Earlyears Spin-tacular Play Center

Earlyears Spin-tacular Play Center

The International Playthings Early Years Spin tacular Play Center attaches to smooth surfaces with strong suction cup perfect for highchairs and stroller toys. Features 5 spinning balls and 3 spinning beads. Top clicks as you spin it and center wheel climbs up and down the center pole as it turns. Kid powered no batteries required.

Main features

  • Perfect for highchairs and stroller trays
  • Features 5 spinning balls and 3 spinning beads
  • Center wheel climbs up and down the center pole as it turns
  • Kid powered
  • Great for babies and toddlers

Verified reviews


Spin, spin… fall….

So this is a pretty spectacular toy.. spectacularly stupid that is.. Great theory,but the execution is non-existent. It does not really stick well to any surface, making it just kind of fallen on its side. My son went through a phase where he absolutely loved spinning stuff. He still loves it and will spin something if he see’s it is spinnable… However this thing never really sticks well enough to anything to work the way you want it to or I suppose the way the manufacturer intended for it to work.I gave it 2 stars simply because for the first 2 seconds it does stand up, it is a lot of fun for my little one… but it always (not almost.. but always!) falls over and ceases to be interesting in any shape or form for my little one. I would say skip this one.

Ola La Marque, TX

Great Toy

I just got this for my 5 month old daughter yesterday and we both love it. I only had a problem with the suction for a minute, then just moistened the bottom and it hasn’t moved from the tray since.

Morgan Bartelso, IL

My daughter loves this toy!

My daughter loves this toy. Best suction spinner toy I have found that actually sticks to the highchair! The suction works a little better if you get the underneath wet first.

Eddie Lyons, NY

Good concept but doesn’t work well

I like the concept of this toy being used on the high chair or on a stroller tray, and I like the skills it encourages my daughter to try. However, the suction is not very powerful, and my 10 month old daughter pulls it off of her high chair tray in seconds.

Cheryl Chapmanville, WV

Can’t beat it for the price

We bought this for my daughter’s high chair/car seat, and it’s provided hours of entertainment over the past six months. There are all kinds of things for her to spin and explore, and it’s nice having a toy that doesn’t constantly require batteries or sing annoying songs. We did have trouble with suction a few times, but overall I highly recommend it.

Mari Clemmons, NC

Fun for my baby

This toy is such fun for my baby. Great for the price as well. The only issue is if the surface of either the tray or the suction cup is at all damp or a bit dirty it doesn’t stay stuck, but otherwise holds pretty well. My baby laughs and is busy with it for several minutes at a time. Very entertaining!

Mia Thomasville, GA

Perfect highchair or floor toy

Everything moves. Lots of attention grabbing movements. Great purchase for my grandson. All babies like movement to try and mimic.

Ines Wilmette, IL

It doesn’t suck, it sucks

Yep like most reviews said it doesn’t really stays in place and it’s base is to big for stroller/carseat. The reason I gave 3 starts is because my son really likes it. He loves chewing on the base and banging on those top balls that spin, I just have to watch him because it’s heavy. I think there are better ones out there.

Earnestine Scotland, SD

best suction cup toy for baby

My 9 month old grandson has been playing with this toy since he was 5 mos old and sitting in his high chair. It sticks better than any other suction cup toy he has – dampen the bottom of the suction cup with warm water and press firmly on a clean, dry surface. It has lots of turning and spinning options which hold his attention while we get his meals ready and then for a little “quiet play” after he’s done so we can clean up! He does eventually get it off but at least it stays on a long time and it’s very durable so it survives falls and tosses – I think it has better staying power because the cup is actually larger than the base of the toy!?

Kathrine Enoree, SC

Suction does not work

I tried to stick this to the high chair, the hardwood floor, the kitchen table, the coffee table and the side of the bath tub. Also tried to stick to all these same surfaces with the suction a little wet too. It does not work. I could see this toy being cool, and maybe only some of the suctions are defective since I see other reviews that say how much they love it. I however do not love it. To Good Will it go’s.

Donna Reynolds, IL

Suction cup does not work

My son (about 8mo at the time of purchase) liked the toy for all of about 5mins. The suction cup does not work. I have to hold it for him to play with it. We have had it a little over a month and he still does not care for it too much. I bought it on sale at Ross, should have known there was a reason it was on sale. I only paid about $7 for it, but it was a waste.

Susana Rogersville, MO

It doesn’t stick to any surface!!

We bought this toys (and other similar ones) because my daughter loves to cruise and play with things in our tables. We have three different surfaces, wood, glass and tile. This toy didn’t stick to anything!!! It doesn’t become just a toy so this was a waste of money.

Jeri Shock, WV

Ok Product

My baby enjoyed playing with it for a little while but got bored easily with it. Maybe she will enjoy it in a few more months, hopefully

Kathleen Broomfield, CO

Good toy, but base is really big.

I bought this toy for my daughter, who turned 6 months a little after Christmas. We got a jumper given to us that hangs on the doorway, but doesn’t have any toys. She loves to jump, so I wanted to get her toys that I could attach to the tray of the jumper for her to place with. She really does like to play with this toy, but the problem is, the base suction cup is too big to fit most of my trays for her. I even tried her exersaucer and a new jumperoo (Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo) that we got her for Christmas as well. The base is just too big to fit on the toys. I just put it on the floor or the table and have to set her up to it to let her play with it.

Keri Ransom, KY