Earlyears Fill ‘N Fun Water Play Mat

Earlyears Fill ‘N Fun Water Play Mat

Now your baby can enjoy an ocean adventure while nurturing, stimulating, and challenging their mind and body with the Earlyears Fill ‘n Fun Water Play Mat. Just inflate the border of the mat and fill the center with tap water for an afternoon of tactile and visual fun. Five water pals float around in the mat for your baby to push and try to grab. Great tummy time activity. Mat measures 20″ by 17″. Phthalate-free vinyl.

Main features

  • Perfect tummy time activity with the 20″ x 17″ Water Play Mat
  • Cause and effect learning as your baby works to grab and move five ocean pals around in the water
  • Have tactile and visual fun
  • Great baby toy for sensory stimulation, motor skills, cognitive abilities, and social skills
  • For ages 6 months and up

Verified reviews


Not worth it

Although my child thoroughly enjoyed this product, I believe it’s probably safe to assume it contains BPA. Also when my child punctured it, I called the company, and I was told they couldn’t help me. They wouldn’t even send me a repair patch. My baby didn’t even have teeth and he punctured it. On that note, I tossed it in the trash. I really thought it wouldve lasted longer.

Laverne Barnet, VT

Disgusting quality! Thrown out money.

Very stinks! Water flows!Pour difficult! Plastic toys inside, heavy and bad swim. Thrown out money. My child played 5 minutes and more do not want to watch. It is poison! Because it is – then the child periodically go face him and licks is chemistry!

Essie Battlement Mesa, CO

It’s a good idea, but it stays really cold

My son is interested by the fish, but cannot stay on this for very long because the mat stays quite cold. When I take him off of the mat his skin is very cold, so I never leave him on for more than a few minutes.

Corrine Spencer, IN

Not worth more than 5 bucks

Very hard to fill up with water. Extremely a small. My infant is only 23 inches long and his feet hang way off. It is hard to balance on for an infant.

Katharine Republican City, NE

Other reviewers are making it too complicated.

I’ve had this things for like 7 months now and it STILL hasn’t leaked despite very rough treatment (my kid stood on it, jumped on it, etc), so ones that leaked are faulty.Who would need instructions on how it fill it?! It has a hole and a plug. Run water into the hole. I never thought twice about it. That’s like needing instructions on how to blow up balloons. Put it in your sink and run water into the hole… I’m not trying to be rude, I’m really not, I just don’t get how that isn’t obvious and easy.Is it an amazing, spectacular toy? No. It is a neat toy that is fun to smack and jiggle and squish? Yep. And it was totally worth the $10.

Anna Cornwall Bridge, CT

My twins rolled over for the first time using this!

I bought this product after much consideration. I kinda thought it would just be another toy they would never use. The product did arrive with no instructions, but I read the reviews on amazon and found several people who wrote very detailed instructions — I had no problem reading the customer reviews and filling it up.I have twin boys –age 5 months– and put them on the mat immediately! They loved it! To my suprise within 5 minutes Baby A rolled over! So I decided to put my other little guy on the mat and see what he would do — within 5 minutes he also rolled over for the first time! I was completely amazed.My bubs LOVE looking at the colorful fish inside the mat. I’ve only used this one time as it only arrived yesterday, but I plan on using more often during time!

Lydia Saint Croix Falls, WI

much smaller than i thought

when they mentioned tummy time i envisioned a bigger mat than this. my 4 month old cant roll over on this thing without falling off. also putting water in it was ridiculously hard. the hubby did it easily but i couldnt figure it out. my baby doesn’t enjoy it at all. waste of money for us.

Selena Gladstone, MI

My experience, lasted all of 10minutes

Great concept, my daughter seemed to really like it, however soon after within a few minutes of her laying on it… it was leaking by where the water goes in. I checked the seams everything did not find a hole, however it was leaking everytime I had it hanging over the sink why where the water valve is… so it was a total bust for me… not worth returning, as I’d ripped the packaging anyway. so nice quick waste of $10…

Elise West Minot, ME

It was fun while it lasted

We got this water mat when my twins were very small – 3 months maybe? We would prop them up in bobby pillows and put the mat in between them and they liked leaning over to feel the mat. The “fish” (toys) inside did not move as much as I thought – maybe we didn’t have it filled up right?Then, once they were sitting up on their own, we would sit them on the mat…we said they were sitting in their pool..and they enjoyed that. Eventually, one of them punctured it and we didn’t try to put a patch on it.We use the floating toys in the bath tub now 😉

Vilma Ripon, WI

Not the tummy time miracle I was hoping for, but still a neat toy.

