Dwinguler Safari Large Kid’s Playmat

Dwinguler Safari Large Kid’s Playmat

DELIVERY ALERT: This item ships in its original packaging and may be visible upon delivery! Dwinguler Safari Large Kid’s Playmat Create the perfect place for your children to roll, crawl, toddle, and play! Dwinguler Kid’s Play Mat, made by I&S in Korea, has been created for kids. It is made of earth friendly materials, excellent cushioning with fun designs, and it is laboratory-tested to be absolutely safe for children. The Dwinguler Mat is the pinnacle of premium quality floor mats for kids selling in many countries in the world. Thanks to proven quality, the Dwinguler mat is used in over 80% of the households with children in Korea. Furthermore, it is recognized as the premier earth friendly brand that accompanies the all growth stages of children. This play mat can be used for many different uses. It can be used in the baby’s nursery making a safe play mat or used in kids play areas for toddlers and older kids. The mat is big enough for the whole family to use it for yoga, pilates or as a general exercise or playing-time. Its also great for use while playing active video games and even as a tent floor when camping. Use it anywhere you would like to create a safe and fun play space for your kids and the entire family!

Main features

  • Soft, elastic, and slip resistant. Patented cushioning and embossing protect kids from hard impacts on the ground
  • Manufactured with absolutely earth and baby friendly material.  100% free from any toxic materials including pthalate
  • Completely waterproof, easy to clean and sanitize from your child’s rugged playtime.  Helps keep kids healthy from germs, bugs and bacteria
  • Vividly coated on both sides with designs to help sensory development. Flipping it creates a new playtime environment
  • Helps absorb noise and lets your child play without the worry from chilly floors

Verified reviews


Really eco-friendly?

I purchased a Dwinguler mat after a long search for a non-toxic, padded playmat for use on hardwoods. I was very excited to hear of this “eco-friendly” option. When it arrived, it came with a colored booklet that stated the product contained PVC…not my definiton of eco-friendly. The product seemed great otherwise, but that was my main criteria so it went back. Just a word of caution for others purchasing due to the eco-friendly label, make sure you double check that it meets your needs. And Dwinguler: get rid of the PVC and you’d have a winner here!

Mabel Markham, TX


this is the same thing i posted on another 1 star review’s comments: I don’t care if it is made on corea, china or venus, every time I lay on that mat to read a book to my child I have to stand up. Im very sensitive to chemicals, can’t be in new cars, etc. This doesn’t mean “Oh, well, then you have a problem.” No, it means I can smell things most people cannot. and i get nausea every time I get on that carpet. It was outside airing for a month, I washed it twice with cold water and soap, and it has been in my living room for 5 months and it STILL smells when you get close to it.-I am a veryfied buyer, you can read all of my reviews.-I’m very sensitive to chemicals, this carpet makes me dizzy!!!I read people’s comments attacking other 1 star reviewers, save your time. put your baby on the mat if you want to, I don’t care. But i will say what I think.

Millie New Britain, CT

Great playmat!!!

my wife and I spent a lot of time researching playmats and couldn’t decide on one. Finally, while visiting a friend who also had a new baby, they had this mat in their house and we fell in love.Pros:- No discernable smell (I would consider myself to have a very sensitive nose and I do not notice any odd smell from this mat)- Large, one-piece construction (no need to worry about cleaning crevices, such as in those “puzzle” play mats)- Easily cleans (baby has spit up plenty of times on it, wipes clean)- Provides adequate padding (we have this set up over tile, and it provides enough cushion that our baby hardly even flinches if she tips over on the mat)- each design has two full, very colorful designs. The Dino Land reverse side (alphabet and letters) is our personal favorite.Cons:- pretty darn expensive- Large, one-piece construction may make storage difficult down the road- Right out of the box the mat was “wet” … The instructions clearly noted that this was normal, but still kind of weird. However it was easily cleaned with water and mild detergent (which you should do before first use anyways)- Even after having it for a month, it has still not completely flattened out at the ends. It flattens a little more each week though, it should be completetly flat soon enough

Althea Sheridan, MT

LOVE these play mats!!!

