Easy Fit One Size Pocket Diapers – Blueberry – Hook and Loop

Easy Fit One Size Pocket Diapers – Blueberry – Hook and Loop

Easy Fit One Size Pocket Diapers by Tots BotsThe Easy Fit Cloth Diaper from Tots Bots is an all in one cloth diaper that is easy to use. Designed to fit from 8-35 lbs this one size cloth diaper adjusts sizing with snaps on the front of the cloth diaper. The fold out liner is made out of 3 layers of soft and absorbent minky. Just fold the liner to create more layers in your babys wet zone and stuff it in the pocket of the cloth diaper. The minky fabric will absorb quickly to help prevent leaks.This comfortable cloth diaper has a stretchy waist with wider elastic in the back. Fasteners are available in snaps and hook and loop closures. Comfort is combined with style with the color-coordinated fasteners thread and minky fabric. Thanks Mama offers a variety of colors and prints.There is no need to remove the fold out liner before washing. The liner will come out of the pocket during the wash. If you choose hook and loop fasteners fasten the hook and loop closures to the laundry tabs prior to washing.Wash on hot 140 degrees F and tumble dry on low or hang to dry. The minky fabric is designed to dry quickly. Do not soak or use bleach whiteners brighteners fabric softeners vinegar or baking soda. New Easy Fit Cloth Diapers should be prewashed three times in hot before they become fully absorbent but you can start using them after only one wash and dry cycle. Dark colors should be washed separately the first three times to avoid any color bleeding.Made in Scotland by Tots Bots.

Main features

  • The NEW EASY FIT is a one-size diaper (8-35 lbs); use the snaps on the front to adjust the rise.
  • All Tots Bots products are manufactured in their own factory in Glasgow, Scotland. You can be confident that their products are ethically and sustainably manufactured.
  • No assembly required! This innovative diaper has a fold-out liner, which makes it very easy to stuff. But don’t worry about unstuffing – the agitation in your washing machine will work the liner out of the pocket, so there’s no need to get your hands dirty!
  • The New Easy Fit combines the convenience of a one-size all-in-one diaper with the benefits of a 2-piece diaper: easy to care for and quick to dry. It’s the best of both worlds!

Verified reviews


My favorite cloth dipes so far!

I love the style, so easy to clean & no pulling out nasty inserts! The aplix is so strong, the minky is super soft & they have such a trim/soft fit! Haven’t had any leaks so far, but the babe is only 3 months. Hopefully we won’t run into any problems as she grows.

Alexis Ponca City, OK

Good, but not great.

Love the look and feel of this diaper. The minky is super soft which I am so happy about. I like how you can just throw it in the wash without the unstuffing part. But…the hook and loop is super stiff and scratches my babies belly. And the edges are sharp…not good. Also, I find that some of my bummis are defective…like they do not absorb at all! Weird…Also, not a fan of the location of rise snaps…they can bother my babies thick thighs. Not the best…but better than some of my others.

Mai Laurel Fork, VA

Great cloth diaper

I tried a couple of different other cloth diapers with my son and they either were a pain to put on and/or leaked. I gave up on them for awhile, and decided to try this brand. This is an awesome diaper! I bought more and hopefully will go all cloth within the next month or two!

Colleen Bay Springs, MS


We honeymooned in London so I am so excited to have this diaper for our future little one. I haven’t tested it on a real baby yet, but I have washed it per the instructions and poured water into it as I was curious to see how much it holds. Seems to hold a lot so we will buy some more Bummis to start a cloth diaper stash. I have some hand-me-down BumGenius as well and this one is silkier on the outside and seems slightly less bulky (but who doesn’t love a fluffy baby bottom?).

Anita Estill Springs, TN

awesome cloth diapers

We have a few of these (TotsBots) and several BumGenius diapers. These are a few dollars more and fit much more trim, not super bulky like cloth diapers can be. The patterns are adorable and I would absolutely buy more!

Hallie Reddick, FL

eh. They’re cute, at least.

We tried a bunch of different cloth diapers. The Bummis are easy to adjust size-wise and are cute, but for us we end up with a lot of leaks and blow-outs. Our babies are now 15 weeks old and we’ve used these since they were 8 weeks old – but we only use these when we run out of our BumGenius FreeTime snap diapers – which are the only cloth diapers we ended up liking in the end.

Coleen Bryant, IA

love it!

This diaper is my favorite. Washes well, dries well, fits well! I’ve never had any leaks or blow outs with this diaper. I plan to order more. Well worth the price.

Lizzie Athens, LA

Not impressed

I have been using this diaper for over 2 months and I’m definitely not impressed. The laundry tabs don’t stick and resulted in the Velcro snagging the stitching on the lining. I contacted the company and they said someone from the Tots Bots factory would respond but that was a month ago and I’ve never heard back. And overall I don’t like the minky lining. It’s not as stay-dry feeling as fleece or micro suede, and it holds stink MUCH worse. My son is one of those EFB babies who only poops once a week, so it’s a massive stinky poop. I rinsed it multiple times before washing and it was still stinky. It took about 10 washes and extra rinses to get the stink out. I’m very disappointed because I expect more from a diaper this expensive. Plus the prints are super cute and I wanted to buy more.

Beverley Floriston, CA