Earlyears Woodland Friends Roller

Earlyears Woodland Friends Roller

This inflatable activity toy features bright colors, adorable woodland friend graphics, and three rattling balls inside plus a challenging game for little ones. Various woodland scenes are printed on each end, and two inner walls, to make any game an adventure. Shake the roller to bounce the balls off the interior walls or maneuver it through the three chambers. Perfect for babies to push, roll, and crawl after.

Main features

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  • Vinyl
  • Imported
  • Inflatable activity toy features bright colors, adorable woodland friend graphics, and three rattling balls inside plus a challenging game for little ones.
  • Perfect tummy time activity
  • Promotes crawling, rolling, and pushing; and enhances sensory stimulation, motor skills, cognitive abilities, and social skills
  • For ages 6 months and up
  • Made from phthalate-free vinyl.

Verified reviews


My 11 month old wasn’t impressed

Thought this toy was kind of different and since my little one loves crawling I got it for him to push around. But he wasn’t really impressed with it. Plus, I saw it at toys r us for half the price.

Gail Etowah, TN

good roller, but not a favorite toy

My baby has never quite figured out what to do with this toy. At various ages, he has liked to watch the balls move around and shake it to make noise. I hoped it would become more interesting to him when he started cruising/walking, but he was still not that into it.I like that it is made from phthalate-free vinyl and the three chambers make it more interesting than other rollers. It’s okay.

Brigitte Lindon, CO


my 4 month old loves to slap at it and loves when I hold it and she watches as the balls go through end section to the bottom

Carly Blue Bell, PA

Good while it lasted

My now 14 month old played with this a lot so I was sure it would pop or deflate sooner. We’ve had it for about six months and it finally sprung a leak (and I’m too lazy to figure out where). He was pretty tough with it so I’m happy it lasted this long.

Gloria Minter City, MS

Do not waste your money.

Had a slow leak from the get-go…..super annoying to blow it up every 2 days or so. Cute concept but not very durable /cheap materials. I would NOT recommend this. We finally cut it up to release the balls and my kids play with those!!! Great concept but not practical. Got it as a gift, I feel bad that it had to be demolished and repurposed!

Janna Ekalaka, MT

Good but not a favorite

I purchased this toy for my 11mo baby. She was fascinated by the box it came in, which was great because it distracted her while I was inflating the toy. I needed a pump with a foot pedal to inflate it–my lung power just wasn’t strong enough. As soon as the toy was inflated, she was done with the box and all over the toy itself.This toy is quite ingenious. It’s eye-catching and nearly as big as my baby, which I’m sure is part of the appeal. The balls inside can pass from compartment to compartment through holes that are placed so you have to tip the toy different directions for each compartment. You can also roll the toy on the floor and chase it. It’s lightweight so baby can pick it up and shake it to hear the balls jingle.Still, it isn’t my baby’s favorite toy. She played with it for a few days, then just shoved it aside in favor of other toys. I think I’ll hide it and bring it out again later and see if that rekindles her interest.

Katheryn Chaseburg, WI

Very minimal engagement

This didnt encourage my son to crawl. He’d toss it around and be entertained by the balls going through, but as far as baby toys go this wasn’t worth it. He played with it maybe 3 times then moved on. It was quickly donated since it took up a lot of space.

Ingrid Hualapai, AZ

Cute toy!

I got this for my baby girl when she was starting to crawl. The thing is a pain in the butt to blow up, but once you figure it out, it’s fast. She likes pushing it and crawling after it and it keeps her busy (and out of trouble) for a little while.

Monica Bolivar, PA

LO really likes this

My 7 month old baby loves this toy, It rattles and has tons of great colors, so it keeps her entertained for a while. It’s very light too, so there’s no worrying that she might bonk herself on the head etc…

Grace Middletown, VA