I wasn’t sure if we’d like this play mat based on some of the reviews, but we are thrilled with it. Actually, we have three of them now! We’ve had them since before my daughter could crawl. Now that she is crawling and trying to walk, this mat is perfect for all of her falls. She loves the designs which I wasn’t really thrilled about. The first mat we purchased was the Safari design which shows a bunch of animals. She actually learned to crawl because she was motivated to get from one bunch of ants printed on the mat to the next. She points to the animals on the mat and can now say many of the names. She just turned one, so we are loving that it’s helping with her language development. What I absolutely love is that the mats are soft, and they get softer with time. I sit on them all the time, and my back doesn’t bother me like sitting on the floor. My parents have made the same comment, so they are great for all that time playing or reading to the little one. Everyone who comes to our home falls in love with the mats. They are great for rolling cars and building with blocks which isn’t easy on carpeting. I highly recommend these mats!

Alfreda Red Oak, NC

French study

I’m still not sure if this is a safe mat or not. Here is a link to a link related to a french study:http://dwinguler.me/Didyouknow

Vonda Crum, WV

Must have!

I bought this and quickly became a fan of this play mat and once my baby started crawling I bought another from the same manufacturer.My baby also tries to “grab” the stuffs printed on the mat. It’s fun to watch her doing that. It’s thick enough, durable, colorful print catches baby’s eye. The manufacturer’s customer service representatives were very helpful and quick to respond to my questions, too.

Tabatha West Haverstraw, NY

Great Play Mat

After months of searching, I finally asked our daycare provider where she got her playmat and it was made by this company. I purchased ours on Amazon since our local Costco didn’t have it in stock and shipping was free with Prime. Yay! It was a different print than this one (Cow Town) but it is the exact same mat.The mat exceeded my expectations. Very slight smell when opened but not too bad and gone in a couple hours. It’s fairly thick compared to others on the market and I love that it’s one piece. No squares or puzzle-like pieces for baby to pull up and to trap dirt and hair. Clean up is easy. Spills wipe right up and the surface is water resistant. Made in Korea and supposedly Eco-friendly. My son loves the colorful graphics. Overall I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. Worth the price.Update: We’ve had this for several months now. It has held up exceptionally well. One small hole from scrubbing too hard on my part but I can’t even find it now. It has resisted tears from baby, toys, and dog. We get compliments and asked where to buy all the time.

Reba Polk, NE

I am very pleased.

I was weary making this purchase because of reviewers claiming a chemical smell, and also that theirs was shipped with a residue covering the mat.I just finished unpacking, cleaning, and smelling this mat. I have to say that there is no chemical smell, there was no residue on the mat, it arrived very clean (I washed it anyway), and it is exactly as advertised. If I needed more of these I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this same product again. I am very pleased.I don’t anticipate having any issues at all with this product. I even stress tested it by banging my arms and head on the ground on and off the mat (very lightly, don’t hurt yourself). I was surprised by how much protection this mat offered and am pleased with the results. I am very comfortable with my 1 yr old daughter playing on this mat.I am very pleased and would recommend this product to anyone.

Bertha Nanticoke, MD

Great but not easily moved

I received this playmat today, and it is beautiful – high quality, nicely made. The seller was great too – item well packaged and quickly delivered. But I need to return it. This playmat is great if you have a separate play area or room for your little one that you want nicely padded and cushioned. However, I live in an open space small city condo. I need a mat that would sit in the family room/kitchen area and easily rolls up and away when baby goes to bed so that my husband and I can then use the multifunctional space to watch TV, entertain, etc. This mat is heavy – really heavy. And it does not easily roll up and away. It is also not easily transportable. It is meant really to stay in one place. Maybe you could drag it (literally) to different places in the same room, but this is not a mat that you want to hoist up and down stairs or to grandma’s house on a regular basis. I would agree with other reviewers, however, that this mat would be much nicer to use than those foam puzzle floor pieces.

Susanne Montgomery, IL


Great material, easy to clean. Kids love identifying the fairy tale characters. It is also not too heavy to carry around at picnics and outings.

Monika Hull, GA

Very good quality. Recommended!

