DwellStudio Creative Play Set, Owls

DwellStudio Creative Play Set, Owls

We’ve added personality to the play time classic wooden blocks. Used alone or with other blocks they are sure to inspire creativity at playtime.

Main features

  • Made of 100% printed wood
  • Recommended for ages 3 and Up
  • Product uses non-toxic coating
  • Meets or exceeds all U.S. Toy testing standards

Verified reviews


Nice, durable, but…odd

The DwellStudio Creative Play Set, Woodland arrived just as I had several grandchildren here. We eagerly opened it up to play and were just a bit surprised at the size of the pieces, fully 1″ thick. I guess this makes them great for toddler hands, but the 5 yr old though it was weird. And, the box says ages 3 and up?The animals and trees are really quite attractive. The pieces are painted in muted, almost neutral colors. It has a very “Scandinavian decor” feel.The sizes of the figures are odd as well. The bear is larger than the trees. The mushrooms (which wouldn’t stand because they are top heavy) are the same size as the hedgehog, snail, and bird. For our country kids, who spend much of their time outdoors, and love to camp with us, this was bothersome. I guess if the set went to kids who have never seen any of this figures in real life, it might not hurt their sensibilities?The boys were disappointed that there wasn’t a human figure to make up stories for. (They were hoping for a Park Ranger) It is just another “why did they do it that way?” question with this set. The guys asked me several times if “the rest of the toy” was coming later.I looked this product up on the website to see if maybe it is an add-on for a larger set, thinking that might account for the “missing parts” feel. Nope. Just a line about it being “creative play” to add to blocks. So…I got out the huge box of wooden blocks and played with the kids with these animals for a while.My final say on this toy is; if you were to gift this set to children, you would need to include blocks or they will get very bored, very quickly.My grandsons’ final decision: they like the plain wooden blocks better. 🙁

Greta Glenwood Landing, NY

Cute, sturdy, “imaginative” play-toy

This is a review of the “woodland” set. These seem like competitors to the popular Melissa and Doug toys. I like the forest/nature theme, and it’s a great set for pretend-play. Everything fits neatly in the box which thankfully comes with a lid for easy storage.I love these types of toys but can’t give it 5 stars because I’m not sure if the pieces are supposed to be standing up or flat on a surface. Most pieces are thick enough that they can stand up, but the trees and mushrooms want to fall down. It seems like the company tried to make these work like blocks, but due to design flaws, they won’t stand up like blocks in an easy manner for some pieces.Otherwise, it’s a lovely set. So, the play involves animals that are standing, roaming around flat plant lifeforms. It’s still entertaining for the kids.

Johnnie Lake City, SD

Great addition to our daughters play toys: it gets lots of use, well made, great presentation

This is just a wonderful item to get our daughter to imagine play with a nature theme: something I really wanted to encourage. You get all of the items pictured on the top of the box on the Amazon picture: it is quite a lot so zoom in. They are all sturdy and colorful; very thick so easy for her to handle.They are not necessarily to scale but I have no problem with that at all: the mushrooms would be too small. We do however have hard time for the bear, arguably the centerpiece of the set staying upright. Also if anything our daughter being 2 and half I took the mushrooms away. She doesn’t put stuff in her mouth anymore and the mushrooms are probably too big for her to swallow. But if any piece could be swallowed it would be those and I did not want to take a chance.She already has wood people from Melissa and Doug wooden sets and these items let us play in the forest. She has a castle and horses and knights so we can now go out for a ride in the woods. It also helps to identify the various animals in a more visceral way than a picture book.Lastly the box itself is really good for two reasons: it is very high quality and looks great. Second you have to arrange the items a bit to fit them all in. It is teaching our daughter problem solving and some patience. They just won’t fit if you throw them in. Not sure if this was the intent, but an added bonus to the set. Highly recommended especially for parents looking for a nature theme in wooden toys.

Tammy Washington Crossing, PA

Some pieces have a hard time standing up

Initially, I was impressed with the box, very clean cut and smooth. Once I opened the box, I had to dust off the pieces with a damp paper towel to get rid of the fine wood dust (probably leftover from the manufacturing and shipping). The pieces themselves are well made, think blocks that small toddler hands can easily grasp. However, you will not be able to fit all the pieces into a diorama creation since the pieces are so large they only half can be placed inside the box (see the picture). So maybe it’d be fun to pull the pieces out to set up on a table, but the bottom of some of some of the pieces (like the mushrooms) are not flat, so they won’t stand up, even on a hardwood floor. So you’ll have to make horizontal scenes of the forest.