It is easy to fill this toy if you use the instructions other reviewers have written here. This does not come with instructions. My 6 month old hates tummy time so I thought this (like other reviewers have said) would be her magical ticket to enjoying tummy time. No such luck! She cries with tummy time just as much as ever. She does enjoy sitting by it and playing with it though. So, it’s not the toy’s fault. I probably would not purchase it if I had it to do over again, but it’s not worthless as a basic toy.

Abbie Mohawk, NY

Gave it a Second Chance

We bought this as a Christmas gift for my son who was 5 months old. We had no problem filling it (as others have) and just pushed down on the plastic part while holding under the faucet. My baby loved the mat, but it leaked all over. I tried lots of different things, but it leaked out of the valve you fill it with. I returned the item to Amazon who replaced it after I mailed the old one back. The new one actually arrived before the old one could have reached them, and the new one does NOT leak! My son loves this mat and spends a lot of time slapping it and watching the toys move around in the water while getting his tummy time in (which he used to HATE!) I’m glad I gave the product a second chance, and I’m also glad I purchased it from Amazon who made it so easy to exchange it.

Eleanor Terre Hill, PA

Great product, crappy packaging/instructions

My sons daycare has one of these mats and he seemed to really get a kick out of it, so I was thrilled to order one for him. Unfortunately it wasn’t fulfilled by Amazon, so the shipping was quite slow and the box it came in was very beat up. However the product itself seemed undamaged and once I figured out how to fill it (thanks to Amazon reviews!) it was a breeze. My son loves tummy time on the mat and the cool plastic seems to feel nice on his arms when it’s hot outside. The little floaty guys inside also hold his attention well. Overall, very happy with the mat!

Kathryn Nuttsville, VA

Nice overall

Bought this to use for my 3 months old tummy time. She doesn’t particularly like tummy time so I was hoping this would help. It is a cute product, and she tolerates it for a few minutes, but not long. Only complaint is that it is a bit of a pain to get the water in.

Maritza Westmoreland, KS

Highly Recommended

Say this at my child’s day care and loved it so much I bought it. Although, I think I enjoy playing with it more than my 5 month old.

Letha Battle Creek, IA

Both of my kids love it!

Both of my kids love it! I just get nervous because my son (6 months) keeps trying to eat it. 🙂

Bette Jeffersonville, OH

Great tummy-time mat for tummy-time haters!

I bought this mat for my 3rd baby because she absolutely hated tummy-time. I only wish I had thought to buy it for my older 2 kids! The squishiness of the water, and the colorful things floating around inside were a perfect distraction and allowed my baby girl to spend more time on her stomach and build up those little baby muscles to get stronger. It’s not that big, they don’t put their entire body on it, it’s just for the upper half. It would be cool if it were bigger, but it also works wonderfully just as is. Wonderful product! I highly recommend this mat!

Etta Ventnor City, NJ

Not our most long-lived toy

My 6-month old loved this while it lasted. She was fascinated by the moving pieces under water and liked to try to “splash”. It lasted for three days and then sprung a leak. She was 14 pounds at the time and was not playing on it particularly hard. Nice idea, not very well designed though, in my opinion.

Neva Clarkdale, AZ

Awesome toy

My twins LOVE this toy. I credit this with helping them both become excellent sitters because it held their attention for long periods of times and helped build their core strength. I can’t say enough good things about this toy.

Laurie Avoca, MN

Great summer time gift

Bought this for my darling daughter. She absolutely loved it. It’s great for cooling her off on a hot day.

Isabelle Hohenwald, TN

Fun toy but not meant to last

I didn’t like this at first because it had a very strong chemical odor when taking out of the box so I had to let it air out in the garage for a day before I could let my baby near it. It didn’t come with instructions and I can see how some people may not easily figure out how to fill it with water but once setup it was a big hit.Update: 6 months later the air portion has a leak and the water grew some sort of mold or algae, it was disgusting so I threw it away. It was fun while it lasted but would not recommend this toy.

Catalina Hillsborough, NJ

Wonderful for tummy time

My son hates tummy time and until I got this item he would cry from the moment I put him down for tummy time until I picked him up. It was really a struggle for me to encourage tummy time when he disliked it so badly. This item has improved the quality and enjoyment for my son. He now rolls over to his tummy on his own to play with the mat. The product is simple to use and effective.

