup holders as well as mesh pocket to throw keys or something small. I also own Skip Hop and Pescara bag is much roomier. Love it. Can’t go anywhere without this bag.

Barbra Tifton, GA

Excellent addition to my Joovy Kooper

The basket in my new stroller is a little smaller than my old, cumbersome stroller. I got 2 of these to attach to the sides, and I am organized with all the storage I need.

Sheree Trenton, NC

Great solution for lightweight strollers with tiny or no baskets

You can buy two of these and put them on the sides of your stroller; I have only one so far but plan to do that for my lightweight stroller that doesn’t have much of a basket. Even on my stroller with a decent size basket I love this side saddle bag for items I need to reach quickly like snacks and first-aid and cleansing cloths. My 17 month old son knows his snacks are in there and reaches over to the side when he wants to indicate he’d like a snack. I think soon he’ll be able to help himself! For better or worse. 🙂

Trina Sullivan, MO

Great for Umbrella/Lightweight strollers!

I initially got this for my peg perego switch – i needed some extra storage for wipes/diapers and some basic infant essentials – things I knew I’d need ALL the time and used this saddle bag as my “back up” in case I forgot it (prone when you’re a new mommy). Since my son has grown we’ve switched to a lightweight stroller – well with a lightweight stroller you give up storage – not with the saddlebag.I’ve now attached this to the handlebars – across the BACK of my peg perego aria as an organizer (this stroller is too short in depth to use a saddlebag). SO USEFUL!! I now have full size storage in a lightweight stroller.I highly recommend this as an add on to umbrella/lightweight strollers – you may give up storage in the under carriage – but this makes up for it!! Keep your items stored and secured and easy access. The velcro straps are long enough to attach to almost any size stroller – my lightweight is pretty wide and I still have about 3 inches of velcro left on each side.

Kathrine Columbia, NC

Broke after 2 uses!

I bought this to use on both my Maclaren Quest and my Maclaren Twin Techno. What a waste of money. The velcro attachment on the back ripped off after only 2 uses. I also found that it’s not the best idea for a side-by-side stroller since they barely fit through doorways the way it is. I only used this on my Maclaren Quest. I might try the skip hop version for my Quest.

Alma Crows Landing, CA