Dundee Burp Cloths/Diapers, White

Dundee Burp Cloths/Diapers, White

Dundee Burp Cloths

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • 100% cotton
  • 6 per package
  • Machine was cold, gentle cycle
  • Tumble dry low
  • Burp cloths are 14.5 inches x 20.5 inches

Verified reviews


Super absorbant — just like they’re engineered

I’m a fabric developer, so when I saw some of the negative reviews on this product after trying it for myself, I felt obligated to write a review to explain WHY these are so great!Yes. They shrink and will continue to shrink. But the reason is because of the ultra loose double basket weave. The purpose of this loose weave is to allow a place for the liquids to be absorbed. You could never have a weave this loose for apparel due to the shrinkage, but for a burp cloth, it’s perfect!The yarn used to weave these cloths is a very low spun cotton. Again, the reason this type of yarn is used is because it allows the cotton fibers to do what they do best — absorb. This will allow for a bit more pilling as you use and wash the cloths, but if you’re looking for a cloth to absorb lots of liquid (milk, spit-up, etc), than this is the cloth for you.The only thing I would change about this cloth is the basic overlock finish. This does look quite "ratty" and could be improved upon by a higher quality finish like a hem stitch.If you are looking for a stylish or pretty burp cloth, this probably isn’t for you. If you are looking for a BASIC, very absorbent cloth, buy these!

Estelle Campbell, NE

Better than other burp cloths!

I bought these with the hopes of finding something that actually absorbed baby spit up, drool, and general fluids that come with infants. Burp cloths I’ve purchased from Target or Walmart have cute patterns, but don’t absorb – which is sorta the point. These did the job. They’re purely function, not cute or fancy. I will probably buy more of them since I’m sick of grabbing the cute burp cloths and continually being frustrated with their in ability to do their job. I would describe their thickness as fair (not gauze, but not incredibly thick either). Thick enough to keep the fluids from leaking through (assuming the baby doesn’t avoid the burp cloth all together – at least that’s what my little boy does…)

Doreen Picabo, ID

Absorbent but falls apart quickly …

I purchased these based on the great reviews on Amazon. When I received the burp clothes they were great. Small but very absorbent. Then after a few washes, the threads started showing. After I cut the loose threads, and wash them some more, it’s falling apart more. I don’t even bother cutting the threads anymore.Burp clothes must be able to handle constant washings and these do not hold up. I’m very disappointed. In addition, they were already small to begin with and now they shrink some more. With the loose threads and the shrinkage, I won’t have much to work with anymore. Considering they were $10 for something that lasted a month, it’s not worth the money.My friend ended up recommending burp clothes by Ikea. I purchased a few and they were double the size of the Dundee Burp Clothes and are just as absorbent.

Susan Villa Ridge, IL

Must have

I searched high and low on amazon for some no-nonsense burp cloths that were cheap and plain. These are great. I use these all and am buying another set so I don’t have to do laundry as often. Babies spit up, breasts leak, drinks spill…these are perfect to have on hand for all those inevitable clean ups.

Ester West Lebanon, NH


These are the best burp cloths out there. A lot of other brands make similar products but they don’t last as long. These I’ve thrown in the washer/dryer thousands of times and they’re still in tact and not fraying. They’re super absorbant and will soak up any mess the little one makes. Haven’t used them as actual diaper cloths but I’m sure they’d be good for that use too.

Elaine Pacific Junction, IA

Best Burp Cloths Ever

These are what my mom used on me and I remembered them hanging around the house well into my teen years because they were so durable and useful for things other than spit up. They’re just as good as I remembered. I am going to buy another pack because they’re fabulous to have on hand. I keep one in every room just in case. I use them for spit up, drool, and to catch milk (overactive letdown). My daughter also likes to hold them and chew on them from time to time. I’m getting these as a baby shower gift from now on. Great staple.

Delores Rockford, IA

Do not know about durability

I bought this burp cloths for when my baby is born, which has not happened yet, but I put them to wash before. After first washing and drying it had loose threads all over. It was not one or two threads it was a whole bunch of them. This makes me think about their durability.

Bessie Lowndesboro, AL

Excellent burp rags!

These are my favorite burp rags. No, they don’t have any cute pattern, but they are durable, soft, and functional. They absorb spit up like a champ and even work as a soft little pillow for my daughter’s head when she finishes nursing. They withstand washing very well.

Enid New Melle, MO

No complaints

These diapers cloths work just fine for what they are. I’m breastfeeding so my son doesn’t spit up a lot, but he once got some poo on the diaper cloth and I couldn’t really get it out, even with Oxy Clean.

Maude Oxford, CT

Very absorbent and easy to use – a must have!

I bought these when my baby was born but promptly got another package. I have been washing them on warm with my other baby clothing and it only made them more absorbent. 2 months later they are even better than at the beginning.You can also use them as diapers and for household chores after the baby doesn’t need them. anymore.The only burp cloths you will ever need.

