EarlyYears Lil’ Shopper Play Set – E00260

EarlyYears Lil’ Shopper Play Set – E00260

Let your little one become the little shopper in your home with the Lil’ Shopper Play Set. This 6-piece set includes a variety of fruit, vegetable, and dairy products to stimulate your child’s senses. Each food features a different texture plus crinkles, jingles, or chimes. Perfect for fill and spill activities, to take along on picnics, or any other type of fun. This includes a banana with crinkle peels, an open/close rattling orange, a chiming apple with crinkle leaf, a rattling crinkle cabbage, and a rattling milk carton with a peek-a-boo mirror. Comes with a soft, sturdy tote bag.

Main features

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  • Includes banana with crinkle peels, open/close rattle orange, chime apple with crinkle leaf, rattling crinkle cabbage
  • 6 Piece play set full of activity
  • Each food features a different texture plus crinkles, jingles or chimes
  • Rattling milk carton with peek-a-boo mirror
  • Soft, sturdy tote bag

Verified reviews


Horrible, Horrible Smell

The toy itself is super adorable. The grocery bag is brown felt, the orange is a corduroy type material that opens to reveal the ‘inside’ of an orange. The banana is felt and the little peel has Velcro on the ends so you can peel and unpeel it. The apple is this silky spandex type material that has a sweet little jingle on the inside. The cauliflower has those crinkly leaves that babies seem to think are a drug because they just can’t get enough of the sound, and the little milk jug is vinyl which opens up at the top to reveal a little mirror. So sweet and adorable. And we don’t let our daughter play with it because it has a horrible smell of formaldehyde. My mom got this for her last Christmas (2010) and it STILL smells. We have allowed it to ‘air out’ for months. It makes me so darn sad because I know she’d love it. I hope I’m the only one with this problem.

Liliana Hoyleton, IL

My daughter doesnt like this at all….

Gave this to my daughter when she was 8 months. Very cute and well made, but she doesnt like to play them yet….not even now when she is almost one.

Mae Mc Cracken, KS

Not as good as the real thing

If you are wondering if these veggies and fruit are as tasty as the real thing; forgeta bout it! I tasted the banana and it tasted just like cloth and veil-crow. Yeah it tasted like a type of crow that is indigenous to lousy food aisle at your local banana farm-macy; they sell pills and medicine for people who want to eat cloth bananas and not know that it tastes really sub-par 3 shot; nailed it for an eagle!

Casandra Bristol, CT

Cute Product- Impossible Packaging

Product is super cute. The banana can be unpeeled because of velcro. Orange, also with velcro, can be split in two. The shopping bag is sturdy. The packaging was seriously impossible. The fruit/vegetables were attached together and also to the shopping bag. They were attached very tightly and it was very difficult to snip with the scissors without cutting the fabric. It took me at least 10 minutes to separate all of the fruit/vegetables. It was totally unnecessary to package it like this. Couldn’t all of the items been placed in the shopping bag and then place the whole bag in a plastic bag? If you buy this wait don’t try to unpackage it if you are having a bad day!

Celina Hubbell, MI

Cute but pricy

My son did not play with this enough to justify the price tag, but it’s so darn cute I even bought one for a friend’s baby.

Ellen Colesburg, IA

Perfect little set

Great quality and fun little set. This will be one of the gifts for my daughter’s first birthday – and let me tell you it looks like a lot of fun… absolutely love the quality.

Jeannie Portsmouth, NH

Filling comes through exterior fabric

My reviews indicate I am quite keen on giving good reviews and doing my homework before purchasing an item, however, my review of this item is poor based on the ‘red’ item (apple or tomato) having what appears to be polyester filling that comes through the exterior surface. This isn’t the first product I’ve seen do this but one that my wife and I quickly dumped out due to our 7 month old child being interested in putting everything in his mouth to ease his teething.Cute idea for sure —babies interest was mediocre at best.Would suggest manufacturer use a thicker exterior fabric or a lining that prevents the interior filling from being able to surface and ultimately be pulled out.This is kind of like the Teddy Bear that has a little filling coming out a tiny hole. if you pull on it the amount that is coming out increases. Shrugs… didnt want to risk my son choking on it or consuming any of it; even if only a little. To me this product fails because it’s finish product state leaves me concerned about ingestion and choking hazard.