Avis Castle Rock, WA

A miracle? Maybe

I don’t write a lot of reviews but I just couldn’t help myself. You’re probably looking at this playmat because like me, you have a baby who fights tummy time. At 5.5 months old, my little guy was strong and standing with little assistance, but absolutely hated being on his tummy for more than a minute or two. So I figured this mat was worth a try.He was instantly intrigued. As it turned out, he was less interested in the floating fishies, and more interested in the sun decal on the side of the mat. Okay, whatever floats your boat (haha).That day he actually turned himself over onto his belly to get to the mat. Wow. Must just be a coincidence. And then he stayed there on his belly, sucking on the sun (yeah, I really should have washed that first) for a long time.Imagine our surprise when that night we looked at the video monitor and saw our baby – who we had put down on his back – sleeping on his belly. And he stayed that way. For a record amount of time. He went from waking up every few hours to sleeping around 10 hours.It might be a wonderful coincidence, or it might not. Either way, I think it is the best 11 bucks I’ve spent in a long time.

Jacqueline Fort Benton, MT

Love us this mat

I can not tell you how many of my friends have bought this for there kids after seeing it at our house. Great for tummy time to crawlers. And I have had no trouble filling it with water or keeping my cat from it. Love this toy.

Jesse Honokaa, HI

Great for tummy time

This has been a great incentive to get my baby to lift up for tummy time, it gives him something unexpected and interesting to look at and pat. I was worried about filling it after reading the reviews but it was pretty simple and common sense, I didn’t even look to see if it had directions on how do it. Great colors and design, no leaks, we’re happy.

Brooke Vermilion, OH

Fun, but leaks 🙁

I read the directions others have posted and I didn’t think there were any issues. I have twins and one of the babies played with this for nearly an hour. After that hour was over, I lifted the toy up and it was very wet underneath. I noticed that it is leaking from the water valve. I tried to stop the leak by pressing in the plug as far as it would go, but the leak won’t stop. It more so seeps out from the valve – it’s not a huge leak. I can’t see to get it t stop, but if anyone else figured it out, please let me know. My daughter really likes the toy, but we can’t use it unless I figure out how to stop the leak. Otherwise, she loves slapping this and sucking on it.

Mallory Eldorado, OK

Cute, but received damaged package

Cute product. 11 month old enjoys playing with it. But came with a hole in the inflatable part, so the ring around the water sack doesn’t stay inflated. Doesn’t effect water sack, but annoying that I received a broken toy.

Olive Uniondale, NY

Excellent idea for tummy time!!!

When my son was younger I was always trying to figure out things for him to look at during tummy time and my dayare teacher recommended this since she has it for the kids there…and I have to say it is awesome….a little hard to fill but that so it won’t leak and it never has and he would eventually roll and sit on it and nothing ever leaked. When he used it for tummy time he could push on it and the items moved…his head would follow them….he enjoyed this toy very much…. I highly recommend as a shower gift or for any mom who wants to give their child something to do during tummy time.

Kaitlin Remer, MN

Makes the babies cold

This is cute and a cute idea but for little babies, the water makes them cold after a few minutes. We never tried it with warm water… might be an idea. But with the cold water, they can only stay on there for so long. We only used it twice for that reason.

Alana Denton, NC

Great in theory, poor practice

The idea behhind this mat is great – give your baby a different texture and visually interesting things to explore during tummy time. However, the actual product was a bit underwhelming. First, without the assistance of the reviewer who explained how to fill the water portion, I’d likely have assumed it was just broken, as there’s no instructions and no clear way to fill the inner portion of the mat. Once explained, filling the water pocket was very easy. The mat is pretty small – my 9 week old could not fully fit on it, but he did seem to enjoy the different sensation. After 48 hours the air had leaked out of the outside ring and the fish in the inner ring were being hunted by the cat. We move it to higher ground but an additional 48 hours later and it had spring a leak.

Esther Grey Eagle, MN

Our 7 month old likes it

Our kid likes it. The outside air-ring doesn’t hold air but I don’t think that matters at all. The inner section is great for slapping and poking for a baby and it is fun to lay on the floor with him to play with. If our house blew away in a hurricane, I’d buy another one.

Agnes Moscow, ID