Arline Poy Sippi, WI

My 15-month-old likes playing with these

I gave this to my 15-month-old son. At a time when kids get techy toys, i wanted him to play with very traditional classic toys and this seem to be a good start. He just likes picking them up and carries the pieces around with him. I think he’s a little too young for this, but he seems to like the pieces. The bad things about wooden toys is the difficulty in cleaning them. He’s already darkened some sides of the toy with his dirty hands, and it won’t come off. And the thickness is not thick enough for it to stand on its own sometimes. Anyways, nice little gift.

Pearl Terrebonne, OR

Cute wooden play set

This is a great set. Very sturdy and beautiful. It comes in a wonderful wooden box with a sliding top that can be used both for play and for storage. The set includes 13 pieces (2 trees, 2 mushrooms, a turtle, a deer, a beaver, a bird, a snail, a rabbit, a bear, a hedgehog and a fox). Each piece is an inch thick and painted on both sides. The set can be played with by itself or incorporated with other toys for creative play.

Esperanza Seaman, OH

chunky animals

The playset is made of very thick plywood (about 1 inch think). The blocks colored on both sides with mirror images. My three year old likes the set quite well, his favorite is the fox.The blocks look quite solid, I didn’t see any defects on them. I am not sure how they sill stand up to use since only the two faces of each block are finished. I am not sure those could be washed.My son has some trouble with fitting the pieces back into the box, they fill the box quite densly, and need to be put in a special order for the pieces to fit, you cannot just shove them all in the box and hope they fit.

Sally Halbur, IA

Sturdy but not able to stand up

These sturdy blocks will withstand lots of pounding and throwing. I also like that the designs are stylized and simple, leaving most of the play up to the child’s imagination. And the storage box is adorable and sturdy.My 30-month-old daughter, however, is frustrated that many of these blocks have rounded bottoms and can’t stand up by themselves. A tree block of this thickness should be able to stand up on its trunk, but these tip to the side becuase the bottoms are not flat. The same is true for many of the animals and the mushrooms. For this price, I would expect better execution of the design.

Brandy Centerfield, UT


This is a lovely little set of animal toys. My 4- and 7-year-old played with it together once and (of course) fought over the pieces. The older one got tired of it after a while but my little one still gets it out once in a while. The bonus is that putting it back is like a puzzle (it’s not too hard to fit the all back in though), so I find that she cleans it up regularly, which is nice.

Paula Hueysville, KY

Nice blocks

Forget the LeapPad or the cheap plastic toys that your kids will get bored of in 10 minutes, this here is a real imagination builder. With the woodland set, you get a very nice box and 13 pieces with which you and your little one can play pretend. Everything, box and pieces, are made out of thick pieces of wood. You can see the pieces of wood laminated together when you look at the sides of the pieces, which lets you explain to your little guy or girl how the pieces were made. They’re very sturdy and should last a very long time.The pieces can be used laying down on a backdrop, maybe even one your child creates; or all pieces can stand up for three-dimensional play. Others have noted that certain pieces (tree, mushroom, bear) don’t stand very well. They stand fine for me, on a solid, flat surface. However, they don’t stand very well on couches, beds, or other such surfaces. So if you’re going to be playing on the floor or on a table with these, don’t worry about whether they’ll stand up; they’ll do just fine.

Olivia Driver, AR

Charming, but boring

My 3 year old has absolutely no interest in this. He likes wooden blocks. He likes LEGO. He likes Fisher Price Little People. He didn’t like this.The manufacturing quality seems good, although there was excess glue inside the storage box. The colors are muted earth tones and are very pleasant. The inside of the storage box is also painted so it can be used as a “play set,” but the area is too small.The items are out of proportion, especially the monstrous mushrooms, which by the way do not stand upright no matter what you do.This seems like the type of toy that would appeal to parents, but not to their children. I recommend something more fun to play with.

Colette Mc Minnville, TN

I Love the Woodland set!

