econobum Cloth Diaper Cover Kit – Snap – White Trim – One Size

econobum Cloth Diaper Cover Kit – Snap – White Trim – One Size

Econobum is the cloth diapering solution for every budget. Save money while making the environmentally friendly choice to cloth diaper little one’s bum. The one-size cover and prefold adjusts to grow along with your little one. Each econboum trial pack includes one diaper cover and three prefolds. Econobum features a waterproof shell with form fitting elastic to prevent leaks with easy to use snaps. The one-size prefold easily adjusts from small to large to grow with your baby. No stuffing invoved just lay the prefold in the cover and go. The patent pendinig 3 x 3 adjustable snap system fits most babies from birth to potty training.

Main features

  • Leak-proof reusable outer shell with form fitting elastic to prevent leaks
  • Easy to use snaps
  • One size prefold easlily adjusts from small to large
  • No stuffing involved, just lay prefold in cover and go
  • 3 x 3 adjustable snap system to fit most babies from birth to potty training

Verified reviews


I dont like them at all!

If you are new to cloth diapering and you are trying to save money I do not suggest buying these! They are awful diapers. If you want to have cheap diapers go for Alva pocket diapers.

Summer Vandergrift, PA

Great every day cloth diaper option!

I wish I would have started out with these for our every day cloth diaper. This is the fifth Econobum cover I have purchased and brings my Econobum prefold stash up to 15. I did not use these from the start, so I am not sure how I would like them on a newborn as far as sizing goes. I have also used Bummis infant and toddler sized prefolds with the Econobum covers and that works great. These covers are very light and soft. They don’t leave red marks on my baby like some of the thicker covers I own, but still don’t leak. Matter of fact, I have never had a leak with these covers/prefolds. Just make sure the prefold is completely enclosed in the cover and you will have great luck. I wash the covers with all my other prefolds and all in one’s that I own starting with a cold wash, hot wash then medium dry and have used them for months and they are just like brand new. Very impressed with these covers over all, and there isn’t any other cover that can beat it price wise.

Elise Lineboro, MD

Not as happy

These work great at keeping everything in which earns 3 stars but the fact that they are super plasticy rubs my sons bum the wrong way 🙁 He’s not allergic to plastic either. I don’t like the swoosh sound it makes when he walks also..

Lynda Fordsville, KY

OK cover…

This diaper cover is just ok… It is very thin. It does not fit a newborn well. For a baby over 10 lbs or so, I’m sure it will do better. It is very similar to the Flip diaper cover (the Flip cover has elastic tabs and a different snap pattern, but is similar in design and made by the same company). It is always the last diaper cover I grab in my stash. I highly prefer Rumparooz and Thirsties duo to this cover. As for the prefolds… they did not shrink as much as most after washing. It would be difficult to use this size prefold on a newborn (or even 3 mo old) without excessive bulk, as it is very large.

Luella Pine Bank, PA

Wanted a little more "frills"

I’m not due for another three months, so I can’t speak to the absorbancy, etc. of these diapers. What I can say is I was looking for something with a little more for my stash. I ended up buying a bunch of Bumgenius diapers because from the different brands that I bought I liked Cottonbabies products the best. I’m sure these are great diapers – just not for me.

Britney Fox River Grove, IL


i am new to cloth diapering so i am experimenting a bit with different types- so far my favorite are the econobum prefolds and cover- no leaks, versatile, quality product, i would definitely recommend this brand and style, especially since it is so easy!edit: a week into trying out cloth diapering- econobum is still my go to and preferred prefold and cover, i’ve even ordered more prefolds

Ashley Sidney, IA

Great if you are curious about cloth diapering

This is great if you are just curious about cloth diapering. The cover feels flimsy and the prefolds work well but are a bit on the rough side. It’s a great way to see if cloth is something you want to pursue without sinking any significant money into it.

Abby Mumford, NY

Can’t beat the price.

I tried these just because the price was too good to pass up. We use these on a toddler so the cover is on the largest rise setting. The prefolds just trifolded inside are bulky and I cannot imagine trying to diaper a small baby in them. That said for the money you cannot beat them. We use a combo of all in ones and flips with inserts. These do not have the little “flaps” on the end like the flips so it’s a little harder to “premake” them for sitters or my dh. The flaps in the flips keep the inserts put a little better. Also the snap configuration is nicer on the flips (two rows of snaps rather than one for a better fit). Drying time is the same as my other prefolds and my all in ones so I can’t complain about that. And honestly I find the prefolds easier to clean than my all in ones. I would love to have the option of different prints for the cover or at least different colors. The cover although thinnner than my other covers has been fine… I was a little worried about pulling off a snap or something but so far I’ve had no issue. I would def suggest these if you are on a tight budget and looking for something that works.

