DwellStudio Meadow Powder Fitted Crib Sheet, Pink, White

DwellStudio Meadow Powder Fitted Crib Sheet, Pink, White

Follow the rabbit to a land of whimsy and wonder in this Scandinavian inspired floral motif. 100% cotton. Fits a standard rectangular crib mattress. 28″ x 52″ + 8″ drop. Cleaning and Care: Machine wash cold. Do not use bleach or detergents containing bleach. Tumble dry low. Warm iron if necessary.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Crib sheet measures 28″ x 52″ + 8″ drop
  • Machine wash cold and tumble dry low
  • Coordinates with Dwellstudio meadow bedding and accessories

Verified reviews


good fitted sheet

This fits really well inside the standard crib and fits well around the mattress. The 100% cotton feels soft against the skin when touched, and it was important for me to not have any artificial ingredients in the sheets since the baby spends so much time lying on it.I’ve washed it several times time now and haven’t noticed any significant shrinking or losing of colors.Beware, the listing says white for the sheet, but it actually has a pattern – see the picture on amazon as it’s very accurate. I personally like the design pattern on it – it’s very unisex – good for a boy or a girl.

Juana Litchfield Park, AZ

Fits and looks nice.

Hmmm how to review a fitted crib sheet. It fits our standard size mattress. The design is cool. The material feels nice. Our kids sleep well on it. It seems to be constructed well also which is always good when dealing with anything made for little ones. Dwell produces some quality products so if you like this pattern/style then you won’t be disappointed.

Berta Taft, OK

Just what I expected

This fitted crib sheet, which is sized to fit all standard crib mattresses, is pretty much exactly what I expected. I have to say that for the price, I had hoped it might be made of slightly softer material that it is, but it’s just a standard, high quality sheet material. I think I’ve been spoiled by my own sheets, which are made of T-shirt material and are super soft.The design is exactly as pictured, though it does stand out a little more boldly in person than it does in the photo.So far, I’ve washed this sheet three times and there is absolutely no fading or change in the texture of the fabric. I have a lot of faith that this will hold up well, and be busy pattern makes it seem as though even if it gets stained in future, I probably won’t even notice.Overall, if you like the pattern of the sheet and think the price is reasonable, you’ll be happy with your purchase. There are no surprises here.

Jordan Deane, KY


Let’s get right to it. This crib sheet is LOUD. When my wife put it on the crib mattress I walked into the nursery and asked her if she changed a lightbulb because it was so bright and vibrant in the room. For whatever reason, this thing jumps out at you like neon paint in a Jackson Pollock studio (the picture does not do it justice). Part of the product description says, “(c)oordinates with Dwellstudio meadow bedding and accessories.” That remains to be seen, but the traditional gender-color ambivalence makes me doubt any claims of coordination. And all of this is fine, because a baby’s room is supposed to have exploding, attention-getting colors. Colors that don’t bleed in the laundry BTW – machine wash cold worked just fine.I can assure any potential buyers that the sheet is, in fact, 100% cotton (this appears to be very important to Dwellstudio since it’s mentioned twice in the product description). The measurements of the sheet are virtually perfect. There was plenty of room to spare when putting it on the mattress without straining to fit corners or having a bunch of sheet left over.It’s soft, artistically designed, fits right, and my daughter slept on it just fine last night. What else is required?

Gussie Collegedale, TN

Beautiful, love it!

I love this sheet. It is soft, durable (should be at this price), washes well, the pattern is modern and unique and the colors are VIBRANT. I love it. When I put my 19-month-old daughter in her crib with the new sheet she got a big grin on her face, so I guess she likes it too! I would give it less stars because it is so darn expensive, but I just really like it. It is different than all of the other traditional baby-print crib sheets out there. I don’t own any of the coordinating pieces from Dwell Studio, but even if you didn’t buy those (which must also be quite expensive) you could use this sheet as inspiration for your nursery’s color scheme and it would turn out super cute.

Amparo Dundee, MI

Works fine for what it is!

We didn’t choose a complete bedding set for the nursery, mostly because they are so pricey, and there’s not much use for the comforter or bumper. So I have a dozen or so fitted crib sheets, so that there are always plenty (they get washed and rotated every couple of days).This is a fine fitted sheet. It fits the mattress fine, and matches with our white crib. It is not baby-cutesey, which works well for us. (I chose almost exclusively solid-color sheets.)It has held up well to a handful of washes and dryer cycles. No significant shrinkage or fading of colors.If you love this pattern, you’ll probably like this sheet. We’ll keep it in the rotation!