I really love this set and would have loved to rate it a 5. But there is one thing that is not a 5, and that is that the two trees and the two mushrooms–the only pieces that do not have wide contact at the base–do not stand up well. For the trees, my dear hubby tried machine-sanding them until they were stable, but it didn’t work. So he did as I asked, and cut off the bottom of the trunk. That made for a very stable base, and I love them that way. But not everyone has a hubby like mine!I tested another set, too, and the trees do stand, if you’re careful and set them just-so! The mushrooms, though, I think I’m going to have to prop against things.All the other pieces stand great. And of course you could also do a lying-down setting. But I love them standing. I really like woodland images, and other than the one problem, these are beautifully made. The wooden box the set comes in is great, too.I notice that Dwell Studios is part of a home furnishings company. That’s what I see using these pieces for. I don’t get to go to the woods hardly ever–I’m allergic to the whole wide world! Perhaps that is why I enjoy these so much! I also love that you can turn a figure in either direction, because both sides are painted. Silhouette figures like these are more versatile, too.

Katheryn Neponset, IL

Nice woodland set

My kids like this set and it’s stayed out serving as a primary toy and as a backdrop/accessory for train tracks, race cars and airplanes. The blocks are well made being almost an inch thick plywood laminate with a good paint job. They are holding up well to the rough life of the toy bin and two kids under 5!

Chelsea Andover, VA


The presentation of the blocks in the box is cute. What you can’t see is that the blocks are about 15 layers of wood laminated together. This is not a problem, just an observation and something you should know. Each block is sanded smoothly…no splinters. There is a roundness to the sanding that make it impossible for my mushrooms and trees to stand straight up. The trees tip to the side and rest on the lowest branch. It can also be a bit tricky to get all of the shapes back into the box…its like a puzzle 🙂 These are sized appropriately for and could be a great addition to a preschool wood block set. Made in China.

Guadalupe Monument Beach, MA

Nice bold set, but the kids won’t play with it.

I’m still trying to figure out what’s up with this set. I have two boys – 3 and almost 2 years old. Neither boy will play with this. They’ll look at it, touch it, and then walk away – multiple times. My older son says he doesn’t like it.The presentation is nice, and the pieces are very solid and bold. The problem is that you can’t do much with it. . . I guess. The pieces are a bit rough, as if they were quickly cut and put into the box, when they could still use a little sanding around the edges.Disappointed the kids didn’t like these. I go with the other reviewer who noted that this may just be best for decorating on a shelf. Maybe the kids would have liked the Skyline set instead.

Claudine Cannonsburg, MI

Could have been so much better–disappointing

These blocks have a good concept–chunky, easy to hold, silhouette–the kind of recipe for young toddlers’ imaginations that should be a hit right out of the box. Unfortunately, they are not well-made. The trees and mushrooms do not stand on their own. The items arrived smudged with the colors of other pieces in the box, and these smudges are not able to be removed. The pieces themselves are NOT blocks of wood but rather pieces of plywood or thin pine that have been glued to one another to look as if they are blocks. The amount of glue that must be in these blocks should make a parent of a toddler think before giving them to their children. They are sanded well, so the edges are smooth, but the box itself is wooden and one might wonder why that was necessary. In an age of declining resources, why make the box out of wood? All in all, a good concept but a poor toy.

Nadine Old Saybrook, CT

Quality Construction, but a Little Odd

This is a high quality product in that each piece is constructed from wood and is thick and quite durable. The pieces are colorful (green, yellow, read, turquoise, brown, gray). Each piece is colored on the front and back. The play set also comes in a sturdy, wooden storage case that has a woodland theme painted on it. It does seem a bit pricey for what you get – 2 evergreen trees, a giant bear, a medium-sized fox, a deer, beaver, rabbit, and turtle, and two small mushrooms, a tiny porcupine, bird, and snail. Some of the pieces don’t balance so well and topple over or lean (trees, bear, and mushroom) unless you find the right surface for them.I wrapped up this product to give to my three-year old on his birthday and while it didn’t elicit much immediate enthusiasm, he does keep going back to play with it – a lot more than many of the other gifts he received for his birthday. He enjoys getting the pieces out and looking at them – they add interest to his standard square blocks. While I think there are some areas for improvement and the price is a bit steep, this is a high quality, well constructed product.

Esmeralda Mount Airy, NC