I tried another mat composed of smaller squares with circles in the middle (Tadpoles brand) but decided to return it because of a few things I did not like:- The circles get easily detached from the squares.- The squares get easily detached from one another.- These loose pieces make it hard to lift the mat and clean the floor underneath. One has to pick up so many pieces and put them back together. Annoying.- Furthermore I think those loose pieces are a trip hazard!This Dwingular mat solves all those problems. If you want to vacuum the floor underneath or move mat to another room it is so easy to do so. Just roll up the mat and lift it.The mat is also VERY soft… even my wife and I enjoy sitting on it. I like it that it does not contain phthalates. Well, let me rephrase that. It is firm (not squishy) but cushions falls very well too.The safari pattern is also cute. My 4-month old daughter normally hates tummy time but when I put her on the mat she was so interested in the cartoonish print that she lifted her head and upper body off the floor… thereby getting a good exercise.I also like that the mat passed safety tests in the US and Europe (I think they tend to be stricter there). Who knows what’s in the more common Chinese-made mats.If you want to see more about the mat then search the internet for videos on Dwinguler mats. You’ll see some demonstrations in Asia (Hong Kong I think) where even an egg dropped from several feet high did not crack.I prefer the large size … it is big enough for a baby to have space to crawl and learn to walk. I put 2 of these side-by-side then put Friendly Toys Little Playzone with Sounds and Lights on top (connected 2 of these).Check the seller’s Facebook page for occasional discounts (search for “facebook dwinguler”)So… if you’re willing to spend the money I think you won’t be disappointed.

Joann Underwood, WA

Best mat ever

This is our second Dwinguler purchase for our playroom. With an active 14-month-old new walker, we wish we could pad the entire room with this stuff. We have all hardwood and bought our first one after our little one started crawling. It’s pretty thick, great quality, super easy to clean and move to different rooms (or loan out to friends). Our friends with little ones always comment on how great it is. It’s much more costly than the tile-type mats but worth every penny. We have a tile-type mat that I would not recommend because it’s difficult to clean, even worse to try and move to a different room (and our son uses it as a chew toy).

Sofia Osyka, MS

We love it

We originally want to buy those puzzle look playmat but we check on FDA non of those pass all the safe test! This is the only mat which is pass all the test, even we know the price much higher than others.However, the product worthy the money we paid! it is soft nice surface, very beautiful and we don’t need to worry our baby tummy time! We love it

Jo Petersburg, MI


I did my research before purchasing a mat. Most mats in the US contain Formamide which can irritate the eyes and skin and even the central nervous system. It has been suggested that it should be considered a carcinogen because of it’s possible links to cancer. It has been band from all children’s toys in Europe and parts of Asia. This mat is a favorite by multiple countries. It’s large, eco-friendly, easy to clean, thick padding, colorful designs and themes and most importantly, does not contain any threatening chemicals. Unfortunately, most US companies can get away with selling mats that contain low amounts of Formamide. Here is link with the results from multiple brands. It’s astonishing that the information about this chemical is being withheld or unreleased.[…]

Edwina Port Washington, OH

slippery but good

This mat is absolutely great. It is soft and colorful and safe. It has two problems – it still looks like a plastic thing and it is too slippery to crawl for the baby who is just learning how to do it.

Brooke Monmouth, IL

Keeps baby safe from bumps and bruises

I am trying hard to keep my baby from being exposed to too many harmful chemicals in all the things he interacts with and as I was researching on play mats, I didn’t realize most of them were made from harmful materials. So my search turned to finding an eco-friendly and safe play mat. I found this through a recommendation from a mommy friend. It’s pricey but I like that its easy to clean, thick, and durable. When I took it out of the box, it had a faint plastic-y smell but that disappeared in a day. This reminds me of the memory foam kitchen floor mats but slightly thicker. I like that its one large mat and not like the foam square puzzle mats. I don’t have to worry about dirt getting in between the pieces. I’m a bit of a germaphobe/clean freak and I do notice little specks of dust getting stuck in the little grooves on the mat but they are easily vacuumed up. I regularly wipe it down with a vinegar solution. I am purchasing a second one.

Marisa Maple Lake, MN

Worth the $$ for peace of mind

I spent hours researching safe play mats for our daughter. I wanted something durable and soft for our basement as she starts rolling and tumbling to protect her…as well as washable to protect our carpets from the inevitable spills, etc. This mat is perfect! It is essentially a giant yoga mat. Super soft for baby, as well as for me when I sit on the floor and play with her. We have gotten so many questions about the mat form our friends and everyone who sees it (and sits on it) loves it. I know this will last forever and will be easy to store and keep for future babies…and then maybe as a yoga mat?!?!

