Eco Vessel Gobble n Go Stainless Steel Kid’s Snack Cup with Slotted Silcone Top and Handle – Ava Pink – 1 – Container

Eco Vessel Gobble n Go Stainless Steel Kid’s Snack Cup with Slotted Silcone Top and Handle – Ava Pink – 1 – Container

Gobble n Go Stainless Steel Kid’s Snack Cup with Slotted Silcone Top and Handle – Ava Pink by Eco Vessel 1 Container Gobble ‘n’ Go Stainless Steel Snack Cup – Pink Time to switch Recycle the plastic and start using our 304 stainless steel snack cup with its removable food grade silicone top. No BPA no phthalates no chemicals. The soft top has slits for small fingers to easily reach in for crackers cereal or just about any snack without worrying about spills. Take the top off and it becomes a bowl for pudding pasta ice cream etc. Easy to clean two piece design with an attached easy to hold handle. Features Made of 304 stainless steel Food grade silicone lid No BPA phthalates or chemicals Lid has slits for small fingers without worry of spilling Easy to clean Handles Does not contain BPA phthalates or chemicals

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Works ok

First, I love that this is stainless steel and silicone. The problem is the silicon isn’t stiff enough. When my son sticks his hand in there and pulls items out the silicone bends back too far and everything falls out. It only takes a slight push for this to happen. It also is a bit big so he has a little trouble wielding it. However, it is the only stainless steel snack cup I’ve found and I think will work better when he is a bit old.

Hazel Orla, TX

Very large snack cup

I like this snack cup because it is stainless steel. It is much larger than other snack cups, which I do and don’t like. My son can now remove the lids to these kind of cups, so it’s pointless to give him the slotted snack cover since he just takes it off and pours the food all over himself!

Jan Redfield, SD

I really wanted to keep this BUT

FIRST I cannot say enough good stuff about the customer service from this company…super nice, fast, communicative, and tried to address the problem and not a peep about paying to ship parts to Hawaii!I got this about 6 weeks ago, blue. It looked really attractive, the cup was sturdy and very nicely sized and shaped. The lid was soft and seemed smartly designed. My 18-month-old glimpsed it and wanted it right away and learned to enunciate the word BOWL on the spot. However, I put the lid on and it got on a little too easily, and also came off very easily. It didn’t fit snugly at all and I just had to brush my fingers along the edge for it to start to peel away from the bowl. I glumly put it aside and emailed the company to find out if this was normal, was told it was not. They promptly mailed me another lid that was supposed to be tighter. It wasn’t. We figured it was probably a small bowl, so they sent out a whole other blue bowl and lid. It was the same as the first set. It was just too loose. My baby got the lid off with no trouble, without any thought or finger strength, once by just putting his hand in and pulling it out — the lid flaps just clinging loosely around his hand was enough to overcome whatever grip the lid had around the bowl.Anyway, I really liked the overall product which is why we waited so long and tried to resolve it. I considered just keeping it for the nice steel bowl with the good handles but decided that wasn’t worth the cost so I returned it.I hope they just had a batch of badly fitted lids and small blue bowls, and if you order one it’s tighter. If it works for you and you leave a good review, I might try to order this again because it really looks like a quality, thoughtful product! Maybe we just had really bad luck.Again, lovely customer service.

Amanda Ribera, NM

Very cute but lid doesn’t stay on.

I read reviews and bought it anyway. The lid doesn’t stay on, I wish it did. My kids still loved having a cute bowl with handles. I loved that its stainless steel. The color on the bottom did chip off some after much use and being dropped on concrete, tile floors. Still a cute bowl with minimal plastic, would buy again.

Josie Munroe Falls, OH

Really, really wanted this to be the answer to our search, but it isn’t

We got this to replace the plastic Snack Trap we had been using. The lid does not stay on at all. My son is constantly dumping his snacks all over the car, store, house. So as much as I wanted to love it, it just doesn’t work like a Snack Trap. If you’re looking for a stainless steel bowl(it’s very deep and holds lots of snacks) this would fit the bill.

Estelle Sterling, VA