Jill Lane, SC

Great crib sheet

The sheet is nice. Good thread count, washes well, stains don’t seem to be a big issues and it fits our crib mattress snugly but not so tight that it’s a pain. If you like the pattern I think you’ll really like this product. Highly recommend!

Jamie Bellevue, WA

Soft and gentle, get vibrant…

We’ve got twins, so we have plenty of crib sheets at this point, but none have been quite as vibrant as this one. The colors of the floral design just kind of jump off the sheet at you, which isn’t readily apparent from the product packaging shown here. This has not changed through several washings now, so while I’m sure it will fade in time, it’s done better in that area than any of the other sheets we have. Aside from that, it’s a crib sheet. It’s soft to the touch and made from 100% cotton, so it’s gentle for the babies’ sensitive skin. It also offers a good fit for the mattress, which can’t be said for every crib sheet we’ve bought/received. It does everything a crib sheet is supposed to do and I can’t think of a single reason to subtract a star, so there you go.

Marva Old Zionsville, PA

Decent, but expensive for what you get

The sheet itself is pretty good. It fits our crib nicely, the colors are nice and bright (will update after more washes), and it seems like it’s of decent quality and will last.We have other sheets that have worked well for us, and they have also been less expensive. Given the price in comparison with other fitted sheets, I would be hard pressed to recommend it unless you are totally in love with the pattern.It currently sells for $40.Pros:- bright colors- good qualityOther notes:- Machine wash cold***Cons:- Price- Similar quality sheets are found for less moneyThe product deserves 4 stars if I was rating without price, or if the cost was $30 or below. As it stands, for $40 dollars it seems a bit overpriced and hard to recommend unless you really like the pattern of have the other items in the set. Again, it’s a good quality product, that is priced above the competition with no clear advantage over it,

Priscilla Wakefield, LA

fits nice, soft, great design

It’s a crib sheet. So, the question is does it fit a standard crib mattress? Yes. Fits quite well. It’s soft cotton, so it’s comfortable (to my hand at least, I didn’t get in the crib). Our 11 month old daughter liked it–in that when we first put it in she noticed and clearly liked the designs. And she slept well. I don’t know if that’s the sheet, but it’s good.If you like the design, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get this.

Minnie Brucetown, VA

Very modern and pretty but it’s more salmon colored than pink.

This is a very pretty floral crib sheet with striking colors and a pattern that would likely please mature tastes more than those that are infantile. I find the pinks in this sheet to be a bit orange toned, making them a bit closer to a salmon pink than a traditional baby pink color. It is made of 100% cotton that held up well under washing with no major shrinking or fading. Like all cotton sheets, it gets softer the more you wash it. That said, it is does not function in any way that is superior to other major brands of crib sheets. It is interesting that thread count is not mentioned on the packaging, which is customarily advertised on bedding products in this premium price range.The slogan on the printed materials of this Dwell Studios fitted sheet says “Big style for little people. Dwell Studio products are designed for real life.” At the current listed price of $40 for a single cotton fitted crib sheet, I confess to being a bit appalled. Without mention of superior quality thread counts, I find this to be a bit overpriced for what you actually are getting. It seems the premium value is in the artistic design rather than functionality.It’s “OK”, if that’s what you’re looking for. It’ll look great in the crib at Grandma’s house.Made in China.Machine Wash COLD! (Another issue, if you ask me.)

Dawn Brightwaters, NY

pretty good; a bit pricey

I would basically repeat what some of the other reviewers have said. This is a fine sheet. Hardly more to say. It’s reasonably soft, nice looking, and comes basically as advertised. But it’s nothing to write home about — just a crib sheet! For that reason, I think it was probably on the expensive side. I’ve seen similar items for less at well known department stores, especially when a sale is going. But nothing at all wrong with this sheet; it’s now a regular part of our rotation.

Kathie San Acacia, NM

Nice to the touch, comfy for the baby

The sheet is soft and nice to the touch, my little one enjoys sleeping on it, my wife likes the prints and says that it is very modern and stylish, but mentioned that it would be better if there was a small pillow cover to complete the set. Overall, I am happy with it as it’s machine washable and the color stays after the first wash.

Margot Sunbury, OH