Tammy Kill Devil Hills, NC

So far so good

We were skeptical in getting this mat because all the mixed reviews. However, so far so good.First, the smell– there is a very light smell when it is unpacked but disappears quickly after we let it aired out and wiped it down with a damp cloth.Texture: There is enough of traction, like a yoga mat, that I think my baby can learn to crawl on it easily 1 or 2 months down the road. The padding is thick and comfortable enough that my 5 month old rolls all over it for the past 2 days we have it out.Design: The garden design is not so hectic as others I’ve seen online; the alphabet side needs some improvements– if only they shifted the prints one row over, there can be 2 full sets of alphabets and much easier to read (My guess is that someone who doesn’t speak much English printed this).Cleanness: it is easy to clean. We have it on carpet now and may move it to a wood floor area in the future. While it is okay to let baby just play on the carpet, it is harder to keep the carpet clean with all the spit ups and drools at this stage. Also, the spit ups and drools are quite dust mite friendly. I don’t want to increase the chance of environmental allergy down the road.Durability: I am hosting a playgroup 2 weeks from now with babies age from 3 month to 10 month. We’ll see about the durability then.

Jewel North Amherst, MA

Great quality and buying a second one

Bought this after I saw someone else got one and read some of the reviews about the safety materials. I was a little hesitate to buy it but we have hardwood floor and really wanted our baby to have a place to learn how to crawl. The mat came and had the smell that some of the reviewers described, it’s been two months and I no longer smell it anymore. I do have to admit, the smell was pretty strong when I first had it. I tried not to have my baby too close to it, but now the smell is gone. The mat is very soft and love the fact that it’s reversible.Update:3 months of useWe are planning to get a second one, it is very versatile for the baby to crawl and learn to walk it on. Cushioning is fabulous, very supported. I love sitting on it myself on a hot summer day, very cool and comfortable. I often felt asleep on it. Like other reviewers described, very easy to clean. I noticed it has gotten a lot softer and the smell is 100% gone. I am also aware of the safety materials in it, but by far this is the safest one I can find. Just be vigilant about your baby licking and eating it.

Patty Hazel Green, WI

best investment yet

i bought two of these mats and have not regretted spending the money on them. they are easy to clean and my baby has an easy time cruising and crawling on them. they are colorful and cute. we went on a trip to yosemite for a week and we rolled one up, tossed it in the trunk, and she had a sanitary and safe mat to play on. we all laid on it at one time or another to do some yoga!

Inez Augusta, AR

Worth every penny

At first I thought it was ridiculous to spend so much money on a play may. But this is worth every penny. Our 9 month old baby who wouldn’t crawl loves this mat and started crawling within days. We created a little play room/area in our sun room with the mat and it’s great. Our son loved the colors & pictures, it was comfy, he crawled easy, and is now learning to stand. The mat has great padding to help when he falls. It was delivered fast and in excellent shape. We aired it out for 1/2 a day bc most reviews said it would smell. But ours didn’t. This mat is super well made, easy to roll, super easy to clean. There’s no comparison to the foam tiles. The foam tiles are a lot thinner, come apart, and smell odd. This mat, however, is so comfortable and the graphics/ design and colors are beautiful. I can’t rave enough about this mat. I’m conservative in my spending since we’ve already spent so much $$$ on baby stuff. However, I am actually considering purchasing a 2nd one of these for another room in our house.

Pansy West Topsham, VT

Best Playmat (better than Parklon)

I bought my Dwinguler Garden Delight first before I purchased the Parklon Plain Wood mat.The difference :(1) Dwinguler Garden Delight “diamond” shaped pattern looks nicer than Parklon’s “square” pattern(2) Dwinguler is thicker(3) When I first opened my Dwinguler, no smell. But my Parklon —- a VERY strong ammonia smell when I opened the plastic wrap.(4) I love the way this new pattern of Dwinguler has one side that is more subtle colored *so you can actually see the toys~ * I am using the garden side now(the color is lighter than shown in the picture – nicer).Overall the material is thick, very easy to clean and my baby loves it. Can last for years. Definitely a good investment.