Bridgett Elizaville, NY

Fun first food set

I bought this for my 9 month old and she loves it! The different textures and sounds are fun to play with. As she gets older she can do more imaginative play with the food pieces and will enjoy the fill and spill aspect of the toy. This toy grows with baby. Great purchase! And those of you up in arms over the material of the milk carton, calm down. Your child will come into contact with synthetic materials eventually. You cannot control that forever.

Cathy Angora, NE


My daughter still plays with this toy at 2.5, it is just so cute. Everything is soft, and has different textures for the tactile sensory that babies and children love. A rattle inside the apple, a velcro orange, a mirror inside the milk, and all the pieces go in the cute shopping bag. Great toy!

Roxie Wittmann, AZ

Great set

My daughter seems to really enjoy these toys. They don’t occupy her endlessly but they are unique and she loves the various noises each item makes. I like that it’s easy to carry and bring to places with us. My daughter is 10 months and I’m hoping she will continue to enjoy these toys as she gets older.

Melva Morrisonville, WI

Little bag of fun

My baby spends quite a bit of time playing with this toy. The pieces are put together really well and made out of durable material, which is good because she is a HEAVY chewer.

Hazel Oronogo, MO

Love It!

My daughter got this for her 1st birthday and she absolutely loves it. She gets a kick out of putting the stuff in and out of the bag. This is by far her new favorite thing to play with. I like that each thing is different, between the fabric and the noises/things they do.

Anna Corydon, KY

A must have for any little shopper!!!

A lot of fun! Cute, soft and educational! A must have for any little boy or girl!!! Highly recommend this!!

Kimberlee Hellertown, PA

Great toy!

Great toy! It’s very well made and my eight month old really likes it. She especially loves the milk toy!

Jeri Ovapa, WV

Cute toy

I bought this toy for my niece’s first birthday. It is super cute, soft, and perfect for a little one who mouths toys. I love all of the textures, sounds, and the little mirror on the milk carton.

Tara Fort Ransom, ND

So cute!

My baby loves this toy especially the milk carton – she uses it to teethe on while looking at the little mirror inside the flaps and it keeps her occupied for a good long time.She also likes shaking the little jingly tomato for the sound it makes and unvelcroing the peel from the crinkly banana. All in all, lots of nice little shapes, colors, textures and sounds for babies between six and nine months.

Deanne Clarkdale, GA

Really cute for young children.

My mother purchased these for my 7 month old and they are really cute and he seems to enjoy holding onto them and playing with them. Each food does something different. Some open, some make noises ect. They really are a great first foods toy for a young child.

Leah Chapin, IA

Big Hit

This was a big hit for both our children.We bought this set a couple of years ago and all of the pieces have held up and still in use today.My oldest child will use the bag as a purse or tote bag for her other toys.She’ll also use it as a hat too,lol.

Kelly Belfield, ND

Safe for younger babies and great for toddlers

My toddler loves this. He likes to "shop" in our house and pay for the items in this bag. This is great because it is safe for little ones and keeps toddlers entertained.

Cathleen Vaughn, NM

Won’t disappoint!

This was a gift to our 3 month old. the items are quality and each piece is well constructed. the attention to detail is the selling point though. each piece is so thoughtfully designed from the individual velcro on the banana peel strips to the little embroidered smiles on all the pieces. our daughter loves it!

Marianne West Minot, ME


Love this play set, can’t wait to teach my little one to shop for our healthy foods! It was a great price and fast shipment

Rachael Chico, CA

Amazing baby toy!