Eve Crestwood, KY

White is a bit see-through

I have sampled several different brands of cloth diapers/covers. This cover seemed to be way too transparent. You could see though it. I wanted to use it simply as a diaper cover to cover up an ugly disposable diaper for a photo, and you could see right through it.I only used it once for a non-disposable diaper. Of the ones I own, it just wasn’t my favorite.

Tina Mamou, LA

not as absorbant as other prefolds

these prefolds are not the best they do not hold allot of fluid and they shrink allot but the cover is a pretty good price and it fits over our other prefolds so all in all i will have to add a insert to the prefolds sold with this but it is still worth the money spent

Annmarie Viroqua, WI

Love love love

I used bum genius for my first baby, but wanted to try something besides the busy inserts. Econobum is fantastic and affordable!! I really wish I would have just done econobum, would have saved LOTS of money, and LOTS of space in the diaper bag.

Bettye Oxford, WI

Love it.

These are the best diapers for the money. In fact, I often find myself reaching for them before I reach for the more expensive ones. We haven’t had any problems with wear and tear or leaks, and the prefold is sized so that I can pin it if I don’t feel like using the cover, even on my 2.5-year-old. Excellent product and highly recommended, especially if you want to start cloth diapering but are worried about money.

Candy Merizo, GU

Good product–not for newborns, though

Update: Changed my rating from a four to a two. My baby just outgrew these at a measly 12 lbs. By that I mean that I cannot snappi them using the jelly roll fold anymore–they are shrinking with every wash, so I would have to trifold them and lay them in the cover, which isn’t ideal because my baby is still quite young and exclusively breastfed. This means I’d have poop exploding everywhere, and I cannot keep changing covers constantly. I’d say just go for cheap but durable SIZED prefolds from cottonbabies, diaper-rite or green mountain diapers. These covers are still great, though, even for smaller babies, so spring for some used ones.Ignore everything the tag says and wash these at least 10 times (with regular laundry, if you want to save water) before using and they are the SOFTEST prefolds. They do NOT fit newborns, however, since they are ridiculously large. I started using them comfortably after my skinny kid hit 9lbs. There is still a lot of bulk/folding down in the front/back. The covers are of extremely cheap quality, but they do the job. Double leg gussets would have helped, but they keep clothes dry, so that’s all I care about. I bought four of these trial packs, as another reviewer suggested, and they are serving me well.

Christian Dudley, MO

good cover…prefold to big for infants

This product is priced low for a reason…it’s very low end and is no better than a plastic pant.The prefold that comes with it is huge IMO. It’s too heavy for a baby to feel comfortable in.—–UPDATE 4/13——After using it several times, I’m increasing the rating from 1 to 3 stars. Mmy first impression of this product was rather low as as u can see from above, but it’s been working out better than that. The cover decently good. No leakages so far. No noise unlike most plastic pants.doesn’t add any bulk – thediaperends up being as trim as the insert you use.the prefold might be ok-sized for a toddler but too big for an infant.

Sofia Abercrombie, ND


I am glad I only ordered the trail pack. The prefold is very thick, making the diaper very bulky when folded. I like to use these for overnights or if I know we will be traveling, but not for every diaper change. The diaper is extremely bulky on my 11 lb 3 month old, but the prefold is no wide enough for my 16 month old. I little disappointed, but they are great for absorbency.

Janine Ducktown, TN

Great if you can get the snaps to work!

These were by far the most absorbent cloths I have used, and I have tried many. I actually use these for overnight. Yes, I will still end up with an occasional leak, but I have not had any diaper yet that has not leaked at some point, whether cloth or disposable. With other cloth diapers, we were guaranteed to have a soaked set of pajamas in the morning, but with these, 9 times out of 10 we don’t. The snaps are a bit unruly and easy to unsnap while diapering, especially if you have a little wiggler! Otherwise, these are great: inexpensive, no frills, and absorbent!

Terri San Diego, TX

Okay.. So the reviews were right..

I read that a bunch of people bought these and were glad they did instead of buying a whole $100 pack diapering system. I did the $100 thing, and got one of these to try just because the reviews were outstanding.I am now giving my super pricey diapering system to our baby sitter, and am about to purchase 3 more of these econobums for home instead. The cover is very plastic-y and looks a little uncomfortable, but I’ll update later after the baby has worn it a few times. The prefolds that came with it, however, are AMAZING. They were super fluffed and thick in look and feel, and seem to be very high quality. They were so soft even before being washed I was rubbing it all over my face before I remembered what is was LOL. They aren’t all bleached and drained of natural coloring, so I feel safe putting on my baby’s bum. I wish I had known this is the quality of econobum before, I would have never invested so whole-heartedly in gerber and dandelion prefolds.I don’t only recommend- I INSIST everyone at least buy one set of this if they’re interested in this kind of diapering, it’s very well worth the $10 or so for this little trial diaper set.

