Dutailier Round Back Cushion Design 2 Post Glider Multiposition, Recline and Ottoman Combo, Beige

Dutailier Round Back Cushion Design 2 Post Glider Multiposition, Recline and Ottoman Combo, Beige

This Two Post glider and ottoman combo offers an exceptionally smooth and extra long glide motion with thick cushions and padded arms. It will be the perfect addition to your child’s nursery or living room. There are no sharp edges, the finish is toxic free and this product meets all safety standards.

Main features

  • Dutailier’s exclusive glide system, top quality sealed ball bearings
  • Multiposition mechanism allows to stop the glider at the desired position
  • Easy care sage green microfiber fabric
  • Hardwood frame construction in espresso finish
  • Removable foam cushions and padded arms

Verified reviews


just okay

This recliner is just okay. I happen to think that $500 plus tax is a lot to pay for just okay. However, it appears that that’s what’s out there…Pros:-It’s a chair, it glides, it reclines, and it locks in the reclined position. My baby’s room is small, and the size of the glider is good for us. I wanted something in the baby’s room so that I could nurse him, and also wanted to be able to sleep in his room on some of the more difficult nights. This chair allows me to do that, although I think there are many chairs that could have helped me accomplish the same goals. I went with Dutailier because everyone says it’s a “must have” for nurseries. I’m not sure I agree, but by the time we finally got around to getting a chair, we didn’t have much time or energy to research something better. It’s good enough, for now at least.Cons (not in any specific order):-It doesn’t feel that stable when I get up from the chair when it’s in the fully reclined position without being locked. It’s kind of abrupt when it straightens up, and makes a noise as if the hardware is rubbing against something.-While putting the chair and ottoman together was pretty easy, I thought the instructions on the ottoman were pretty lame – I think a picture was provided rather than words, and for some reason, I received 4 extra screws with the ottoman. At least I think they were extra! There was definitely nowhere to put them, and there were no words with the instructions indicating that extra screws were being provided.-I wish I had gotten a chair that had completely covered/cushioned armrests. My son is 10 months old and very curious about the world around him. Sometimes he hits his head on the corner of the armrest when I’m nursing him if he tries to get up to look around or lay back down in middle of eating. I’m aware of the problem so I know to watch out for it, but it would be a more enjoyable and relaxing experience if I didn’t need to be on guard for this. I don’t think I would have had this problem when he was just a newborn and a lot smaller, but we didn’t get this chair until he was almost 8 months old. Also, he’s teething, and sometimes he tries to bite on the exposed parts of the armrests; I think if they were fully covered, he wouldn’t try. I sometimes cover the corners with a burp cloth or put a small pillow down; it’s not ideal, but helps.-The cushions that cover the armrests are designed poorly. You have to put some effort into getting the Velcro to stick so that the cushion stays on. Ties would have been better, or if one of the Velcro pieces were moved down, it would be easier to press the Velcro together.-The ottoman doesn’t lock, so I can’t really let my son crawl around his own room in relaxation, which also means we can’t really spend much time playing in his room until he gets older. His room is small, so there’s not a lot of crawling space and because he eventually finds his way to the ottoman, I’m constantly picking him up and moving him as far away from it as possible. Because of the ottoman, I find myself preferring to take him to crawl outside of his room, where he can’t get his fingers stuck in anything. There should be a feature on the ottoman just like on the glider so that the ottoman can be locked in one position. Also, I don’t always want the ottoman to move with me when I’m sitting in the glider, so a locking mechanism would have been nice. I’ve considered getting a wooden stool to replace the ottoman.-My husband is taller than I am and is not as comfortable in this chair as he was in other chairs we tried at some stores. He feels that the seat is a little long and unless he uses the ottoman, he’s not comfortable. I always use the ottoman (I think either an ottoman or some sort of stool is a must for nursing moms or parents who plan on spending a good amount of time in the glider at each sitting) so I’m not able to say if it’s a height thing or personal preference.For all the reasons above, if we had to do it all over again, we would buy from a showroom rather than online so that we could test what we were buying.

Lynn Trinchera, CO

Don’t know what I would do without it

I love my rocker – it has been a lifesaver when nursing my baby. I am a little dissapointed in the quality of the cushions however. For something that cost $500 I expected to have a better quality cushion – they feel like cushions you would find on a $100-200 rocker. Believe me, I tried dozens out. It also squeaks a little and doesn’t recline a smoothly as some out there. Overall a good product.

Christy Unionville, TN

Baby doesn’t like it but I do

My baby doesn’t like to be on the glider, but for me it’s a nice chair given the price. The only thing I wished it could have is some padding at the end of the arm rest, which would make it even more comfortable.

Dee Tremont City, OH

Don’t waste your time looking for cheaper options

I had a hard time coming to terms with the amount of money this cost over the other glider options. Friends bought cheaper ones, and they all said they squeaked and wished they had spent the money. I ended up using credit card reward points to buy Amazon gift cards, so I guess it was considered a free purchase. I love that this glider is comfortable, reclines, and locks. I use it in the recline more than I thought I would when feeding and burping my son. Just be careful when getting up if it is in "unlock" mode. When you go to sit back down again it can quickly move positions.

Mattie Eastern, KY

We love it!

We mainly bought it for when I would breastfeed. Baby is not here yet but so far we love it! Colors are nice as well. It is worth it to pay a bit more and get the reclining glider.

Krystal Allport, PA