LOVE this product! All the food items make different noises and grab baby’s attention. Love the quality of this product and happy that it is an alternative to plastic and wood. Plus, all the food stores right in the bag, which makes it easy to put away and keep all the pieces together. So glad I purchased.

Lois Mentor, MN

One of the best toys for young babies (and older)

Both my babies (boy and girl) LOVE these! Each little food piece has a different texture and sound. From about 3 months on these were definite favorites. Its nice to be able to toss a few toys into the little grocery bag to bring into whatever room we were in, and the bag seemed just as fun as the rest! At 7 months, both kids still love to play with these. I’m sure once they’re older to appreciate “pretend play” they’ll still enjoy them!In my opinion, these were one of the best “young baby” toys that kept my little ones occupied before they were interested in other baby toys. Getting it at a discount at Amazon was great; haven’t found it anywhere else cheaper.Also want to add that I didn’t notice any odd smell like another reviewer. Every piece of this set seems very high quality.

Alexandria El Mirage, AZ

Fantastic, fun and musical!

This is a really excellent set to purchase for your own children or as a gift. Probably suitable for 6 months and up – not sure why there is a new warning that says it is not suitable for under 3s as all pieces are big with secure stitching.Excellent for small hands exploring – comfortable soft material for cuddling or playing with.Then as your child grows, he/she will learn to shake and squeeze the toys to get the noises to work. My daughter loves the shaking noises and we use them for songs and for dancing to music.Also very educational for teaching about food – pretty sure this helped my daughter learn her 6th word – Apple (and her favorite!).My daughter now has this toy as her car toy as she can spend at least 20 minutes taking all of the toys out of their bag and playing with each of them – and then put them back in!Highly recommended – I’m usually a Melissa and Doug fan and just purchase their soft stuff but this item was so tempting and I am so glad that we got it.

Ethel Wyoming, RI

Cute and high quality

My daughter loves this! Very high quality, she pretends to eat and loves taking her food out of the bag and then back in.

Nanette Chromo, CO

A great interactive toy for a 6+ month old

My daughter received this as a gift at 6 months old and is still loving it at 8 months. The plastic milk carton is her favorite with it’s bell rattle, smooth surface that’s easy to grip, and a mirror hidden in the top. Her second favorite is the apple as it’s a convenient size to grab and shake, shake, shake! The crinkly lettuce and banana are fun too. The orange doesn’t interest her too much but I expect it will when she figures out how to open it. The set is her absolute favorite toy.

Marylou Wyalusing, PA

Let’s go shopping! So much fun!

This shopping bag with toys is so much fun! My child got a shopping cart and this goes perfectly with it to go pretend shopping! My child figured out to open the milk and loves looking into the mirror! The apple may be the most favorite toy. It’s fun to chew on. For some reason I thought the orange looked like a hamburger in the pictures, but it’s definitely an orange. Once you open it the wedges inside are clear. 🙂

Kate Merritt Island, FL

Very fun and enjoyable

Although this is expensive for what it is my daughter enjoys it a lot. She likes teething on the items and noises they make. I think there are bells inside them and some make crinkle noises. Overall we are happy with this purchase.

Zelda Fountain Hills, AZ

Quality speaks for itself!

I have NEVER been so impressed with a child’s toy! This grocery bag packs loads of fun and learning! Each item offers different tactile and audible experiences for a child. For instance, the milk is a rubbery container, with a Velcro top that opens and closes to reveal a mirror. My neice never leaves home without this toy and has yet to tire of it in six months!

Ella Pinon Hills, CA

So cute! One of the baby’s favorite toys.

I got this for our baby when she was about 4 months old. She played with it pretty consistently until she was about a year. I think when we get her a mini-kitchen it will come back into play. The grocery items are so cute; the way the banana peels and the orange opens are really clever, and the milk has a nice mirror inside; it’s not all warped. Love this whole set!

Roxanne Grant Park, IL