Katrina Michigan City, IN

Great alternative to EVA foam puzzle mat

My house has no carpets and I was looking for something to make our hard floors more baby friendly for our 6 month old. Initially I was planning to get an EVA foam puzzle mat, but after finding out that France and Belgium banned those for possibly having carcinogenic chemicals I started looking for a safer option and found this mat. It was more expensive than the foam mats, but I don’t regret the purchase or the money spent on it. It is thicker than most foam mats, waterproof and you don’t have problem with the pieces of puzzles getting disconnected. We roll it for storage and I have to say, this thing is heavy! After 2 months of daily traffic, baby spit, frequent cleaning and being rolled every night, it still looks brand new. We get many compliments and all visiting babies want to play on it. I like that it is double sided, graphics are really cool and my baby likes to stare at them (we got the dino land). I enjoy the eco-friendliness, by baby enjoys soft landings – recommended.

Katheryn Magnolia, DE

Love this mat. Getting a second!

My husband, a skeptic when I told him I was getting this for our 8 month old twins, now thinks that it was one of my best buys ever! We are getting a second one for our new playroom. The babies love looking at it. It’s comfortable enough for adults to sit on. The babies don’t get hurt when they fall. A great product!

John Wheeler, MS

Love it

I love it, makes playing in the floor much more comfortable for me.Baby loves it, he no longer cries when he ends up on his face while trying to crawl.We experienced no plastic smell. The picture is wonderful and clear.UPDATE!One month later and still loving it! Baby is pulling up now and starting to try and cruise. I am MUCH more comfortable with him experimenting with his new mobility with safety of his cushion underneath him! The padding doesn’t mess with his footing at all. We love Love LOVE it.

Rachelle Gormania, WV

Great Product

The package was well-packed, and I actually received the order earlier than expected. When I open the box, I noticed there was a not very noticeable "glue-like" smell ( but not chemical / plastic smell )came from the mat. I wiped it with Dapple (natural cleaner)and let it air out for a couple of days. The smell actually goes away.The mat was heavy,thick,well-made,and easy to clean. When I put my 3 month old on the mat, her eyes were wide open and look at those beautiful prints. Very pleased with the product. You get what you pay for, highly recommend it.

Josephine Dickey, ND


We love this mat! We have hardwood floors and our little one was struggling to learn how to crawl on slippery floors. This mat gave her some traction and protected her head from bumps on the hard floor. It is also nice for mom and dad to have a cushy spot to sit when playing toys with a little one. I also liked that it was made from eco-friendly materials. It is easy to clean with a wet cloth, baby wipe, or Chlorox wipe. It seems fairly resilient to snagging or scratches. Our dogs have walked, napped, adn even stretched on the mat without any damage. I would highly recommend this mat!

Hattie Blandford, MA

Love this mat!

This mat is great–it’s cushiony, easy to clean, and my kid loves looking at the pictures on the letters side (we haven’t use the fairy land side yet). Hopefully someday it will also help him learn letters. I wish Amazon also sold the other sizes, but the Large turned out to be OK.

Nancy Laurel, MT

The best playmat on the market

This playmat is fantastic! I searched high and low for a mat that was all one piece, soft and eco-friendly and this mat fit the bill perfectly. The material is similar to a tire so when my daughter was first learning to sit up and would fall backward, she didn’t hurt herself. It is super easy to clean by just wiping it down (other puzzle piece mats were much more of a pain, especially since my daughter tends to drool a lot and it would get in between pieces). When we opened the package it had a smell for a few hours, but once it aired out, the smell was gone. The two-sided design is also great — it feels like two different mats. I would highly recommend it!

Mattie Arnold Afb, TN

Nice for the kids, and the parents

We have had this mat for our daughter for the last 8 months (she is now a year old), and we love it. It has held up well to her playing, and all the other kids we have had over for playgroups and parties. I haven’t noticed any tears or scratches. It cleans easily (although it is heavy to roll up and lift out of the way to vacuum, but that’s good in a way because she can’t move it… yet). It also makes it MUCH more comfortable for us to be down on the floor playing with her, and for grandparents as well. Even though she is walking everywhere now, I still like to have a place that we can sit and play (when she is in the mood) or read. I’m very happy that I spent the money on this mat!

Ada Geneseo, KS