Stephanie Adena, OH

Good diaper

I actually love the cover of this diaper because is isn’t as bulky my Kissaluvs marvel diaper cover. However it doesn’t hold poo explosion what so ever unless you use a fitted Kissaluvs fleece diaper. But I do reach for this cover a lot because it is so thin. I hate prefolds it comes with and never reach for them because they are too bulky on my baby she is 16 lbs. Over all I would at least try this trial pack to see if you like it.

Justine Regent, ND

This is Awesome!!!

Let me start by saying that I am one of those moms that has always been scared of cloth diapering! I have a 2 year old and I decided to give Econobum a try, it’s better late than never right? I LOVE THIS CLOTH DIAPER! It’s just fantastic. I always struggled with diaper rash on my son no matter what brand of disposable I use and I am proud to say that it is gone!!! It’s a lot more laundry to cloth diaper but I really love it! I really like the prefold they are nice, soft and thick! Like the instructions say, it does absorb better after washing it 3 times at least! The cover is plain white and simple, it does its job! It fits my 25lbs son very well. If you want to give cloth diaper a try I really recommend this brand. I like it so much that I order the big box today!

Helen Cedarvale, NM

like this cover

I used pocket diaper and cloth diaper with econobum cover for my son and I really like this cover. Not like pocket diaper, you have to change diaper and cover every time, this one you could use over and over unless it gets dirty. I bought 3 covers for my son and thats all I need. I give it 4 stars because I do not like the diaper come with it. It is very thick so not quite comfortable.

Paula Marietta, TX

Great cover, prefold too small

I really like these covers because they are simple and seem comfortable. I use flats and haven’t have any issues with leaks. I bought 4 different brands and I like this one better than the 2 more expensive ones (rumparooz and blueberry) because they are so bulky. This cover is the slimmest one I have. The only one I like better is diaper safari because it has an extra flap of fabric inside the snap area which protects my baby’s skin from snap indents.I would give the cover 5 stars but the "one size" prefolds were too small for my 9 month old. Now, he’s chunky, but not as much as others I know. The length is fine but it’s not wide enough to snappi around his belly. If they fit your baby than this is probably the best deal out there.

Rebecca Elsie, NE

spend your money elsewhere

I have not had a leak yet with this cover, but I still don’t particularly like fits kind of saggy, and my cover turned sort of a yellow weed dirty dingy color. That may be my error though, I may have washed it incorrectly or that may be what the cover dots, don’t know, but that’s what mine for the cloth diapers, and they are OK for short periods of time for my son, but they aren’t good enough for a nap and certainly not for an overnight or a long drive. Basically, I recommend spending your money elsewhere. Get some flats , which will allow you much more flexibility than the Econo bum diapers,and the Diaper Safari covers, also sold on Amazon and which I absolutely love. Those work much much better and for a similar price.

Tasha Amistad, NM

Great buy for the money

There are a lot of fancy options for cloth diapers, but for flexibility, economy, and simplicity, this product can’t be beat. I have a two month old and a 20 month old (11 lbs and 26 lbs) and they both can fit in these covers, although the little one needs smaller inserts. I have been using them for ten months now and they have held up well to frequent washing. I would buy them again and have.

Jenny Arlington, MA

best value

Great value and a great price. It’s one of our favorite covers and the prefolds are a very good quality. One of the most economical ways to cloth diaper. Would definitely buy this again and probably will.

Anastasia West Brookfield, MA

Good starter set

This is a good starter set for some one wanting to try cloth diapers and it is priced well. I didn’t really care for the prefolds because they are bulky and not the softest.

Autumn Harrison, TN

First time cloth diapering mom

I ordered this to see if i would like clothdiapering. The prefold are great the only thing is that it is a little bulky but overall great. One thing i did not like was the econobum cover it was too thin in my opinion. The kawaii covers are my preference

Janna Chama, CO

Love the inserts, not sure about diaper.

The inserts are thick and large which is great, I don’t think I will have to double especially when folding down to smaller size. However I’m unsure about the diaper itself, it doesn’t feel as nice as some of the others it’s not bulky but then again it is not a pocket type diaper either. I can’t wait to see how it handles compared to some of the other brands I have in my stash.

Jerri North Grafton, MA


We absolutely love these. We bought a trial pack from (where it’s cheaper btw). They fit perfectly and the pre-folds are way more absorbent than our chinese pre-folds. The buttons are really easy to snap and everything stays in place. The cloth is soft. NO LEAKS!!! The only gripe is there is nothing to slip the pre-fold into. Not a big deal bc everything stays in place anyway. We would buy 10 more, but we already have enough. Great value if you’re starting out cloth diapering!

Sandy Grampian, PA


We love these diapers. The prefolds are thick. Have not had a leak yet! Great absorbency. Nice fit. Would buy a hundred more.

Evangeline Dacono, CO

Just okay

I’m not a huge fan of the inserts, they are a little difficult to work with for folding and the cover is just okay; nothing amazing and nothing bad. The inserts however do hold a lot of moisture and are very protective from leaks.

Lela Freeman Spur, IL