DwellStudio for Thermos, Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Sippy Cup, Transportation, 7 Ounce

DwellStudio for Thermos, Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Sippy Cup, Transportation, 7 Ounce

Thermos brand has long been considered a trusted partner by parents in providing healthy food and drink storage options for children. From choosing quality materials to performing rigorous testing of their products during all phases of the manufacturing process, Thermos continues to deliver products with excellent quality, unique design, and reliable performance. Thermos has joined forces with DwellStudio, who has established itself as the go-to source for chic baby and kids products. Designed for modern living, DwellStudio combines the highest quality materials with bold graphics, playful patterns and superior design. The collaboration between Thermos and DwellStudio has produced a new, premium line of beverageware, food storage containers, and fashion-forward bags and accessories with an urban sophistication. The DwellStudio for Thermos collection gives a touch of luxury to the everyday and aims to make life a little easier. Designed for children ages six months to one year, this 7 ounce vacuum insulated soft spout sippy cup is a great choice for moms and babies on the go. Featuring a silicone spout, removable ergonomic handles, and a valve to help minimize spills, this cup is comfortable on gums and customizable to meet babies’ needs. THERMOS vacuum insulation and keeps contents cold for 6 hours.

Main features

  • THERMOS vacuum insulation technology keeps contents cold for 6 hours
  • Designed for children ages six months to one year
  • 7 ounce capacity; soft silicone sippy spout; ergonomically designed handles are removable
  • DwellStudio Transportation Design
  • BPA-free

Verified reviews



love the deisgh and the stainless stell but it leaks. Everywhere…. but it seams all others too. I cant seem to find one that does not.

Odessa Hortonville, NY

Keeps drinks cool, but leaks just like every other cup

This cup is easy to clean, and keeps drinks cold. But it’s not a cup that does any great job at stoping leaks. I keep searching, not sure it exists.

Nadine Moffit, ND

Contains a plastic vent.

I would give it 5 stars, except that inside the lid, the vent mechanism is a (BPA Free?) Plastic rather than steel or silicon. For this price, I expected that none of the plastic on the cup would come in contact with the contents. (Example: plastic handles, and screw top are ok, because the handles are on the outside of the top, and the screw top holds sown the silicon sippy spout which is what touches the beverage)

Katherine Friesland, WI

cute and functional

great sippy cup that looks cute and works well. My son (he was about 8.5mos) learned to drink from this sippy cup rather easily; this is his first sippy cup. The spout is soft, which is especially nice as starter sippy. It is easy to clean—the sippy top are three pieces (ring, soft spout and a plastic ‘no-leak’ piece). I would highly recommend this sippy cup.

Corrine Vernon, AZ

Good Sippy Cup

Others have complained about this cup leaking, but I didn’t have that issue once I pulled the cup apart and put it together as per the instructions. Some liquid, of course, can leak out if it’s left in the spout area but it’s pretty minimal. Honestly I can’t say if it keeps things cold very long – my kiddo never leaves the the milk or juice in there long enough for me to tell. I also removed the handles – my 16 month old doesn’t need them.

Chelsea Allendale, SC