Easy Teether XL Side Rail Covers – 2 Pack – White by Leachco

Easy Teether XL Side Rail Covers – 2 Pack – White by Leachco

28′ x 18′ for use on side rails – 2 packCan be used on Convertible and Traditional cribsProtect your baby, and protect your crib investment from teeth marks.Washer and dryer safeAttaches with Velcro for ease of use and adjustability

Main features

  • 28″ x 18″ for use on side rails – 2 pack
  • Can be used on Convertible and Traditional cribs
  • Protect your baby, and protect your crib investment from teeth marks.
  • Washer and dryer safe
  • Attaches with Velcro for ease of use and adjustability

Verified reviews


Works great.

This product fits our crib well. My daughter started chewing on everything at about 14 months. This protects her crib and teeth from being damaged.

Lucinda Braggadocio, MO

Works so far

My nine month old tries to teeth on them but quickly looses interest, so they work great for us so far. They wash great too.

Ilene Neihart, MT

Great product to protect the crib

These work great and fit the extra wide crib rails….I purchased these along with the extra large one for the front and couldn’t be happier.

Ada Winfield, MO

Not as well designed as front rail cover

This product would have gotten four stars instead of three, but it’s not quite so easy to attach to the crib. My 22 month old’s crib is similar to the one in the picture. What you don’t see is that unlike the cover for the front crib rail which has individual strips of velcro to attach between the rails, the side rail covers have one long strip of velcro. I don’t see how this would attach well to any crib rails since you’d have to have no slats at all for it to fully secure. I think with a small change to the design they’d have a better product. My 22 month old has figured out how to release the velcro on one of his side rails and I’ve come in to find it almost completely removed. Thankfully it has deterred his interest in chewing on the crib rails. I wish it wasn’t quite so pricey as well.

Tammie Schertz, TX

Works great.

This is exactly what I was looking for. It fits my crib great and seems to do the job. He has not tried to bite the rails anymore.

Lindsay Patrick, SC

so good for teething toddlers

I think these side rail covers are great. My son was literally eating his crib. I put these on and he chews, but now there is no damage to the crib and no paint chips on his little face. I also like that they can come off and be washed with the sheets. I would buy these again. Good price compared to other similar products on the market.

Melissa Urbana, OH

Saved the crib!

Teeth marks were all over the railings and a certain little baby had paint on his face one morning. So I ordered these covers along with the long one for the front rail. I had tried the hard plastic ones, but they didn’t fit the crib. These fit perfectly and I can see how they would fit a variety of cribs. They are super easy to wash (had to wash mine 3 times in the first month already) and they held up beautifully to being washed in the machine on the regular cycle and hanging dry. Best of all, I can watch him chomp down on the railings happily without worrying about him ingesting paint!

Chandra South Richmond Hill, NY


We have the Graco Lauren crib and have this on the sides and front. I like knowing that this is protecting my crib so if I want to sell it later it will be in great condition free of bite marks.

Louella Branson, CO

Great product

Luckily I only NEEDED these for a short while during early teething. DD hasn’t tried to bite the crib since then. I have the 2 side rail & front rail covers. Love that they are so easy to put on/take off & you can wash them!These are great to protect your crib from little teeth, but also are good as added cushion for little ones in the crib. DD is 20 months old now but we still use these because occasionally she loses her balance & may hit her head on the rail. For us, it seems to block some of the air from the ceiling fan from hitting her directly when she sleeps so she doesn’t get too cold but there is still plenty of air circulating in her room.

Amber Bismarck, ND