Faye Frontenac, KS

Love them

Cheap,easy to wash,absorbent… What else do you need? Use them all the time ad bib and other baby stuff. I got 3 packs. Seems enough for my newborn

Gretchen Dobson, NC

Does what they’re supposed to

They are absorbent and work well as burp cloths. I just wish they weren’t so scratchy. Plus, of course, they’re white and stain easily. Otherwise, they are inexpensive and do their job well.

Loretta Pelican, AK

Love these! Very absorbent 🙂

If you have a baby with acid reflux and lots of spit up – then get these burp clothes. They are very absorbent and won’t leak through onto your shoulder. Very good product. The only negative is that they had quite a few loose threads when I got them, so I cut them with scissors and we were good to go. As your baby grows (mine is 6 months now) these seem to grow with her. All other burp clothes I got either got worn out, washed out, or seem too small now.

Britney Desert Hot Springs, CA


These cloths are not what I was expecting. They are very, very thin and flimsy. I feel like I need to sew two of them together to get the thickness that I want.

Beulah Palmerdale, AL


Wish they were bigger so they covered my entire shoulder better but they work for their intended purpose. Needs lots of these.

Sheree Wabbaseka, AR

Ugly, Cheap, Basic Burp Cloths That WORK!

First, wash these before you use them. Yes, they will shrink the first time. But they will shrink up into these super absorbent sponge rags (maybe 16" x 12" final size?) that absorb two or three times as much as any other burp cloth. Yes, they will sprout frays in the wash but they are cosmetic issues; I’ve never had one unravel even after tons of washes. If you want to clean up A LOT of spit-up (or urine, or breast milk, or whatever) then buy these, if want to look at cute cloths with monkeys or whatever on them that don’t do anything then these aren’t for you.

Winnie Augusta Springs, VA

A must have for all new moms!

I have bought 3 of these bags already. Just wish it came in different colors. These are by far one of the best and most used baby items I have in my house. You will need these too!

Bessie Princeton, NJ

is ok

My wife and i,love the burb clothsfor my New baby born im so happy. Thank you so much Donna

Nicole Estelline, TX

They’re ok

They’re pretty absorbent and versatile, also lightweight. The material is gauze like but multi layered.They’re pretty sturdy although after a couple of washes some threads came off.They do a better job then the flannel ones.

Casey Hampton, NE

Don’t waste your money

After buying both these and simple cloth diapers, the diapers gave held up so much better and absorb so much more then these burp cloths. Don’t waste your money on these. The stitching comes apart after only a few weeks of use. They are also more coarse.

Greta Wilmot, NH

Perfect for our newborn

We had a hard time finding better quality burp rags. Most of the ones we’ve come across we’re really thin and "gauze" like. It’s were thicker esp in the middle. It shrinks a little after washing but still good enough.

Kimberlee Enfield, NH

Very practical

Great item and very practical and as described. I sew a little coloured thread spot so I know these between the regular cloth diapers that I use for my son’s tush.

Helena Brooksville, MS

great burp cloths

I purchased these for burp clothes they wash up great and are large enough to cover you entire shoulder so you don’t have wet shoulders and large enough to place on your lap if you place your child on your knees, if you have a boy you know sometimes their diapers leak so this helps keep you dry

Kristin Twin Lakes, CO

Better than using cloth diapers

My wife and I bought these as were getting low on the cloth diapers what we had been using. These are so much better than using the diapers as they are a better size and soak up more fun baby fluids. I am sold on this product until my baby gets out of the spitting up stage.

Gwen Mount Carroll, IL

what I was looking for but could be a little better

was super excited to get these as I needed a very absorbent burp cloth for child with reflux. I was very happy with size but after the first wash they did shrink considerably and they were much thinner. I wish the fabric was softer considering the babys face goes on it and I use it to wipe her face. I’m satisfied though considering the price but think they should be preshrunk and another layer thicker.

Mary Poplar Ridge, NY

Burp cloths that work!

These are sort of like gauze material and thinner than a diaper but they work really good for absorbing those spit up accidents and spills – I highly recommend. They do the job better than some of the burp cloths found in the stores which are much thicker and heavier.

Deanna King, NC

I use these as pee-fountain protection

These are very soft and highly absorbent. I did not plan on using these as diapers but they are great at preventing our little boy from drenching us/surroundings in pee during diaper changes. If i could have another set in a different color would love to use those as burp cloths but I don’t want to mix up pee-pee protectors with burp clothes 🙁

Gina Gulliver, MI

Best baby item we received

We use these more than just about any item we received when we had our baby. We use them every single day. They are great all purpose cloths. Burp cloth, pee protector, blanket (albeit small), kleenex ….

Essie Success, MO

Good Quality

These are perfect Burp Cloths great quality and easy to wash perfect I would recommend worth every penny very thick

Beatriz Chamberino, NM

So many uses for baby

These are great to keep in diapers bags and around the house as burp cloths, drool wipes, and general clean up for our 4 month old son.

Marion Cleveland, UT