Easy Folding Travel Potty

Easy Folding Travel Potty

You will receive (1) Cool Gear Travel Potty About Cool Gear Travel Potty: For kids up to 70 pounds Two large storage compartments Lightweight and compact Seat locks zipper bag in Easy to use and carry Great for long car trips or camping, it easily folds to briefcase size. Attach the disposable bag, and this potty goes anywhere. The two large storage compartments provide room for supplies, and it comes with 4 zip lock disposable gallon bags. Uses standard gallon size storage bags. Ages 18 mos. and up 70 lbs. 10″H x 13″W x 4.5″D.

Main features

  • Easy to use and carry, Folds to compact briefcase size
  • Two large compartments provide room for storage
  • Use with any 1 gallon bag (4 included!)
  • Sanitary – easily dispose of bag when done
  • You will receive (1) Cool Gear Travel Potty

Verified reviews


Great travel potty!

Very compact, easy to open and store. Took a reviewer’s advice and got breast pads to help prevent splashing of contents after use…perfect! Very stable, love having for road trips or just on the go and not having to worry about public restrooms.

Cassie Fleetwood, NC

Best potty!

I got this for my 3 and 5 year olds mainly to keep in my vehicle for emergencies and it has come to good use several times, especially when we went on a 4 hour road trip through the boonies. I just pulled off an exit and set the potty up quickly and it was sturdy and comfy. It was also deep enough so that their little bums didn’t touch the waste product (some of the potties out there are way too shallow). Great potty!

Bette Grandview, IA

a must get for potty training on the go

I had the baby bjorn potty for my daughter as i was potty training her, however we are always on the go and taking that around with us was a hassle and such a mess as you always need to find someplace to empty it. When i stumbled on this i was a little hesitant about it since it didn’t look too sturdy, however my daughter is almost 3 and still uses it. it’s been a lifesaver as i never have to worry about trying to find a bathroom on the road. i don’t have to worry if the bathroom is clean…i can just have her use her portable potty. the only thing i advise people is make sure your zip lock bags don’t have any small holes in it…otherwise you’ll have a mess on your hands. especially if you’re using this while you’re on the road as i do. i still give this product 5 stars as it’s not a default of the potty versus the bag. it’s also convenient that you can use a zip lock bag as you don’t have to really worry about the mess and the smell. excellent product and i’m glad that i tried this out. you won’t be disappointed!

Alice Mcalester, OK

Awesome, very well designed!

I can’t say anything bad about this product. Everything is very well designed, no leeks at all. There is a convenient place to store bags and wipes.

Taylor Albion, NY

my son loves this!

my son loves this because he can potty anytime and anywhere when we are not home.i like this too because i don’t have to make him use the public restrooms.it is so easy to use and store in our car.

Alfreda Artemus, KY

big enough for 70% tall and heavy toddler

love the pockets to carry little books and fun for toddlers to sit and play with little toys and books while they are pushing. But peeing doesn’t work there for boys.

Trisha Pennington, TX

happy with purchase!

I’m really glad about this purchase. It allows you to use zip lock style bags (gallon size) which is nice because you’re not forced to buy the manufacturer’s bags AND you know the bags won’t leak. ( I feel bad I’m not being green by using plastic bags but this is one area I have to let things slide…) My daughter didn’t have any hesitation using it and we keep it in our car at all times. Rather than use public bathrooms that could be unsanitary and dirty, we just walk back to our car and use our travel potty. When you’re not using it, you can stash it away in a nice collapsable tote (even though we always have it set it ready to be used in the back our our minivan). Definitely recommend.

Mara Trimble, MO