Eco Vessel Sippy Kids Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Eco Vessel Sippy Kids Stainless Steel Water Bottle

You and your little one will love this sippy! Easy to drink, easy to hold, easy to clean – and water, milk or juice will stay cold for hours. The Insulated Sippy is made with two layers of vacuum sealed #304 food grade stainless steel Ð no BPA, no phthalates, no liner. The bottle has only a few parts, with an integrated handle and neck that accommodates a ring and Avent spout. WeÕve done our best to offer a simple, yet colorful sippy that will not leak with ordinary use and will make your hectic life easier.

Main features

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  • Made with high quality food grade stainless steel
  • Slotted silicone top is soft and easy for little hands to reach in
  • BPA Free, no liner, no phthalates
  • Recommended Ages: 6 months and up
  • Capacity: 10 oz

Verified reviews


Clean but….not

It doesn’t leak, it doesn’t leach chemicals, and it’s so cute and durable! Unfortunately, the top rim where the orange part meets the stainless steel on the inside has a gap, and drinks (milk ewwww) gets stuck in there. No matter how much I wash it I can’t get it out. Why? Because when the cup is upside down, the milk/drink goes into that gap, and when I put it Right side up, it goes back into the cup. I can’t get it out!!!! It’s starting to stink at the rim where the buildup is. I’ve tried using the dishwasher, a scrubbing brush, anything to clean it and no luck. Otherwise this would be a great leak proof cup for kids who don’t use regular cups yet.

Shelley Fenton, LA


Pretty. 1 yr old has not gone for using this odd nipple as a sippy for longer than 20 seconds. I’m sure he just needs to get used to it and our personal transition is going rocky because I introduced it after 9 months.

Dina Roxie, MS

Okay, but leaks

So far this sippy cup leaks a little bit. My son doesn’t use it much, so it’s not a big deal.

Lakesha Gardner, IL

Best Stainless Steel Sippy I’ve Found!!!

I have been trying to go the safer route by buying stainless steel sippy cups for my daughter. This one is the only one I’ve found so far that does not leak!!! And as a plus it keeps her drinks cold for hours! The only downside to it is that the handles are not removable, but I can live with that.

Leticia Sedalia, OH

Leaks after every sip.

I ordere these sippy cups along with the safe sippy and the foogo stainless steel sippy in my search for the perfect leak-free sippy cup that was also stainless steel. These, of the three, were my least favorite. The avent top has holes in the spout for getting liquid out and then one single hole on the opposite end of the led for releasing pressure. Every. Single. Time. my toddler took a sip, milk ‘volcanoed’ out of the single hole on the back of the spout. There is a silicone flap inside the sippy that regulates how much milk comes out and whatever is left in that flap after you child is done sucking comes out of that hole. Some reviews say that it depends on how tight you twist the lid – so I tried to not tighten it as much as I normally would. This did decrease how much came out of the hole but then it leaked from the neck.Overall, the Foogo sippy cup is your best bet in terms of leakage.

Shirley Cook, MN

No leaks!

I don’t know how many stainless steal sippy cups I have tried at this point. To Many! Why is it so hard to find a stainless steal sippy cup that doesn’t leak?I ordered this cup and the “Safe Sippy”by Kid Basix Tried them both today and the Safe Sippy leaks if you slightly shake it. So that one is immediately going back.The “insulated sippy” by Eco Vessel isn’t leaking at all.Can’t say if either keeps liquids cold for long as I haven’t gotten to test that yet. Will update my review once I get to test how well this cup keeps liquids cold.One thing I am a bit disappointed in is that this must be hand washed! That kinda stinks!

Lesa Vivian, SD

Good sippy if looking for a metal option with handles!

I read alot of reviews and was on the fence whether to buy it. I would like to state that the mouth piece is easy to take a part and wash, just be sure to have a straw cleaner for the spout. As other reviews have said just pop out the green piece to align with handles. I also purchased the pura kiki and the green spout, i believe its avent, fits in that also!

Deena Portersville, PA